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Communities -- Unhoused Community

Communities -- Unhoused Community

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Communities -- Unhoused Community

  • UF People Experiencing Homelessness
  • UF Homeless
  • UF Economic Refugees

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Communities -- Unhoused Community

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"Investigation Homelessness:" Discussions with Homeless People and Advocates

A conversation with those dealing with homelessness and tent cities. Tracey Collins discusses the conditions in tent cities and the outreach work he does with Northwest Urban Ministry. Members of VOCAL (Voices of Community Activists and Leaders) also discuss their history of homelessness and advocacy work for homeless people. Videos filmed throughout September and October 2016.

Last Chance Shelter - 1

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Scores of men and a couple of women line up, with bags and packs, to gain admission to the Last Chance Shelter on Commerce St. The line often starts forming at 4 o'clock, with the door opening at 6:30.
Photo by Peter Haley

Last Chance Shelter - 2

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Bill Garst of Tacoma reads on his bunk in the Last Chance Shelter. He lost his job and is looking for another one. He doesn't get unemployment (reason unknown) and because he couldn't make house payments foreclosure forced him out onto the street.
Photo by Peter Haley

Last Chance Shelter - 3

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Last Chance Shelter--Downtown Tacoma, Mike Snider, center, and Ed Quarrles, on right, talk with an unidentified man at the overnight shelter Monday night. Many of the other guests were already asleep.
Bruce Kellman - Photo

Nativity House Charity - 1

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Peter Garcia enjoys a bowl of turkey noodle soup Friday during the lunch time meal at the Nativity House at 1517 Commerce in Tacoma. Two meals a day are served free of charge to the needy. City officials are concerned with possible drug activity in the neighborhood.
Bruce Kellman with Mike Gilbert/story

Nativity House Charity - 4

"Staff member Kevin Coley hugged a drop-in at Nativity House, a Commerce Street haven for the homeless." The Liberty Project revitalizing downtown Tacoma's Lower Pacific will most likely scatter the homeless population. However, according to people and organizations who work with rehabilitating people, it will not end the homelessness issue. It was suggested that the plan involve housing and training for the disadvantaged.

Back of Photo:
Nativity House Worker & "Drop-In"

Olivas, Juanita

Oral history interview of Juanita Olivas, an unhoused neighbor living in Tacoma, conducted by dindria barrow on April 9, 2022. Juanita shares how she became homeless, how her faith has carried her through life, and why she does volunteer work. Juanita is 60 years young and plans on completing high school so that she can get a job as a medical insurance billing and coder. Juanita dreams of being “somebody that can help out with the community, always. I would love to have a really big apartment building that I could just take in all the homeless…just pour my heart out to ‘em, because people out there, you never know their story until you actually talk to them and I’ve met a lot of people that is so talented out there and so educated, but their story just breaks my heart.”

Brown, Alfonso

Oral history interview with Tacoma resident Alfonso “Al” Brown conducted by dindria barrow on November 3, 2022. In this interview, Al shares his philosophies on life as well as the key tenets that have helped him survive failure, pain, suffering and homelessness to ultimately find that hope is what is needed to transform your own life as well as others’. Al talks about his work in the community and how he plans on making a difference bringing collegiate theory into real-world practice. Al has been featured in news stories by City University and KBTC about his life experience. Al shares his triumph in getting degrees despite the gatekeepers and about how education is the pinnacle change agent.