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The Northern Pacific Railway travel tour of 40 individuals posed in front of the Olympus Hotel on June 21, 1957. They may have been part of a Methodist congregation. Photograph ordered by Northern Pacific Railway.

Northern Pacific Railway Co. (Tacoma); Tourists--Tacoma; Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);


Each year in November the Last Man Club of the American Legion Edward B. Rhodes Post No. 2 met for a reunion banquet. Fifteen members were photographed on November 11, 1955; in front of them are flags draped over ten chairs, to honor deceased commanders. The 1955 reunion, the 18th, was held at the Olympus Hotel.

American Legion Club (Tacoma); American Legion Edward B. Rhodes Post No. 2 (Tacoma); Patriotic societies--Tacoma--1950-1960; Clubs--Tacoma--1950-1960; Flags--United States; Last Man Club (Tacoma);


Fort Nisqually Dedication parade Labor Day 1934. Parade group marching north on Pacific Avenue past the Hotel Olympus and other buildings in the 800 block. Signs on 823 Pacific Avenue building: Tacoma Marine Market, Tacoma Golf Studio, The Fern. (WSHS)

Olympus Hotel (Tacoma); Parades & processions--Tacoma--1930-1940;


Barber at Olympus Hotel, likely Olaf T. Grunden, wearing toupee and Golden Jubilee costume. Woman wearing waitress uniform is seated in barber chair and pinching the barber's chin. Bottles on tonic on shelf below mirror in background. Photograph taken in July of 1939.

Celebrations--Tacoma--1930-1940; Washington State Golden Jubilee, 1939--Tacoma; Barbershops--Tacoma--1930-1940; Hotels--Tacoma--1930-1940; Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);


Hotel Greeters. Group at party at Olympus Hotel in this photograph dated March 9, 1940. Comical portrait of group holding a variety of objects including a rabbit, chicken, piglet, bag of onions, pumpkin and bouquet of flowers.

Hotels--Tacoma; Olympus Hotel (Tacoma); Group portraits--1940-1950; Animals--Tacoma--1940-1950;


Pianist Bert Kool (far right) led the distinctive quartet of musicians who provided dance music at the grand opening of the Olympus Cafe and Supper Club in August of 1944. The new club opened on August 12, 1944, and was located directly below the Olympus Hotel, 815 Pacific Avenue, in what was then the heart of Tacoma's civic center. Bert Sundgren, the new owner, stated it was "Tacoma's newest and Washington's finest" restaurant and pledged dance music nightly with no cover charge. The saxophone player has been identified as Gus DeBock, a lifetime member of the Musicians Union. The last dance he played was with his band, Gus DeBock and the Fabulous 4, on August 9, 1991, two months before his death. (T. Times, 8/11/44, p. 11-article; T.Times, 8-12-44, p. 3-photograph used in ad). (Additional identification and information provided by a reader) TPL-10200

Restaurants--Tacoma--1940-1950; Olympus Cafe (Tacoma); Kool, Bert; DeBock, Gus; Musicians--Tacoma--1940-1950;


The entrance to the Olympus Cafe at the Olympus Hotel showing the stairway down from Pacific Avenue and the lobby. The newly opened "Olympus Cafe" and Supper Club, located in the Olympus Hotel, is celebrating their grand opening. Bert Sundegren, owner, stated it is "Tacoma's newest and Washington's finest" restaurant. The location had large columns, a tile floor and ornate chandeliers. TPL-6421

Restaurants--Tacoma--1940-1950; Olympus Cafe (Tacoma); Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);


The newly opened "Olympus Cafe" and Supper Club, located in the Olympus Hotel, is celebrating their grand opening. Lettering on the column at the back of the room reads, "Activian Room". Draperies are open showing another room beyond. TPL-6422

Restaurants--Tacoma--1940-1950; Olympus Cafe (Tacoma); Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);


A.W. (Bill) Olson, food expert for the Milwaukee Railroad, prepared a very special old-fashioned Swedish smorgasbord for the First International Caterers' and Stewards' Association Banquet held at the Olympus Cafe on February 14, 1946. Mr. Olson and his assistants prepared 65 separate traditional dishes. The menu also included imported Swedish Glogg. Waitresses in Swedish costumes helped serve the food, and Swedish music was provided by Al Gruetter. The Olympus Cafe, opened in 1944, was in the basement of the Olympus Hotel at 815 Pacific Avenue. (T.Times, 2/13/1946, p.10)

Hotels--Tacoma--1940-1950; Banquets--Tacoma--1940-1950; International Caterers & Stewards Association (Tacoma); Costumes; Olympus Cafe (Tacoma);


J.C. Penney Christmas party at the Olympus Hotel. A large group of people attended this celebration in 1945. They are seated at tables and stopped for a moment to look at the camera. Santa made a stop for this party, too. TPL-9559

Parties--Tacoma--1940-1950; J.C. Penney Co. (Tacoma); Hotels--Tacoma--1940-1950; Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);


The Tacoma Navy Mother's Club gathered together on July 5, 1946, to wish their Commander Helen S. Wood good luck, as she gets ready to attend the 11th Annual Navy Mother's Club National Convention. Helen was honored as the Tacoma representative at a luncheon held at the Olympus Cafe. View of club women at the Olympus Cafe (T. Times, 7/6/46, p. 2).

