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Indians, Puyallup (General) - 38

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News/ Puyallup Women Protest Spouse Fishing Ruling
Angry Puyallup Tribe women gathered at the Tribal administration building to protest a new rule disallowing spouses fishing rights. From left, Laura Rivera, Ramona Bennet, Deanna Val Peterson, and Betsy Terrones (holding kids Joaquin 1, and Richard, 2 months). After meeting with the group of women the rule was dropped and the spouse fishing right was restored.
Photo by Dean J. Koepfler

Indians, Puyallup (General) - 4

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Indians, Puyallup

U.S. District Court Judge Walter T. McGovern signed a temporary injunction citing a federal statute that prohibits liquor sales on tribal lands unless under a tribal liquor code. Judge McGovern stated that because the Puyallup Tribe does not have a liquor code it was illegal to sell liquor there. Some establishments continued to sell alcohol throughout the day. The image is of the Indian Trading Post located on Puyallup Tribal land and owned by Robert Satiacum and Victoria Satiacum.

Indians, Puyallup (General) - 41

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Indian cigs
Photo by Bob Rudsit

Police and state revenue agents seized cartons of unstamped cigarettes and other Tabacco products allegedly headed for the Satiacum Smoke Shop. The raid was based on a state law prohibiting unlicensed distributors from handling unstamped cigarettes. Puyallup Tribal member Robert Satiacum is not a licensed dealer according to Robert Munzinger, who serves as assistant director of field operations for the Revenue Department. Photo by Tribune staff member Bob Rudsit.
A person walks to a smoke shop that has "Drive in Window Service" written on the front.

Indians, Puyallup (General) - 6

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Three-year-old Calvin Medina, Tacoma, checks out his competition and other tribal dress during the Puyallup tribe's Pow Wow. There was singing, dancing, eating, and competition for best dress and dance.
Photo by David Brandt

Indians, Puyallup (General) - 7

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Artist rendering of Puyallup Tribal Bingo Hall

A year after the Puyallup Tribe reached a $162 million settlement which guaranteed hundreds of new jobs, social services, and economic rebirth programs began to receive funding. “Among the tribe’s projects for economic improvement is a $2.1 million state-of-the-art bingo hall, seating up to 1,500 people, to be built in east Tacoma.” The bingo hall was estimated to generate between 90 to 150 jobs.

Indians, Puyallup (General) - 9

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Indians, Puyallup

Employees of the Puyallup tribe’s fish hatchery released young trout into a tributary of the Puyallup river leading the trout to the Puget Sound and eventually the Pacific Ocean. The trout were around a year old and had been raised by the Puyallup Tribe at the tribal hatchery on Pioneer Way West. The Puyallup Tribe obtained the trout from the Quinault Tribe and the fish are the Quinault River steelhead. Photo by Tribune staff member Bob Rudsit.

Indians, Puyallup (History) - 1

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Yesteryear Feb. 7, 1986
Puyallup Indian Tribe members gathered on Feb. 9, 1891, as part of their monthly neighborhood meetings. This was the time when Indian families gathered to discuss the business of running the reservation and making improvements in the quality of life. The women were not generally included in business affairs of the tribe, which would explain their absence in the photograph.
State of Washington Views
Rutter, Photo
Tacoma, Wash.

Indians, Puyallup--Government and Politics - 1

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Puyallup Tribal members (L-R) Misty Stafford, Dianne Ward, Nancy Shippentower, Kathy Lopez, Barbara Richards, Jenny Williams and Maggie Bostrom wait outside the Elders Building for the results of an election to fill three vacant seats on the tribal council.
Bill Hunter Photo

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