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Justi Pfutzenreuter Salishan Research Files

  • CAC1003

Includes research files and notes gathered and compiled by Pfutzenreuter related to the Salishan neighborhood. Also included is Justi's "Narratives of Salishan: The Untold Story," a documentary she produced for her Masters Capstone Project in Spring 2019 as part of the University of Washington Tacoma's Masters of Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies program.

The documentary introduction states, "When it comes to Salishan, most of the history that we do know lies in short, unnuanced articles in the Tacoma News Tribune. These articles were, and continue to be, influential in the ways readers view the neighborhood and those who live in it. Written by outsiders who may have preconceived notions, these articles leave no space for residents’ voices and their experiences. Taking this into consideration, the history that we don’t know resides in the minds and memories of those who have lived there, including families that belong to the Puyallup Tribe from whom the land was originally taken. It’s important to examine these perspectives to develop a fuller picture of the neighborhood. Since its origins in 1943, Salishan has had a negative reputation within the larger community. Without the voices of the tenants, negative stereotypes about Salishan will persist. We should ask, 'who’s telling the story?' and 'who’s constructing the narrative of Salishan?' This film project documents the experiences of residents, using their own voices, as an intervention into the dominant negative narrative about Salishan."

Kenneth G. Ollar Photographs

  • 2.1.3

Includes 22 8x10 photographs of the Browns Point Salmon Bake, circa 1960.

Kenneth G. Ollar

Lakes High School Publications

  • 4.1.42

Includes yearbooks produced by Lakes High School (Lakewood) showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding academic year.

Lincoln High School Publications

  • 4.1.3

Includes publications produced by Lincoln High School. Early issues of The Lincolnian contain essays, editorials, and creative writing. Later issues serve as yearbooks showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding academic year. Reunion Books were produced in conjunction with class reunions and contain information on alumni. Programs contain information on various theatrical productions staged by Lincoln High School students.

Local Clubs and Organizations Files

  • 3.1

Includes files from Tacoma area clubs and organizations; fliers, membership handbooks, correspondence, directories, and other content related to group operations.

Local Ephemera Collection

  • 9.3

Includes items created for a short term purpose that have been retained for their long term historical, informational, or research value. These include pamphlets and brochures, tickets, and event programs.

Local Writings and Publications

  • 9.7

Includes booklets, manuscripts, theses and dissertations, reports, and other writings about Washington State. Also included are writings about and by Washington authors.

Lochburn Junior High School Publications

  • 4.1.16

Includes yearbooks produced by Lochburn Junior High School (Lakewood) showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding year.

Lost Tacoma Project Collection

  • 9.11

The "Lost Tacoma" project was originally designed and conceived by archivist Jeanie Fisher. It includes blueprints and technical drawings of both proposed buildings in Tacoma which were never constructed and constructed buildings which are now demolished. This is a partial representation of the Lost Tacoma collection, constituting 116 of the total 560 blueprints across 26 locations. Digitization for this project was supported by a 2016 Pierce County Historic Preservation Grant.

Mann Junior High School Publications

  • 4.1.18

Includes yearbooks produced by Mann Junior High School (Lakewood) showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding year.

Map Collection

  • 9.9

Includes maps of the northwestern United States from various sources. Coverage is primarily focused on Washington, Pierce County, and Tacoma.

Marjorie Jane Windus Autograph Collection

  • 6.3.2
  • 1945-1946

These copies of the 1945 and 1946 Esquire's Jazz Book, published by Smith & Durrell, Inc. were owned by Marjorie Jane Windus during her time she worked in the Chicago Illinois Blue Note Jazz Club, from the 1940s and early 1950s. These books include autographs and messages from many prominent and lesser-known jazz musicians and singers from that time.

Marjorie Jane Windus

Mason Junior High School Publications

  • 4.1.19

Includes yearbooks produced by Mason Junior High School showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding year.

Matthew Dick Boat Building Photographs

  • 2.6.3

Includes images taken from 1977-1979 by Matthew Dick, a student of the Bates Vocational Technical Institute's two-year Boat Building Program.

Matthew Dick

Mayor Gordon Johnston Papers

  • 1.2.1

Includes extensive correspondence between Johnston and colleagues, citizens, and agencies/corporations. Additionally, the Gordon Johnston Papers contain agendas and reports from the Puget Sound Governmental Conference (later the Puget Sound Council of Governments), and the Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Agency. Also included are city reports and financial documents, including expenditure reports and Annual Budget reports.

Gordon Johnston

Mayor Harold M. Tollefson Papers

  • 1.2.5

Includes correspondence, campaign records, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, government reports, photographs, speeches, conference notes, publications of municipal government organizations, and corporate records.

Harold M. Tollefson

Mayor John Linck Papers

  • 1.2.6

Includes correspondence, speeches, writings, photos, and scrapbooks. Documentation related to Linck's resignation from the Treasury Department is also included along with issues of The Spirit of the Age, a newspaper edited by Linck.

John Linck

Mayor Karen Vialle Papers

  • 1.2.4
  • 1944 - 2011

Includes photographs, correspondence, reports, speeches, VHS tapes, and other material related to Vialle's roles as an educator and the first woman to serve as Mayor of Tacoma.

Karen Vialle

Mayor Mike Parker Papers

  • 1.2.2
  • 1972 - 1985

Includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, and photographs related to Mike Parker's political career as Mayor of Tacoma and as a member of the Washington State House of Representatives. Extensive subject files were established by Parker's office and contain correspondence, studies, newspaper clippings, and reports on topics of relevance to his work. Also included are correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, and legislative documents.

Mike Parker

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