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Neighborhoods -- Hilltop
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Hilltop Area - 3

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Trying to keep 'K' Street safe, Morris McCollum, President of 'K' Street Boosters, far left, has customers and passers-by sign a petition to keep the Hilltop patrolled by the same officers on the crime management team task force for 'K' Street.
Pictured, from left, are McCollum, Diaetta Walker, Henrietta George, Mary Radziski, manager of New Look Clothing on 'K' Street, and Virginia Taylor. The children are Lashwanda Walker, 19 months, in stroller, and Lapaschia Walker, 4-years-old. Both are daughter of Diaetta Walker. They want the streets kept safe so they can shop and let their kids play in the area. (photo by David Brandt)

Hilltop Area - 4

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Joe Haynes, cleaning up debris from a room of an apartment that he owns with his wife. Earlier in the day they had found that alleged addicts were living in the squalor.
Photo by David Yee

Hilltop Area - 5

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Thirteen-year-old Jeffrey Colvin flashes the hand sign of the Crips. (See Story: Colvin is one of two teenagers interviewed who seem to watch and respect the gang members.)
K Street Story -- Amy Kunhardt

Hilltop Area - 7

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Five-year-old Aisha Bell (left) eats her lunch on the front steps of a neighbor's house, watched by her older sister Lashanda, 10 and her niece, Tenika Posey, 3. (Tenika is sister of Cool Papa.)
K Street Story -- Amy Kunhardt

Hilltop Area - 9

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Hilltop Area
Please credit photo by Russ Carmaile

Fenced area shows playground equipment along with a sign that reads: "A creative place for your child to stay when you must be gone. Hilltop Community Day Care Center, 1407 S. 'I' (Street). Hours: 6 am to 11 pm, Monday thru Friday".

Hilltop Area - 10

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Tooting her own horn! Carolyn "Mickey" Cunningham, Basileus of Sigma Gamma Rho (her college sorority), toots down S. K Street in part of the ethnic fair on the Hilltop.
Photo by Bill Hunter

Hilltop Area - 11

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Monique Johnson, 3 yrs, can't contain her glee as she gets a horseback ride with Rich Gayles, a rodeo bull rider who rides by the name of "Daddy Rich", after the ethnic fair parade on the Hilltop.
Bill Hunter Photo

Hilltop Area - 13

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A Sad But Hopeful Look.....Pastor Lynn Farnum (Trinity Presbyterian Church), no stranger to the life on Tacoma's Hilltop and the plight of its children, gives a thoughtful glance down a stretch of streets on the Hill today as she joined a concerned group of local pastors and church leaders who briefly toured the area following a press conference they called to express concern and call attention to the Children's Initiative which they support. In the background (right arm raised) another spokesperson for the group, Rev. Dave Alger (Ex. Director of Associated Ministries) explains the sights to other members of the group.
Geff Hinds Photo

Hilltop Area - 14

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On his way to his aunt's apartment complex for a swim in the pool there, 7-year-old Ken Posey ("Cool Papa") leads Corey Bell, 8 (left rear) -- Ken's uncle -- and Errol Mares, 8, on a shortcut. In background, at corner of S. 16th and M Streets, stands brown apartment house, a former crack house now boarded up by police.
K Street Story -- Amy Kunhardt

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