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The Yoshihara - Youchura (sp?) Wedding with bride, best maid and two flower girls around ceremonial figures and floral arrangements.


Aki Yotsuuye Funeral photograph with large floral arrangements located inside of a Buddhist temple.


Yasuda-Miyamotoa wedding with the groom and bride in front of the alter engaging with children.


Bride at the Yasuda-Miyamotoa wedding in front of altar decorated with candles, floral arrangements and Buddhist images.


Group of men with their fists down on a table at the Yasuda-Miyamoto wedding with a lit cigar resting on a glass of liquor below.


Bride and family in formal dress at the Yasuda-Miyamoto wedding with floral arrangements and Buddhist imagery in the background.


Bride at the Yoshihara-Ikeviri (sp?) wedding with floral arrangements and candles in the background.

Vietnamese (Refugees, Etc.) - 6

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--Statue of Love and Gratitude--
Sai Dinh Nguyen works on a statue of love and gratitude that he and Khuyen Van Hoang molded from 1,200 pounds of concrete. It isn't known yet where the statue will be placed, though some consideration has been given to moving it to a community center at Bayview, WA.

Indochinese Cultural and Service Center - 1

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Southeast Asians on the Radio --- These three people are counselors at the Indochinese Cultural and Service Center in Tacoma. They each take a turn hosting the Sunday morning radio program on KPTS -- each in the native language. From left: Phet Vongvanith, Phan Pham, and Sopheap Keo.
Martin - Story
Bruce Kellman - Photo

Vietnamese (Refugees, Etc.) - 8

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--New Life--
A plastic bathtub is something new to Vietnamese refugees Long Vo and his wife, Lahn, both 21, who arrived in Wenatchee last month. They are starting a new life with their 2-year-old daughter, Tien, and infant son.

Korean-Americans - 2

Back of Photo:
Yon H. Hecker fed lunch to her sister's children in the tent outside the plant of Path Enterprises during the continued labor problems Tuesday. Both Mrs. Hecker and her sister work at the plant. The boys are 8-year-old Joseph Campbell (in center) and 5-year-old Jim Campbell, (on right).
Kellman Photo

Korean-Americans - 4

Back of Photo:
Miss Nan Yung Chung sings Top 40 hits in English and Korean at the Torch Light, a Korean nightclub on South Tacoma Way.
Story by Dorian Smith
Photo by Bill Hunter

Korean-Americans - 5

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The Chang family watches some of the Olympics in their Puyallup home. They are from Korea, now American residents (citizens).
L to R: Chase, Carol, Oak (mother) and Soo Nam.
Story by Voelpel
Photo by Peter Haley

Korean-Americans - 7

Back of Photo:
Peter Kim drinks his Sake while talking with James Jee (L) and his sister Joanne Jee (R). The three are from Vancouver B.C. and think the Torch Light is one of the best Korean nightclubs in the northwest.
Story by Dorian Smith
Photo by Bill Hunter

Bingo (Gambling) - 5

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--BJ's Bingo, new Indian gambling rules.
Lazara Gallardo, 90, of Tacoma plays bingo at BJ's Bingo Hall Friday. Her granddaughter, Lamar Abalahin, 22, of Tacoma is sitting behind her. They were playing in hopes of winning one of the six Yugos given away at BJ's. The winner of the car was Lazara's daughter! (Juanita A. Pastor, winner)
Photo by Susie Post

Asian-Americans - 2

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--Old Culture, New Life--
Kathy Laufasa and Tupou Mamaea, both students at Chief Sealth High School, practice Polynesian dance steps. The Samoans are among increasing numbers of Pacific Rim natives who have emigrated to the United States.

Asian-Americans - 5

Back of Photo:
Hang Sou, a Hmong refugee, stands in line for his final medical exam at a Thailand transit camp in the Non Fiction Television documentary "Becoming American", which will be televised over the Public Broadcasting Service Friday, June 4 at 9 p.m. (Check local listings.) The documentary by Ken Levine and Ivory Waterworth Levine follows Hang Sou and his family from a refugee camp in northern Thailand to their new home in Seattle, WA.

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