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SCHOOL, LISTER (Lister School) in Salishan Community - 1

Mrs. Catherine Egan was reading to the second graders at Lister Elementary. The storytelling was a part of the program "Reading is FUNdamental," organized by the American Association of University Women. The program's purpose was to encourage children to read after school students would attend the storytelling and then choose a book to bring home. Photo by staff member Bob Rudsit.

Back of photo: School, Lister Elementary
Photograph by Bob Rudsit
Feb 15 1974
Tacoma News Tribune

SCHOOL, LISTER (Lister School) in Salishan Community - 3

“Low enrollments and inefficient structures may force Tacoma to close some schools, rebuild or remodel others.” Lister elementary was expensive to upkeep and faced several problems. It was 300 students short of its total capacity of 650. The school was initially built as a community center, and gymnasium and additions were later added. The different elements fit together awkwardly. Photo by staff member Warren Anderson.

Back of photo:
School, Lister Elementary
Feb 14 1982

Salishan Housing Development - 10

Back of Photo:
--Salishan Residents Alliance--
Part of the Salishan Residents Alliance's goal is to give children a safe place to have activities such as this classroom in the East Side Neighborhood Center in the Salishan Project, where children left, Charles Ferrell Jr., 6, and Lashaunda Williams, 7 right, draw on the board before pizza.
Photo by Dean J. Koepfler

Salishan Housing Development - 8

Back of Photo:
The Big Pitch
Tacoma Mayor Gordon Johnston pitches the first horseshoe as the Metropolitan Park District's new senior citizen's park in the Salishan area was dedicated Friday afternoon. City and Park officials as well as a number of senior citizens attended ceremonies.
Russ Carmack/Photographer

Hilltop Area - 23

Back of Photo:
Hilltop (Home Ownership Program)

“One of the six houses in the Seafirst program awaits the remodelers’ hammers and saws.” Seafirst Bank, the Martin Luther King Housing Development Association, and the Tacoma Housing Authority organized a program to help low-income Pierce County residents purchase a home and revitalize Tacoma’s Hilltop Neighborhood. Four houses were purchased by the Martin Luther King Housing Development Association and two others were owned by the Tacoma Housing Authority. The Martin Luther King Housing Development served as the developer and remodel of all six homes while Seafirst Bank provided government backed loans to both agencies that would later be assumed by the buyers.

Hilltop Area - 22

Back of Photo:
Hilltop (Home Ownership Program) Terence Thomas - Real-estate/Personal Banker, working with Evelyn Hargrove.

“Terence Thomas, a Seafirst real estate personal banker, talks with Evelyn Hargrove, one of the potential buyers, at a class Seafirst organized” to educate people about credit applications and real-estate transactions. Seafirst Bank, the Martin Luther King Housing Development Association, and the Tacoma Housing Authority organized a program to help low-income Pierce County residents purchase a home and revitalize Tacoma’s Hilltop Neighborhood.

Hilltop Area - 21

Back of Photo:
Prayers before sweeping up S. L Street, from left to right: Laura Neal, Theda Cherry, Priscilla Lisicich, and Lynitra Jackson. For Sandy Nelson story.
Melissa Stevenson Photo

Hilltop Area - 20

Back of Photo:
News/ National Night Out/ Hilltop Celebration and Prayer service.
Members of Safe Streets, and Hilltop neighbors joined their hands in prayer on the corner of S. 16th and L streets, where two Tacoma residents where shot and killed July 16th of 1990. The men, Scott Higley, and Chris Sherrod were remembered during a Hilltop celebration of National Night Out, with the theme "Sweep, Walk and Talk" for our neighborhood, or "SWAT." Two members of the gathered held hands and then placed a flower on the spot of the drug related shootings. Left to right in main pic are Randy Herrid, Sister Laura Neal, organizer of celebration, Father Bill Bichsel, and Theda Cherry.

Hilltop Area - 18

Back of Photo:
Willie and Joyce Hellems, rows one and two, joined with others in the sanctuary of St. John The Baptist Church on 20th and J Street to pray for an end to the drug problem on Tacoma's Hilltop.
Bruce Larson Photo

Hilltop Area - 17

Back of Photo:
The Rev. Jerry Sanders rejoiced in his God given freedom from heroin and cocaine as he witnessed at an anti drug service at New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ, on the Hilltop, in Tacoma.
Bruce Larson Photo

EASTSIDE YOUTH CENTER (Youth Center Eastside) - 2

“Four of the 60 entrants in the first annual Eastside Great Pumpkin Carving Contest, get in a little practice prior to the competition Thursday. Contestants are, from the left, Yvette Woods, 10, Ricky Stokes, 7, John Manning, 10, and Diane Smith, 10. The event is one of the highlights of the Eastside Torchlight Halloween parade.”

Back of photo:
Eastside Youth Center
Oct 30 1968

"Pumpkin Carvers"

Photograph's by Richards Studio
Photographers since 1898
Pacific Ave MA 7-9111
Tacoma, WA 98402
Reorder by No. D154977-2R

Crimes - Drugs - 1

Back of photo: A Tacoma police officer snapped the hand cuffs on a suspect who was arrested during a raid on a South Tacoma home by Tacoma Police and Pierce County Sheriff S.W.A.T. teams Wednesday morning. The home was found to contain a marijuana growing room. Three people were arrested. (bruce kellman 3-23)

In this photo, Robert A. Jones was handcuffed. He and two others were charged with unlawful possession and intent to sell a controlled substance. Also charged with growing a controlled substance. Bruce Kellman photo

Hilltop Area - 16

Back of Photo:
Volunteer Edward Fynn sweeps away litter and broken glass from the sidewalk at 23rd and L Streets on Hilltop this morning as volunteers from the Hilltop Action Coalition, St. Joseph Hospital and citizens of the Hilltop community joined several on-duty officers from Tacoma PD in a sweep into the neighborhood to deliver some TLC as part of the "Area 5" neighborhood clean-up project. The group swept, cleaned and painted over graffiti the area from South 23rd to South 25th and from South K street to South Sheridan.
Geff Hinds Photo

EASTSIDE YOUTH CENTER (Youth Center Eastside) - 3

Three Eastside Youth Center members meet with counselor Nancy Mays to set up their booth for a three-day community carnival this week in memory of “Gus the Eastside Bus.” The proceeds will go towards purchasing a replacement.

Back of photo: Eastside Youth Center
For Gus the Bus with Story
Aug 10 1969

Photographs By Richards Studio
Photographs since 1895
734 Pacific Ave. MA 7-9111
Tacoma, Wash. 98402

Hilltop Area - 15

Back of Photo:
Hilltop Area

SCAM (Sheridan, Cushman, Ainsworth, and M Street) neighborhood group members are shown picking up litter in the alleyway between South Sheridan and South M Street. It was the second annual clean up hosted by SCAM. “In addition to cleaning the alleys, the group has put pressure on neighborhood landlords to clear vacant lots of trash and high weeds and to demolish the remnants of partially raised structures.” Photo by staff member Jerry Buck.

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