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Communities -- Black Community

Communities -- Black Community

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Communities -- Black Community

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Communities -- Black Community

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Jasmine and Paul Jumped the Broom - 2020 Wedding Video

Slideshow video of pictures from Paul Jackson and Jasmine Brown's wedding. "Jumping the broom" is a tradition within the Black community to signify a couple's commitment to each other, and dates back to the enslavement of Black people in the United States who were barred from legally recognized weddings.

Wallace, Isadore

Oral history interview with Tacoma resident Isadore Wallace conducted by dindria barrow on February 17, 2022. In this interview, Wallace discusses his personal life lessons, his resistance to being oppressed or defined by trauma, and how he relates to his family located across many different states. Isadore asks us to think about becoming a better person and moving through life's changes, "Why would you go back to the dark when you have been to the light? Even if it has all of the things you need, you can't see them!"

Olivas, Juanita

Oral history interview of Juanita Olivas, an unhoused neighbor living in Tacoma, conducted by dindria barrow on April 9, 2022. Juanita shares how she became homeless, how her faith has carried her through life, and why she does volunteer work. Juanita is 60 years young and plans on completing high school so that she can get a job as a medical insurance billing and coder. Juanita dreams of being “somebody that can help out with the community, always. I would love to have a really big apartment building that I could just take in all the homeless…just pour my heart out to ‘em, because people out there, you never know their story until you actually talk to them and I’ve met a lot of people that is so talented out there and so educated, but their story just breaks my heart.”

Morehead, Bernice

Oral history interview with Tacoma resident Bernice Morehead conducted by dindria barrow on August 16, 2022. In this interview, Bernice tells us that she was a born into a family of sharecroppers who descended from slaves forcibly brought to Mississippi. Bernice lived on a farm until she was 16 years of age who spoke the language of animals until she moved to Iowa and worked with her mother as a Domestic Engineer. Bernice describes how she enjoys a challenge such as running four marathons, learning to swim at 50 years of age, finishing a triathlon, driving from Iowa to Washington state with two children and a grandchild, then earning two college degrees. She has worked for the state, run her own business, been a substitute teacher, is a certified Life Coach and is now helping others at the Bethlehem Baptist Church Shelter. Bernice reminds us to dream of new challenges and to take pride in whatever you do.

Chapman, Shondea

Oral history interview with Tacoma resident Shondea Chapman conducted by dindria barrow on August 16, 2022. In this interview, Shondea describes the places she calls home and her childhood memories between Los Angeles, California, Yakima, Washington and Muskogee, Oklahoma. Shondea has had multiple homes over the course of her life and she is glad that she has had them. Her story is an example of how we are connected to our geographies and our communities. Shondea continues to ask the question, “Who am I going to be?” which propels her into the future.

Scott, Jamika

Oral history interview with Tacoma resident Jamika Scott conducted by dindria barrow on August 10, 2022. In this interview, Jamika shares the purpose of the Tacoma Action Collective, what it was like to run for Mayor, and life as an artist. Jamika shows vulnerability and strength in recounting her experience with an assault and the city's response to her case. Jamika inspires us to live in the now, embrace creativity and work on healing our wounds.

Tucker, Cynthia

Oral history interview with Tacoma resident Cynthia Tucker conducted by dindria barrow on April 21, 2022. In this interview, Cynthia shares her life story from the beginning of her family to the present day. Cynthia reminds us to reflect on our past and the choices we have made to teach us about who we are. Cynthia remembers being a shy child who had strong female influences in her family that helped her find her own voice. Cynthia is the current president of the Tacoma City Association of Colored Women's Club.

Frazier, Regyna

Oral history interview with Tacoma resident Regyna Frazier conducted by dindria barrow on September 13, 2022. In this interview, Regyna states that she is proud to be from Tacoma. To paraphrase: Regyna knows Tacoma is home because of how it feels. There is diversity here. You don’t see much diversity [elsewhere] it just becomes one [race], you need a mix in your diet, not just one flavor. Home is a place that mixes, that has more than just one flavor. Regyna wants to be around a mix of people so that she knows that race is not a reason for a crime. If a crime happens, it can happen to any person of any race, not just to my own. Home is also food and Regyna dreams about opening a restaurant to share the flavors of Tacoma.

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