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Anti-Nuclear Movement - 4

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News-Peace March
People from around the state participated in a local demonstration as "The Great Peace March" arrived in Washington D.C. They had a rally on the steps of the Capitol Building in Olympia, then had a symbolic march down the capitol grounds and a few blocks into the town. The local demonstration in Olympia was sponsored by the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Coalition.
Larry Burnbaum
Photo by Susie Post

Indians, Puyallup (General) - 38

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News/ Puyallup Women Protest Spouse Fishing Ruling
Angry Puyallup Tribe women gathered at the Tribal administration building to protest a new rule disallowing spouses fishing rights. From left, Laura Rivera, Ramona Bennet, Deanna Val Peterson, and Betsy Terrones (holding kids Joaquin 1, and Richard, 2 months). After meeting with the group of women the rule was dropped and the spouse fishing right was restored.
Photo by Dean J. Koepfler

Korean-Americans - 1

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Left to right -- Sin Ja Jo, Yang Sun Yon, Tok Sun Young
Kellman photo

Sin Ja Jo, Yang Sun Yon, and Tok Sun Young hold signs reading, "Unfair labor practice- strike." They participate in a walk-out turned lockout, protesting Path Enterprises on 7717 Portland Ave. The workers had voted in August to form a union, but contract negotiators for the union and the company had not yet reached an agreement.

Labor--Washington--Strikes - 2

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Tacoma Smelter Picketed
Members of Tacoma Local 25 of the United Steelworkers Union marched Monday morning in front of the main gate of the American Smelting and Refining Co. here. Nearly 1,000 workers struck at midnight and shut down the copper-smelting plant as part of a nationwide strike.
Photograph by Jerry Buck

Labor--Washington--Strikes - 4

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Workers picketed Utilities Department headquarters
Photo by Warren Anderson

Striking Water Division employees picketed the Utilities building and other facilities, blaming the bargaining impasse on the Utilities Director Aldo J Benedetti. Photo by staff member Warren Anderson.

Labor--Washington--Strikes - 11

Family members of the striking Tacoma Boatbuilding Co. workers joined the picket lines with signs and singing in support. Two thousand two hundred workers are striking the plant. “Lillian Stevens, Claudia Selby, and Brian Ferguson, 9, from left, sang family support for strikers.” Photo by staff member Bruce Kellman.

A group of demonstrators hold a banner reading, "STRIKE." A sign in the background reads, "Tough times never last but tough people do."

Homosexuals - 3

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A happy trio make their way up Broadway and towards Volunteer Park during todays Gay Pride parade in Downtown Seattle.
Geff Hinds Photo

Three people participating in a demonstration walk with their arms around each other. One holds a sign reading, "United Against Nazis! Radical Women."

Anti-Nuclear Movement - 2

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As a submarine approaches from the right, protestor Sallie Shawl lets her feeling be known to passersby on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge shortly before noon today. Shawl had been tipped off that the passing sub might prove to be a Trident class unit, which it apparently was not. None-the-less, Shawl noted that even Non-Trident subs have nuclear weapons capabilities so the protestor continues her display. When a Washington State Patrol officer stopped on the bridge to scoot Shawl away (saying she had been warned twice to leave the bridge) his car set in motion a three-car rear-ender that resulted in more than minor damage to a car driven by Greg Splett, 19, of Bremerton. Splett's car was the last in line to be involved in the accident. The middle vehicle, a small pick-up driven by John Lee, 43, of Gig Harbor also received damage. The lead car, driven by a woman I didn't get the name of, received apparently little or no damage. A classic object lesson in A CAUSE AND AN EFFECT.
Geff Hinds – Photo

Labor--Washington--Strikes - 3

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Russ Carmack/Photographer

Sally Zimmerman and Mary Ann Calkins, wives of Tacoma ironworkers Union Local 114, became stand-in pickets for their husbands and the union. The women appeared at a construction site on 19th and South State streets. Photo by staff member Russ Carmack.

Demonstrations 1975 thru 1980 - 3

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In a black and white photo, two protestors stand closer to the camera with one person holding an obscured sign behind them. The individual on the left is wearing a patterned wool sweater and matching hat, and holding a sign reading: "Let Our Ancestors Rest They Are Not Here To Defend Themselves."

Native American protesters confront author Ruth Beebe Hill over claims her book Hanta Yo is filled with misinformation about Indigenous history, specifically Hill’s saga about two Sioux families.

Demonstrations 1975 thru 1980 - 4

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Two protestors stand in front of the Playtime Rex Theater in Tacoma's Eastside neighborhood. The original Rex Theater opened in 1919, and closed its doors in 1958. In 1980, adult theater corporation Playtime Cinemas reopened the location as the Playtime Rex Theater for live performances and adult movie showings. In the photograph, the theater sign reads, "Playtime Rex: Annete Haven In Person Tonight." The protestors pose underneath the marquee, holding picket signs that read, "Citizens Against Porn" on the left, and "Get Filth Out of Our Neighborhood," "Unless Ye Repent So Ye Also Shall Perish," held by the person on the right.

Rex Theater Article from

Demonstrations 1975 thru 1980 - 14

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Riot police stop a pro-Mao demonstration on University District’s main. The demonstrators shouted, “Long live Mao Tse-tung; death, death, death to Teng.” They were protesting the US government’s current friendly relationship with the Chinese government. Photo by staff member Bruce Larson.

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