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Indian Voice

  • 5.3.4
  • 1971

Indian Voice was the newspaper of the Small Tribes Organization of Western Washington (STOWW). It reported on news from local reservations of the Puget Sound region. The most notable topics include the Fishing Wars and Boldt Decision, as well as treaty news and federal funding to tribal programs from the Economic Development Administration (EDA).


  • 5.3.12
  • 1950 - 1984

The Argus was a weekly news magazine that started in 1894 and was published every Saturday by the Argus Publishing Company in Seattle. The title changed to Argus Magazine in 1983. It published news, opinion and commentary pieces, and covered local and national stories, reviews of local arts, dance and theater, local court summons and obituaries.

American Indian Crafts and Cultures

  • 5.3.20
  • 1973 - 1974

American Indian Crafts and Cultures was a monthly magazine published by Tyrone H. Stewart that published articles on history, costuming, crafts, and Native news, as well as book and record reviews, profiles, and features on individuals and groups.

Art Reach

  • 5.2.12
  • 1977 - 1987

Art Reach was a Tacoma arts newsletter published monthly by the Allied Arts of Tacoma. It advocated for the arts in Tacoma and covered local art events and artist groups in the areas of theater, dance, film, and music.

American West

  • 5.3.22
  • 1964 - 1990

American West was a quarterly historical journal published by the Western History Association. It covered topics about the American West, including essays about famous figures, analysis, popular myths, historical events, maps and culture.

American Forests

  • 5.3.19
  • 1933 - ?

American Forests was a monthly magazine published by the American Forestry Association that covered articles related to forests, soil, wildlife and outdoor recreation. It also advocated for forest resources and environmental policies that would protect forests.

Tacoma Actors Guild Records

  • 3.5.2

Includes photographs and promotional materials for productions, fundraising information and promotional materials, scrapbooks, sheet music, and set design and costume sketches.

Tacoma Actors Guild

Aubrey Andrews Papers

  • 1.4.8

Includes correspondence, newspaper articles, speeches, writings, and financial documents related to Andrews' work as Director of Tacoma Public Library. Also included are Andrews' diaries from 1942-1945.

Aubrey F. Andrews

World War II Collection

  • 9.12

Includes materials related to World War II collected by Tacoma Public Library including reports, pamphlets, propaganda, maps, bulletins, and Tacoma war ration book. A photo biography of Adolf Hitler compiled by Joseph Goebbels for the German people titled "Adolf Hitler: Pictures from the Life of the Fuhrer" is also included.

Richards Studio Photographic Negatives

  • 2.1.1

This collection contains a variety of different sized photographic negatives (4x5, 6x8, and 9x12) of Richards Studio photography from roughly 1920s through to the early 1960s. These negatives depict a wide range of commercial subject matter including local clubs and organizations, business and industry, sports, public events, city government.

Richards Photography Studio

Black Lives Matter Mural Project

  • CAC3002

Includes oral histories, digital images, and event flyers related to the creation of a Black Lives Matter mural created in Tollefson plaza in 2022. The mural was created by artists Dionne Bonner, Kenya Adams, Gwen Jones, Charles Taylor and Breeze.

Menu Collection

  • 9.4

Contains menus from area restaurants and local special events. Also included are several menus from ships.

Virna Haffer Collection

  • 3.5.5

Includes photographic works by Haffer organized into a series of titled bound volumes. Each volume includes typewritten descriptive notes. Also included are additional photographs not included in the volumes, newspaper clippings, and correspondence.

Virna Haffer

Elizabeth Sale Manuscript

  • 3.5.6
  • 1968

Includes the original typed manuscript of The Field by Elizabeth Sale. According to correspondence from Sale to the Tacoma Public Library dated September 20, 1973, this is the copy sent to Olivant Press for publication in 1968.

Elizabeth Sale

Annie Wright School Publications

  • 4.1.6

Includes yearbooks produced by Annie Wright School showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding academic year. Also included is a catalog and prospectus from 1890-1891.

Charles Wright Academy Publications

  • 4.1.10

Includes yearbooks produced by Charles Wright Academy showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding year.

Day's Tailor-D Clothing, Inc. Records

  • 2.9.1
  • c. 1902-1972

Includes photographs, newspaper clippings, event programs, correspondence, financial information, advertisements, and other materials related to the operations of Day’s Tailor-D Clothing, Inc.

Day's Tailor-D Clothing, Inc.

Mann Junior High School Publications

  • 4.1.18

Includes yearbooks produced by Mann Junior High School (Lakewood) showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding year.

Mason Junior High School Publications

  • 4.1.19

Includes yearbooks produced by Mason Junior High School showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding year.

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