Mothers; Women--Clubs--Tacoma; Women--Clothing & dress--Tacoma; Navy Mother's Club (Tacoma); Olympus Cafe (Tacoma);


Appearing on stage at the Olympus Hotel in August of 1948 was noted African American organist Selika Pettiford. Ms. Pettiford is seated at an electric organ equipped with two keyboards. At her side is a piano which she also used during her performances. Two mirrors, set at an angle to each other, show Ms. Pettiford's reflected image. Selika Pettiford, according to an article in the March 18, 1944, issue of Billboard Magazine, studied piano with Paderewski and organ with Jesse Crawford. Her work was devoted principally to the organ. She was a talented linguist who was able to sing in Latin, French, Hawaiian, Russian, Spanish and German. Besides appearing in several motion pictures, she also was a former accompanist to Marian Anderson. (Billboard, March 18, 1944, p. 31-article)

Pettiford, Selika; Musicians--Tacoma--1940-1950; African American musicians--Tacoma--1940-1950; African American women--Tacoma--1940-1950; Organs; Pianos; Chimes; Mirrors; Reflections; Evening gowns--Tacoma--1940-1950; Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);


In August 1948, Selika Pettiford, wearing a floor-length lace gown, stood between the piano and the electric organ that she played at the Olympus Hotel. There were two mirrors set up on the stage behind Mrs. Pettiford so that the audience could watch her hands as she played. In August of 1944, a new supper club and cafe had opened in the basement of the hotel which was at 815 Pacific Avenue.

Pettiford, Selika; Musicians--Tacoma--1940-1950; Organs; Pianos; Chimes; Mirrors; Reflections; Stages (Platforms); Communication devices; Evening gowns--Tacoma--1940-1950; Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);


Approximately two different interior shots of stage, also Mrs. Selika Pettiford, Stores Recreation Association, Harry McGuigan. A view of the stage where Selika Pettiford performs at the Olympus Hotel. The stage is nearly filled with the piano, electric organ, and chimes for Ms. Pettiford's performance. A microphone stands ready. Mirrors are placed on the three closed sides of the stage to reflect Ms. Pettiford when she is playing. The dance floor can be seen in front of the stage.

Pettiford, Selika; Musicians--Tacoma--1940-1950; Organs; Pianos; Chimes; Mirrors; Reflections; Stages (Platforms); Communication devices; Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);


Joan Gimnaven and a manicurist select a nail polish color at Joan's pre-wedding manicure at Town and Country Beauty Salon. Photograph shot for 1952 TNT bridal layout. The layout was never published due to a prolonged strike at the TNT from April- August of 1952.

Beauty shops--Tacoma--1950-1960; Town & Country Beauty Salon, Inc. (Tacoma); Weddings--Tacoma--1950-1960; Gimnaven, Joan; Manicuring--Tacoma--1950-1960;


Joan Gimnaven receives a manicure from a manicurist at the Town and Country Beauty Salon on April 16, 1952. For Tacoma News Tribune "Brides" layout. (T.N.T.).

Gimnaven, Joan; Manicuring--Tacoma--1950-1960; Town & Country Beauty Salon, Inc. (Tacoma); Beauty shops--Tacoma--1950-1960; Weddings--Tacoma--1950-1960;


Mirror Room in the basement of the Olympus Hotel. Dining room with dance floor and stage with band equipment, surrounded by tables. Ordered by Mr. Turril. Original building by Carl August Darmer and Otis Cuttting, Architects, 1909.

Hotels--Tacoma; Olympus Hotel (Tacoma); Dance floors--Tacoma--1950-1960;


The Edward B. Rhodes Post No. 2 of the American Legion held their annual Last Man Club banquet at the Mirror Room at the Olympus Hotel November 18, 1950. Twenty men pose with seven empty chairs draped with American flags representing the deceased members of the group. The Club was formed in December of 1938 by WW I veterans who were also past Commanders of the Edward B. Rhodes Post of the American Legion. There were 38 members in all. Ordered by R. Goldberg. (TNT, 11/15/1950, p.24)

American Legion Club (Tacoma); Patriotic societies--Tacoma--1940-1950; Clubs--Tacoma--1940-1950; Flags--United States; Olympus Hotel (Tacoma); Last Man Club (Tacoma);


A group of fifty-two men and women have gathered for a Christmas party at the Mirror Room in the Olympus Hotel. Many of them hold packages, possibly presents from the company. Ordered by Mrs. Brown.

