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Guarding the ball is Archie Bouchard, ace quarterback of the 1935 Bremerton High School Wildcats. (T. Times 10/5/1935, pg. 11; Bremerton Sun 09-20-1935, pg. 1)

Football--Tacoma--1930-1940; Football players--Tacoma--1930-1940; Bremerton High School (Bremerton)--1930-1940; Bouchard, Archie;


Ready to rumble is #3 of Bremerton High School's Wildcats, also known as Louis Hellard. Louis is both the captain of the Wildcats and plays the end position. (T. Times 10/5/1935, pg. 11; Bremerton Sun 09-20-1935, pg. 1)

Football--Tacoma--1930-1940; Football players--Tacoma--1930-1940; Bremerton High School (Bremerton)--1930-1940; Hellard, Louis;


Yelm High School coach with "M'Loud Brothers." Likely shot on the same day as Fife High School game.


Bellarmine Midget Football players, 1938 city wide champions. Twenty-five boys and coach Leo Eckstein pictured on the field. The Bells beat the Lincoln High School Railsplitters 14 to 7 in the Championship. Midget football was for boys classified as 132 pounds and under. The last city wide midget championship was played in 1940. (T. Times 11/22/1938, pg. 11) (filed with Argentum)

Football players--Tacoma--1930-1940; Football--Tacoma--1930-1940; Private schools--Tacoma--1930-1940; Students--Tacoma; Bellarmine High School (Tacoma)--Sports;


Bellarmine High School Football Squad, four players in practice jerseys with leather helmets posed with their coach. Pictured from left to right are Bob O'Connell (center), Bob Weaver, returning letterman and powerhouse of the backfield (left Half), Coach Leo Eckstein, Harry Lunetti (Right Half) and By Tardiff (Quarterback.) These players are the experienced mainstays for the 1939 Bell Eleven. (T. Times 9/14/1939, pg. 17)

Football--Tacoma; Football players--Tacoma; Private schools--Tacoma--1930-1940; Students--Tacoma; Bellarmine High School (Tacoma)--Sports; O'Connell, Bob; Weaver, Bob; Eckstein, Leo; Lunetti, Harry; Tardiff, By;


On November 19, 1924, three stalwart football players on the Lincoln High School team, (l-r) David Rice, James Mosolf and Richard Johnson, posed for a photograph on what may be school grounds. Rice was a right tackle and field captain for the first game against Stadium. He was also Senior Class president. Mosolf, field captain for the third and final match against Stadium, played left end and then quarterbacked the team the final two games. Johnson was the team punter as well as playing fullback and left end; his drop kick from the 30-yard line proved to be the winning score during the last game of the season. They are in practice gear as the big intercity clash with Stadium High School loomed in the near future. G46.1-040 (1925 Lincolnian, various pages)

Football players--Tacoma--1920-1930; Lincoln High School (Tacoma); Students--Tacoma--1920-1930; Rice, David; Mosolf, James; Johnson, Richard;


Stadium Tigers football team in formation at Stadium Bowl on November 20, 1924. This was the school's second-team who would have a season of victory with their 2-1 record over crosstown rival, Lincoln. Howard M. Carr was the team's coach. TPL-9715; G46.1-035 (1925 Tahoma yearbook, p. 90)

Football players--Tacoma--1920-1930; Stadium High School (Tacoma); Stadium Bowl (Tacoma);


Stadium High School Intermediate football team. Coached by William M. Jolliffe (third from left, back row), the Stadium team lost to Lincoln twice and tied the final scoreless game of the 1924 season. The team, with no players over 150 pounds, still exerted fine effort and perseverance despite playing a better team. G46.1-032 (1925 Tahoma yearbook, p. 91)

Football players--Tacoma--1920-1930; Stadium High School (Tacoma); Stadium Bowl (Tacoma); Jolliffe, William M.;


Four members of Stadium High School's first team demonstrate football positions on their home field of Stadium Bowl a few days prior to the big November, 1924, inter-city clash with Lincoln High. Harold Pirret did double duty as a tackle and end. Samuel Hansen was selected to lead the Tigers into battle as their captain and played both halfback and on the line. Robert Warnick, according to the Tahoma yearbook, played aggressively and well. Frank Jurich, left end, also won praise from the school yearbook for his quick feet, fine tackling and blocking and secure pass catching. (From L-R Pirret, Hansen, Warnick, Jurich) . The Stadium season would come to an end with a 3-0 loss to Lincoln who took home the Mark L. Davis' trophy. G46.1-033 (1925 Tahoma yearbook, various pages)

