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Dupont School Building Addition

One of 32 technical drawings created for the Dupont School Building Addition, created by William Mallis on September 8, 1941. The addition was built in 1943 before the school was turned into the Laughbon High School, closed due to school boundary disputes. Finally, the structure was converted into a theater before being destroyed by fire in 1969.

William Mallis was born in Auchterarder, Scotland and received architectural training during a four year apprenticeship in Perth, Scotland. After working under John H. Felt, one of the most prolific school designers in Kansas, Mallis moved to Seattle in 1918 and worked as a structural draftsman for the Pacific Coast Company. From that point, Mallis worked independently as well as a partner with Joseph H.D. DeHart on a wide variety of public institutional buildings across Washington State.


Dupont School, Ft. Lewis Midget Team. The baseball team, the "Tigers," pose in uniform with their coach in the center of the back row. By 1975, DuPont students no longer attended high school in their own hometown. Ft. Lewis now sent all of its students to Clover Park. DuPont's school Laughbon High, a victim of boundary disputes with Clover Park school district and declining enrollment, closed on June 11, 1975. Weyerhauser bought the land and demolished the buildings.

School children--Dupont; Dupont School (Dupont); Baseball--Dupont; Baseball players--Dupont;


A new International Harvester bus is parked in front of the DuPont School in this photograph from March 1940. The original section of the DuPont School was built in 1917 by the DuPont Company and held four classrooms and an auditorium. In 1920, three more rooms and a furnace room were added. Known as the DuPont Junior High until 1960, it became both the junior high and Laughbon High School. It was closed as a pubic school in 1975. The bus body was built by the Gillig Brothers manufacturing company in Hayward, California.

Schools--DuPont--1940-1950; School buses--DuPont;


School buses and children in front of DuPont School. A school was originally built at this site in 1911, on property donated by the DuPont Co. It was increased in size in 1938 and 1941 and modernized. As schools were constructed at Fort Lewis, all elementary students from DuPont attended school on base and this building became the junior high, and then the high school. It was named Laughbon High after the school superintendent. The school closed in 1975. Weyerhaeuser bought the grounds and demolished the school. (A History of Pierce County, Vol. 1)

Schools--DuPont--1940-1950; Public schools--DuPont--1940-1950; School children--DuPont;


  • Dupont School Heath & Gove, arch. Dolph Jones, contr. -brick veneer -additions in 1920,1938,1941,1958 -served as an elementary and junior high school., high school program added in 1960 -closed in 1973 -address approximate TNL 5/27/1917 p.21 New Dupont School soon to be built TNL 6/10/1917 p.11 (mention) TDL 3/2/1919 p.B6 (il) TDL 12/24/1923 p.9 New gym for Dupont pupils; large assembly hall to be moved from Camp Lewis to village TNT 9/14/1924 p.A4 More ground is deeded to Dupont School TNT 5/10/1943 p.5 Open house ... (il after new addition) TNT 10/9/1960 p.C19 Dupont gets portable classrooms (il) TNT 7/19/1961 p.A2 Six portables being built at Dupont (Nelson Construction Co., contr.) 979.78 M929D p.180 ----- Laughbon High School -named in honor of former teach and school superintendent Wendell B. Laughbon -closed 6/12/1973, after a boundary dispute between the Dupont-Fort Lewis and Clover Park School Districts TNT 8/7/1962 p.1 Dupont-Fort Lewis to build high school TNT 3/6/1966 p.A18 Laughbon's theater opens on Thursday (former U.S. Army bldg. converted into theater) TNT 9/25/1969 p.A2 DuPont school flames held to theater TNT 11/12/1969 p.D11 Laughbon job awarded (theater repairs by Peterson Building Co., contr.) TNT 6/13/1973 Life of struggle, dispute ends for Laughbon High (il) TNT 8/10/2002 p.B1 Alums keep defunct school alive 379.797 AL49A 979.778 ST767S p.71-75 (il)
  • Year Built: 1917
  • Decade Built: 1910s
  • Demolished: 1989
  • Style: Federal style