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Communities -- Black Community

Communities -- Black Community

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Communities -- Black Community

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Communities -- Black Community

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On October 22, 1945, this group of unidentified individuals were photographed seated around a table after what appears to be a dinner at the USO #2, 713-15 Commerce St. (photograph by F.L. Powell of Tacoma)


This undated photograph was taken in front of the snack bar at the USO No. 2 in Tacoma. At the head of the table was Arthur Hayes and at the end closest to the camera was Helen B. Stafford, local civic activist. USO No. 2 opened at 713 Commerce Street in September 1942 to serve Tacoma's African American servicemen and closed in March 1947. This location also served servicemen during World War I as the Army-Navy Club.


Undated photograph of the Matrons Club. The woman seated front left is Helen Beck Stafford, one of the founders of the group. Dr. Stafford moved to Tacoma in 1926 to marry Wendell P. Stafford on New Years Eve. Even though she had taught for a few years in Kansas schools, Tacoma school personnel directors refused to hire a black teacher. She stayed at home and cared for her husband and daughter. She and several other women who stayed home to rear their children would get together for a social outlet. In 1927, they formally organized the Matrons Club. The women who attended the meetings often brought their children along and the children would play together. (TNT 2/22/1982- NWR clipping file) (photograph by Liberal Engraving Co., 907 1/2 Commerce)

Jasmine and Paul Jumped the Broom - 2020 Wedding Video

Slideshow video of pictures from Paul Jackson and Jasmine Brown's wedding. "Jumping the broom" is a tradition within the Black community to signify a couple's commitment to each other, and dates back to the enslavement of Black people in the United States who were barred from legally recognized weddings.

Wallace, Isadore

Oral history interview with Tacoma resident Isadore Wallace conducted by dindria barrow on February 17, 2022. In this interview, Wallace discusses his personal life lessons, his resistance to being oppressed or defined by trauma, and how he relates to his family located across many different states. Isadore asks us to think about becoming a better person and moving through life's changes, "Why would you go back to the dark when you have been to the light? Even if it has all of the things you need, you can't see them!"

Olivas, Juanita

Oral history interview of Juanita Olivas, an unhoused neighbor living in Tacoma, conducted by dindria barrow on April 9, 2022. Juanita shares how she became homeless, how her faith has carried her through life, and why she does volunteer work. Juanita is 60 years young and plans on completing high school so that she can get a job as a medical insurance billing and coder. Juanita dreams of being “somebody that can help out with the community, always. I would love to have a really big apartment building that I could just take in all the homeless…just pour my heart out to ‘em, because people out there, you never know their story until you actually talk to them and I’ve met a lot of people that is so talented out there and so educated, but their story just breaks my heart.”

Tucker, Cynthia

Oral history interview with Tacoma resident Cynthia Tucker conducted by dindria barrow on April 21, 2022. In this interview, Cynthia shares her life story from the beginning of her family to the present day. Cynthia reminds us to reflect on our past and the choices we have made to teach us about who we are. Cynthia remembers being a shy child who had strong female influences in her family that helped her find her own voice. Cynthia is the current president of the Tacoma City Association of Colored Women's Club.

Penton, Rev. Bob

Oral history interview with Tacoma resident Reverend Bob Penton conducted by dindria barrow on June 1, 2022. In this interview, Bob shares his story-lessons that give us insight into the way he moves through the world. Bob has us contemplate our purpose in life and how money does not make a person rich in character. Bob has performed many services and duties in our city as well as conducted protests against violence which had an impact on neighbors near and far.

Black Collective - 1

Back of Photo:
Seattle Mayor-elect Norm Rice, foreground left, and Tacoma Mayor-elect Karen Vialle, foreground right, answer questions and thank the black collective for the support the group has given both Rice and Vialle. The two Mayor-elects met with the Black Collective Saturday morning at 2316 S. Yakima. (12-2-89 photo by David Brandt)
Pierce & S. King County

Hilltop Area - 5

Back of Photo:
Thirteen-year-old Jeffrey Colvin flashes the hand sign of the Crips. (See Story: Colvin is one of two teenagers interviewed who seem to watch and respect the gang members.)
K Street Story -- Amy Kunhardt

Hilltop Area - 7

Back of Photo:
Five-year-old Aisha Bell (left) eats her lunch on the front steps of a neighbor's house, watched by her older sister Lashanda, 10 and her niece, Tenika Posey, 3. (Tenika is sister of Cool Papa.)
K Street Story -- Amy Kunhardt

Hilltop Area - 10

Back of Photo:
Tooting her own horn! Carolyn "Mickey" Cunningham, Basileus of Sigma Gamma Rho (her college sorority), toots down S. K Street in part of the ethnic fair on the Hilltop.
Photo by Bill Hunter

Hilltop Area - 11

Back of Photo:
Monique Johnson, 3 yrs, can't contain her glee as she gets a horseback ride with Rich Gayles, a rodeo bull rider who rides by the name of "Daddy Rich", after the ethnic fair parade on the Hilltop.
Bill Hunter Photo

Hilltop Area - 16

Back of Photo:
Volunteer Edward Fynn sweeps away litter and broken glass from the sidewalk at 23rd and L Streets on Hilltop this morning as volunteers from the Hilltop Action Coalition, St. Joseph Hospital and citizens of the Hilltop community joined several on-duty officers from Tacoma PD in a sweep into the neighborhood to deliver some TLC as part of the "Area 5" neighborhood clean-up project. The group swept, cleaned and painted over graffiti the area from South 23rd to South 25th and from South K street to South Sheridan.
Geff Hinds Photo

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