Football players--Tacoma--1920-1930; Stadium High School (Tacoma); Stadium Bowl (Tacoma); Pirret, Harold; Hansen, Samuel; Warnick, Robert; Jurich, Frank;


Although the "first teams" of various sports seemed to get most of the attention, there were other teams worthy of mention as well. Athletes of these teams played just as hard and with as much enthusiasm as their brethren. The group pictured above on November 25, 1924, was the Midget team from Stadium High School. They were practicing within the confines of Stadium Bowl. G46.1-037

Football players--Tacoma--1920-1930; Stadium High School (Tacoma); Stadium Bowl (Tacoma);


Football team members from the College of Puget Sound are seated in a long row against a lineup of Studebakers from the Allen Motor Co. This September 18, 1931 night view was believed to have been taken at Stadium Bowl which would be the site the following evening of the Loggers' grid season start against Pacific Lutheran College. The maroon-and-white clad Loggers shut out PLC 20-0 before a crowd of more than 4000. Photograph ordered by Allen Motor Co. G67.1-108 (TNT 9-21-31, p. 10-article on game)

Football players--Tacoma--1930-1940; College of Puget Sound (Tacoma)--1930-1940; Students--Tacoma--1930-1940; Studebaker automobile;


These three stalwart Stadium High School teens were part of the school's "First Team" lineup during the 1922 football season. At far left is Sam Hanson, fullback. Sam, although only a freshman, proved worthy of placement on the more experienced team. Lon Crosshwaite is the player in the center. A halfback, the speedy Crosshwaite was noted for running punts back farther than any man on the team. At far right is Bayard Mosher, the team's quarterback. The school's yearbook praised Mosher for his never-say-die attitude and peerless quarterbacking. All three players shown above were underclassmen and expected to return the following year. (1923 "The Tahoma," p. 139-141; TNT 11-8-22, p. 17) G46.1-042

Football players--Tacoma--1920-1930; Stadium High School (Tacoma)--1920-1930; Hanson, Sam; Crosshwaite, Lon; Mosher, Bayard;


These are the first and second string football teams representing Stadium High School during the fall of 1922. Despite only having three returning lettermen, with two of the three being seniors, Stadium High School fought valiantly during their inter-city clashes with Lincoln High School. The school would lose the city championship for the first time in six years. First team members, as noted by the school yearbook, "Tahoma," were: (in no particular order) fullback Max Mika, center Herman Brix (later Olympian and "Tarzan" actor Bruce Bennett), guard Max Hoff, tackle Stanley Long, fullback Sam Hanson, center Robert McCullough, end Ed Cooper, halfback Ted Graham, tackle Harold Anderson, quarterback Bayard Mosher, end/halfback Stanley McDowell, end Harold Walker, guard Einar Larsen, guard/center Loren Baldwin and halfback Lon Crosshwaite. (1923 Tahoma p.139-141; TNT 10-26-22, p. 23-last names only listed) TPL-8199; G46.1-038; G54.1-004

Football players--Tacoma--1920-1930; Stadium High School (Tacoma); Students--Tacoma--1920-1930;


These four Stadium High School "Tigers", all seniors, were on the starting squad for the 1922 football season. Left to right: fullback Max Mika, end/halfback Stanley McDowell, tackle Stanley Long and end Harold Walker. Max was captain of the team and also was on the basketball's first team. Stanley McDowell was a four-year letterman and was captain of the school's soccer team. Stanley Long had already developed a football reputation from his playing days in Chehalis and continued his fine play at Stadium. He was also the treasurer for the senior class. A fine tackler, Harold Walker was a three-year letterman and also was on the first team in wrestling. G46.1-036 (1923 "Tahoma" -various pages; TNT 10-26-22, p. 23-alternate photograph) TPL-8198

Football players--Tacoma--1920-1930; Stadium High School (Tacoma); Mika, Max; McDowell, Stanley; Long, Stanley; Walker, Harold;


