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Indian Voice

  • 5.3.4
  • 1971

Indian Voice was the newspaper of the Small Tribes Organization of Western Washington (STOWW). It reported on news from local reservations of the Puget Sound region. The most notable topics include the Fishing Wars and Boldt Decision, as well as treaty news and federal funding to tribal programs from the Economic Development Administration (EDA).

Action Bulletin (WEA)

  • 5.3.16
  • 1963 - 1972

Action Bulletin was a newsletter published 9 times yearly, from September-June, by the Washington Education Association. It covered topics related to teachers, schools, students and education in general across the state.

Day's Tailor-D Clothing, Inc. Records

  • 2.9.1
  • c. 1902-1972

Includes photographs, newspaper clippings, event programs, correspondence, financial information, advertisements, and other materials related to the operations of Day’s Tailor-D Clothing, Inc.

Day's Tailor-D Clothing, Inc.

The Amerindian

  • 5.3.23
  • 1953 - 1974

The Amerindian was a bi-monthly information news bulletin published by Marion E. Gridley. It covered news articles about Native tribes and events of interest to many Native groups

American Indian Crafts and Cultures

  • 5.3.20
  • 1973 - 1974

American Indian Crafts and Cultures was a monthly magazine published by Tyrone H. Stewart that published articles on history, costuming, crafts, and Native news, as well as book and record reviews, profiles, and features on individuals and groups.

Puyallup Valley Japanese American Citizens League Records

  • 3.3.1
  • 1960-1975

Contains four scrapbooks and one file of photographs. Scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings, JACL local and national newsletters, meeting minutes, event programs, and photographs.

Puyallup Valley Japanese American Citizens League

Northwest Indian News

  • 5.3.5
  • 1975-1975

Northwest Indian News was a newspaper published out of Seattle, Washington that reported on local, regional, and national tribal news. Updates about the Fishing Wars of the Puget Sound region and the legal battle of the Boldt Decision were frequent topics. Other topics of interest include editorials on the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.) and articles about Native children within the foster care system.

American Paper Industry

  • 5.3.21
  • 1971 - 1976

American Paper Industry was a monthly magazine published by PIMA, whose goal was to disseminate information relating to operation and management techniques to aid management skills in the paper industry.

Tacoma Labor Advocate

  • 5.2.7
  • 1919-1950, 1954-1977

Weekly newspaper produced by the "Tacoma Central Labor Council, and all the unions in the city" focusing on various union and labor activities in the Tacoma/Seattle region, statewide and nationally, along with some world news. Jan. 03, 1919 - Dec. 29, 1950; May 7, 1954 - December 26, 1958 (bound); Jan. 2, 1959 - Oct. 15, 1977.

Puyallup Police and Fire Department Annual Reports

  • 10 .1.1
  • 1977-1982

Annual reports from the Puyallup Fire Department and Puyallup Police Department including notes on accomplishments, department statistics, personal/organization charts, union activities, and training reports, among other information.

Japanese Americans in the Pacific Northwest Collection

  • 9.6
  • 1920 - 1982

Includes publications by the California Joint Immigration Committee of San Francisco, newspaper clippings, government orders, proclamations, and other papers relating to a campaign in the 1920s and 1930s to bar Japanese people from West Coast states, a locally organized campaign to stop Japanese individuals from owning farmland, and the relocation and incarceration of Japanese citizens during World War II.

Tacoma Fire Department Records

  • 1.3.2
  • c. 1890-1982

Includes photographs, scrapbooks, fire statistics, fire investigation images, day books, reports, and other material related to the operations of the Tacoma Fire Department.

Tacoma Fire Department

Tacoma Indian News

  • 5.2.5
  • 1974 - 1982

Monthly newspaper published by the Puyallup Tribe Office of Native American Programs. Articles focus on local, regional, and national topics related to Indigenous communities. Coverage includes activism around fishing and land rights. Articles and classifieds were also solicited from the local tribal community. August 1974 - May 1982.


  • 5.3.12
  • 1950 - 1984

The Argus was a weekly news magazine that started in 1894 and was published every Saturday by the Argus Publishing Company in Seattle. The title changed to Argus Magazine in 1983. It published news, opinion and commentary pieces, and covered local and national stories, reviews of local arts, dance and theater, local court summons and obituaries.

Tacoma Police Department Records

  • 1.3.1
  • 1885 - 1985

Includes scrapbooks, notices, city council documents related to police misconduct, and a departmental manual from 1891.

Tacoma Police Department

Asian American Alliance News

  • 5.3.7
  • 1973-1985

Asian American Alliance Newsletter was a monthly/bi-monthly newsletter that served the Tacoma/Pierce County region. It began publication in 1973 and ended publication in 1980. Asian American Alliance Newsletter included educational resources, local news and events, employment opportunities and information on community organizations such as the Asian American Advisory Council.

Mayor Mike Parker Papers

  • 1.2.2
  • 1972 - 1985

Includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, and photographs related to Mike Parker's political career as Mayor of Tacoma and as a member of the Washington State House of Representatives. Extensive subject files were established by Parker's office and contain correspondence, studies, newspaper clippings, and reports on topics of relevance to his work. Also included are correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, and legislative documents.

Mike Parker

Tacoma City Council Resolutions

  • 1.1.1
  • 1884-1985

Includes Tacoma City Council Resolutions and supporting documentation. Resolutions are non-binding statements made by the Tacoma City Council. They are formal expressions of a particular position that are endorsed and signed by the Mayor. Though resolutions are not a law, they are a formal declaration of support from the City Council.

Tacoma City Council

Asian Family Affair

  • 5.3.8
  • 1975-1985

Asian Family Affair was a monthly newspaper serving the greater Seattle area. It began publication in 1975 and ended publication in 1985. Asian Family Affair included local and national news, sports, interviews of community members and commercial advertisements.

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