Hotels--Tacoma; Mirror Room (Tacoma); Olympus Hotel (Tacoma); Parties--Tacoma--1950-1960;


Beautician's chair and standing hair dryer at Town and Country Beauty Salon, Inc. located at 815 Pacific Ave. The folding counter has a sink underneath so that the stylist can wash, cut & style hair all in one location. Mrs. E.L. Heaston was president, Mrs. A.M. Bod was vice-president & treasurer and H. G. Geer was secretary.

Beauty shops--Tacoma--1950-1960; Town & Country Beauty Salon, Inc. (Tacoma);


Interior shot of the Town and Country Beauty Salon, Inc., located at 815 Pacific Ave. To the right of the picture is the receptionist's counter backed by product displays. The customer waiting area was probably in front of the left hand product displays. The stylists' booths are on the left hand side behind the product display. Light fixtures hang from the exposed beams in the ceiling and the room is painted white or light pastel. The floor is a dark tile.

Beauty shops--Tacoma--1950-1960; Town & Country Beauty Salon, Inc. (Tacoma);


The receptionist counter at the Town and Country Beauty Salon, Inc., at 815 Pacific Ave. To the left of the padded counter is a display of honey oil shampoo. Other brand names include Copacabana, Contessa and Kurlash eyelash curlers.

Beauty shops--Tacoma--1950-1960; Town & Country Beauty Salon, Inc. (Tacoma);


Neon highlights the Mirror Room at the Olympus Hotel, 815 Pacific Ave. The newly remodeled Mirror Room was very modern with its gleaming bandstand reflected at every turn in mirrored pillars. The evening began with dinner music from 6 - 8 p.m., followed by dancing nightly at 9p.m. The dining room remained open until 2 a.m. for the late night crowd and reopened the next day for the businessman's lunch group. The Olympus Hotel was one of the most luxurious hotels in Tacoma.

Electric signs--Tacoma--1950-1960; Eating & drinking facilities--Tacoma--1950-1960; Nightclubs--Tacoma--1950-1960; Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);


Floor of Olympus Hotel Lobby, Stebner's, Inc., Ed Keenan. A workman is applying an adhesive on top of a tile floor, preparing to lay asphalt tile. Three arcade machines are seen at the end of the hall. Stebner's dealt in floor coverings, wall coverings, linoleum, rugs, carpets, asphalt tile, rubber tile, and household appliances. They were located at 3010 Sixth Ave.

Olympus Hotel (Tacoma); Stebner's, Inc. (Tacoma); Floor coverings;


The exterior of the newly remodeled Olympus Cafe featuring the Mirror Room at the Hotel Olympus. TPL-6423

Restaurants--Tacoma--1940-1950; Remodeling--Tacoma--1940-1950; Hotels--Tacoma; Mirror Room (Tacoma); Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);


The Olympus hotel had just finished a two year remodeling project, initiated by the hotel manager, Virgil West. The new Mirror Room would offer dinner and dancing, and would feature the popular organist, Edith Stern with Ray Edwards. Interior view of the Mirror Room restaurant and night club, located in the recently remodeled Olympus Hotel (T.N.T., 8/29/49, p. 4-5).

Restaurants--Tacoma--1940-1950; Dining rooms--Tacoma; Remodeling--Tacoma--1940-1950; Dance floors--Tacoma; Table settings & decorations; Hotels--Tacoma; Mirror Room (Tacoma); Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);


Olympus Hotel was owned by Paul Sceva and managed by Virgil West. West had initiated the remodeling project just after he became manager, two years ago. The Frontier Room was accessible through the back entrance and through the main lobby; it was decorated like a 19th century inn, with amber glass and darkened wood rafters, historic murals of Washington State and could accommodate 100 people. Interior view of the Frontier Room, located in the Olympus Hotel; view of bar and restaurant area (T.N.T., 8/29/49, p. 4-5).

Restaurants--Tacoma--1940-1950; Bars (Furniture)--Tacoma; Bars--Tacoma--1940-1950; Table settings & decorations; Tablecloths; Hotels--Tacoma; Frontier Room (Tacoma); Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);


Children's Benevolent League Banquet in basement of Olympus Hotel. Serving staff are standing around long tables set for a banquet. A decorative tile floor and distinctive light fixtures are also shown.

Charitable organizations--Tacoma--1930-1940; Children's Benevolent League (Tacoma); Hotels--Tacoma; Restaurants--Tacoma; Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);


When the retail clerks at the Tacoma Peoples Department Store went out on strike during the summer of 1937, the other department stores took the unprecedented step of locking out their employees in an attempt to crush the union. The Tacoma clerks received strong support from many local businesses and unions. A "soup kitchen" was set up in the Olympus Hotel, 815 Pacific Avenue, to help feed union pickets. In September, a satisfactory agreement was reached which included a 40 hour work week with time and one-half for overtime and an increase in wages for unclassified saleswomen from $15 per week to $17.25.

Labor Unions--Tacoma--1930-1940; Clothing industry strikes--Tacoma--1930-1940;Hotels--Tacoma; Restaurants--Tacoma--1930-1940; Olympus Hotel (Tacoma);