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Art Popham Audio and Video Recordings

  • 3.4.9

Audio recordings of the "PM Tacoma" radio broadcast and video recordings of "The Art Popham Show." Content includes interviews with local and national figures, Tacoma news, and local sports.

Art Popham

Hilltop Action Journal

  • 5.2.8
  • 2016-

Bi-monthly community newspaper with articles and information about the Hilltop Area neighborhood of Tacoma. March/April 2017 - Present; August/September 2020 and June/July 2021 issues published in digital form only.

Hilltop Action Coalition

Richards Studio Photographs

  • 2.1.1

Contains print photographs, 35mm color transparencies (slides), color stereo transparencies (3D slides), and photographic negatives (4x5, 6x8, and 9x12) taken by the Richards Studio from roughly 1910s through to 1980. These images depict a wide range of commercial subject matter including local clubs and organizations, business and industry, sports, public events, city and local government, weddings, and the armed services.

Richards Photography Studio

Laureate Listening Project Recordings

  • CAC2009

Includes audio recordings from the Laureate Listening Project. This project, organized by Tacoma Poet Laureate Lucas Smiraldo, took place between 2013 and 2015 and recorded community members reflecting on the importance of a particular place in their using through the form of poetry.

General Photograph Collection

  • 9.17

Includes photographs covering a wide range of locations, events, buildings, and people that are not part of a specific photograph collection or created by an individual photographer.

Edward S. Curtis Collection

  • 9.10

Includes a collection of glass lantern slides and a set of the North American Indian. The Northwest Room’s set of The North American Indian consists of twenty individually bound books, each with an average of 250 pages and 75 images, and 20 accompanying portfolios, each with an average of 36 large image plates housed in each folding case.

Marvin Boland Photographs

  • 2.1.6

Includes photographs related to a wide variety of local events and locations taken by Marvin Boland between the 1910s through the 1930s.

Marvin D. Boland

Cammarano Brothers Photographs

  • 2.3.6

Includes photographs related to the Cammarano Brothers, Inc. including images of business operations, company gatherings, and business facilities.

Cammarano Bros, Inc.

Stephen Cysewski Photographs

  • 2.1.2

Inlcudes digital images and prints of street photography taken primarily in Tacoma and Seattle during the 1970s and 2000s. Also included are oversize photographs, photographic negatives, and photographic slides.

Stephen Cysewski

F. Jay Haynes Photographs

  • 2.1.19

Includes waterfront, street, and building photographs by F. Jay Haynes.

F. Jay Haynes

Thomas H. Rutter Photographs

  • 2.1.18

Includes photos taken by Thomas H Rutter of local buildings, the waterfront, and long boats.

Thomas H. Rutter

Lee Merrill Photographs

  • 2.1.17

Includes photos taken by Lee Merrill of construction projects, group outings, and a Daffodil Queen.

Lee Merrill

Albert Henry Barnes Photographs

  • 2.1.13

Includes photographs of landscape and outdoor activities taken by Albert Henry Barnes.

Albert Henry Barnes

Arthur French Photographs

  • 2.1.11

Includes photographs, mostly of building exteriors and interiors, taken by Arthur French.

Arthur French

Prue Stuckey Photographs

  • 1.5.3

Includes photos taken by Prue Stuckey during his time as a photographer for the City of Tacoma and Tacoma Police Department.

Prue Stuckey

William Trueblood Photographs

  • 1.5.2

Includes photographs taken by City of Tacoma photographer William Trueblood of city events.

William Trueblood

Tacoma Weekly

  • 5.7.2
  • Fall 1990-

The Tacoma Weekly, published by the Pierce County Community Newspaper Group, originated as the Tacoma Monthly in 1987 and became the Tacoma Weekly in 1994. Sections include local city news, sports including high schools, business and features including visual artists, bands, movies and more.

The free newspaper has been distributed in broadsheet and smaller formats as well as online over the years. A special business section ran from circa 2005-2007 and the Weekly Weedly section that focuses on marijuana news began being published in the April 28, 2019 issue.

Community Event Collection

  • CAC0003

Includes videos, interviews, and other material gathered by the Community Archives Center at community events.

Tacoma Public Schools Records

  • 4.1.1

Includes directories, reports, publications, and other documentation related to the operations of Tacoma Public Schools.

Tacoma Public Schools

Pierce County Recorder

  • 5.2.24
  • 1930/10/10-1932/5/12

The "Pierce County Recorder" was a weekly newspaper that changed its name from the "Roy Recorder" on October 17, 1930. It covered the areas of Brookdale, Longbranch, McKenna, Parkland, Roy and Spanaway among others in south Pierce County. It focused primarily on local and state news, church and social events, sports including Valley League Baseball and schools including Pacific Lutheran College.

Sea-Tac Keel

  • 5.2.28
  • 1943/06/19-1944/06

“Sea-Tac Keel” was an oversized magazine published bimonthly for the employees of the Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Corp., Tacoma Yard, which was a subsidiary of the Todd Shipyards Corporation. It was published at the “foot of Alexander Avenue” in Tacoma, Washington. The publication primarily focused on the shipyards and the ongoing ship-building effort due to World War II, which was happening at the time.

Tacoma Public Library Records

  • 1.4.1

Includes photographs, architectural drawings, Board of Trustees meeting minutes, agendas and packets, correspondence, and other records relating to the operations of Tacoma Public Library.

Tacoma Public Library

Stadium High School Publications

  • 4.1.31

Includes publications produced by Stadium High School. The early years of The Tahoma contain essays, editorials, and creative writing. Later years serve as yearbooks showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding academic year.

Lincoln High School Publications

  • 4.1.3

Includes publications produced by Lincoln High School. Early issues of The Lincolnian contain essays, editorials, and creative writing. Later issues serve as yearbooks showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding academic year. Reunion Books were produced in conjunction with class reunions and contain information on alumni. Programs contain information on various theatrical productions staged by Lincoln High School students.

Tacoma Public Library Bicentennial Oral History Project

  • 1.4.6

These oral history interviews were conducted by Ruth L. Wett as part of an oral history project sponsored by the Tacoma Public Library from 1975 to 1976. Each interview provides insight into activities in various neighborhoods, the mixture of immigrant communities, and the reflections on everyday experiences living in Tacoma around the turn of the last century.

Tacoma Public Library

Orpheus Club Records

  • 3.5.1

Includes performance programs, meeting minutes, concert records, and scrapbooks related to the Orpheus Club. Also included is information related to the Ladies Musical Club and the St. Cecilia Club.

Orpheus Club

Helen Stafford Papers

  • 3.4.2

Inlcudes membership handbooks, programs, agendas, and other information related to several organizations with which Stafford was involved including Alpha Kappa Alpha, the Matron's Club, the Washington Association of Colored Women, the Allen AME Church, and others. Also included are speeches and writings by Stafford and honors and awards she received.

Helen Stafford

Local Clubs and Organizations Files

  • 3.1

Includes files from Tacoma area clubs and organizations; fliers, membership handbooks, correspondence, directories, and other content related to group operations.

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