This was Stadium High School's first squad during the 1922 football season. Coach Myron Carr (not pictured) had only three returning first team lettermen at the beginning of the school year. Nevertheless, the veterans and newcomers played to the best of their ability in clashes with rival Lincoln High and maintained a tough competitive spirit throughout the season. Center Herman Brix, a junior, proved to be a mainstay on offense. Brix (third from right, back row) later used his athletic prowess at the University of Washington where he was a tackle on the 1926 Rose Bowl team. His silver medal in shot-putting at the 1928 Olympics and his rugged good looks helped lead to Hollywood and the role of Tarzan in "The New Adventures of Tarzan." Later, as actor Bruce Bennett, he would appear in many motion pictures including "Mildred Pierce" and "Treasure of the Sierra Madre." G46.1-041

Football players--Tacoma--1920-1930; Stadium High School (Tacoma); Brix, Herman;


This is the 12-man Sumner High School football team in 1922 with their award-winning trophy. This December photograph was taken outdoors, perhaps on school grounds, with seven of the team kneeling on the snow-covered grass. The man on the far left is possibly the coach, H. Davis. For the second year, Sumner had won the Pierce County championship with a 5-1 record. Its only loss was to Auburn. Sumner had defeated Puyallup on November 5th by a seven point margin before a large crowd attending Sumner's homecoming. Rivals Puyallup and Sumner High School battled to a 7-7 tie on the morning of November 30th. This left the Valley high school football championship undecided. Sumner players involved in that game included: Reynolds, Bortle, Caster, Sperling, Barron, Peter, Dwight Taylor, Dean Taylor, Paulhamus (Captain), G. Taylor and Benton (last names provided only by the Daily Ledger). G46.1-039 (TDL 12-1-22, p. 8 -article only; TNT 11-17-22, p. 22-article)

Football players--Sumner; Awards;


Olene brothers. The brothers Olene both played football at the College of Puget Sound with Melvin (left) in the Class of '24 and Leonard in the Class of '27. Similar in weight and height, they were high-powered fullbacks. The 1924 C.P.S. yearbook, the Tamanawas, listed their nicknames as "Vas" (Melvin) and "Gas" (Leonard). Melvin, a transfer from Albany College, was senior class president and graduated with a degree in chemistry that year. The Olenes were from Albany, Oregon. G54.1-005 (1924 Tamanawas; TNT 11-2-23, p. 23)

Football players--Tacoma--1920-1930; Olene, Melvin; Olene, Leonard;


Stadium High School's football players. This is Stadium High's first team in the 1923 season. Unlike the previous year which began with only three veterans on the team, Stadium was able to send eleven experienced men to battle cross-town rival Lincoln. Stadium would go on to defeat Lincoln High School three times in tightly contested games. Stadium was led by Captain Bayard Mosher (seated, third from left holding ball) and coached by Myron Carr (standing in dark jersey with cap) and Vern Clark (standing extreme right in second row). (1924 Tahoma yearbook; T.Times 11-19-1923, p. 10) G46.1-034

Football players--Tacoma--1920-1930; Students--Tacoma--1920-1930; Stadium High School (Tacoma); Mosher, Bayard; Carr, Myron; Clark, Vern;


ca. 1935. Alt Heidelberg football team at play. They are playing on a field with wooden bleachers and fence in background. Neighborhood buildings and a church steeple are in view. Alt Heidelberg was the name of a brew manufactured by Columbia Breweries in Tacoma and many of the company sponsored teams sported that name.

Football--Tacoma--1930-1940; Football players--Tacoma--1930-1940; Brewing industry--Tacoma--1930-1940; Columbia Breweries, Inc. (Tacoma)--1930-1940;


ca. 1935. Alt Heidelberg football team at play. Wooden bleachers and fence are in the background. Neighborhood buildings and a church steeple are in view. Alt Heidelberg was a beer manufactured at Columbia Breweries in Tacoma.

Football--Tacoma--1930-1940; Football players--Tacoma--1930-1940; Brewing industry--Tacoma--1930-1940; Columbia Breweries, Inc. (Tacoma)--1930-1940;


Four determined players on the Bellermine Bells football team practiced a "quarterback sneak" in September of 1940. The players are identified as (l to r, front row) #61 Jim McNertney, #62 George Oswald, #63 Ray O'Leary and #60 Bing Fournier, quarterback. The 1940 Bells, coached by Hank Haug, were plagued by injuries and had lost many of their 1939 star players to graduation. They managed to pull off a 6-6 tie against the heavily favored Puyallup in their first game of the season. (T. Times 9/25/1940, pg. 18)

Football--Tacoma; Football players--Tacoma; Private schools--Tacoma--1940-1950; Students--Tacoma; Bellarmine High School (Tacoma)--Sports; O'Leary, Ray; McNertney, Jim; Oswald, George; Fournier, Bing;


One of the Cheney Studs junior league football teams pose in front of the sign for Cheney Field. To the right in the Studs jacket is Ben Cheney, Tacoma lumberman and sports philanthropist, and in front and to his left is his daughter Sandra, in Studs jacket and hat. Ben Cheney donated thousands of dollars for uniforms and equipment to sports teams, enabling youngsters to experience the thrill of sports. He had helped the kids football program get started 6 years prior and had continued to aid the program. By 1956, it had 30 competing teams. The boys wear the familiar "Cheney stud" logo on their uniform shirts; they also wear helmets and pads.

Cheney, Ben B., 1905-1971; Cheney, Sandra; Cheney Field (Tacoma); Cheney Lumber Co. (Tacoma); Football--Tacoma--1950-1960; Football players--Tacoma--1950-1960;


At the annual Cheney Lumber Company football banquet in December of 1956 the boys who played on one of the Cheney Studs football teams that year gathered around a large group photo, trying to find themselves in the picture. In 1956 the Cheney Lumber Co. fielded rookie, bantam, peewee and midget teams in the local leagues. The rookie league was new in 1956 and consisted of boys 11 years old and less than 90 pounds. The Cheney Lumber Co., headed by philanthropist Ben Cheney, poured money into sports for children, enabling many Tacoma area youngsters to experience the fun of sports. Ben Cheney had been instrumental in the founding of the kids football program; by 1956, the program had 30 competing teams.

Cheney Lumber Co. (Tacoma); Football--Tacoma--1950-1960; Football players--Tacoma--1950-1960;


Action shot of the Clover Park football team. Photograph taken on November 19, 1940.

Football--Lakewood--1940-1950; Football players--Lakewood--1940-1950; Clover Park High School (Lakewood);


Ben Cheney's generosity permitted thousands of Tacoma youth to participate in sports including football, basketball and baseball. The local lumberman and philanthropist sponsored many teams under the name, Cheney Studs, and they were able to play at the facility named after Mr. Cheney, Cheney Field. View of two Cheney Studs Midget football players practicing the art of kicking while two coaches observe on November 1, 1958. These players are dressed in full uniform including the famous Cheney Studs logo on their jerseys. The Midget Studs met Lakewood at Clover Park High School for the league championship later that day. Both teams had a 4-0-1 record; the tie was with each other. Coincidentally, they tied again in the championship game at 6-6. They were scheduled to play again the following week but were declared co-champions with no additional playoffs. Photograph ordered by Cheney Lumber Co. (TNT 10-24-58, D-3; TNT 11-7-58, p. 25)

Football--Tacoma--1950-1960; Football players--Tacoma--1950-1960;


Ben Cheney's generosity allowed hundreds of Tacoma area youth to participate on basketball, football and baseball teams. Each year his Cheney Lumber Co. sponsored a Sports Award banquet to honor these young people. Several boys in this November 30, 1958, photograph are wearing jackets with the Cheney Studs logo. This year the Studs Midget football team were co-champions along with Lakewood of the Metro Park District league; one boy happily holds onto his individual trophy while others in the group share smiles. Photograph ordered by Gene Anderson, Cheney Lumber Co.

Football players--Tacoma--1950-1960; Awards;


Army football game at Clover Park High School. Large crowd watching game at Walter J. Thompson Field. (T. Times)

Sports - Ball Games - Football Facilities - Sports Facilities Military Personnel


Coach Ralph Lackey went over play instructions with Clover Park Warriors Jimmy Allphin (standing left), DeVere Bailey (standing right), (crouching, l to r) Mark Pitman, Walter Mienzen and Steve Tish, to help prepare them for the 1941 Pierce County League title game against the Fife Trojans held on Friday November 7, 1941. Going into the game, each team had won six straight league games. The Warriors defeated the Trojans 7-0, winning their first major sports championship. The only touchdown in the game was scored by 208-pound fullback, Steve Tish. (T.Times 11/6/1941 p.17)

Clover Park High School (Lakewood); Football players--Lakewood--1940-1950; Lackey, Ralph; Allphin, Jimmy; Bailey, DeVere; Pitman, Mark; Mienzen, Walter; Tish, Steve; Football--Lakewood--1940-1950; Students--Lakewood--1940-1950;

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