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South Tacoma--General - 8

Back of Photo:
07/27/1950 Story-
Balloon Ascension in South Tacoma - 50 years ago balloon ascension in South Tacoma were a Sunday afternoon attraction. In the picture shown above the balloon is about to take off with the balloonist and is being held by the spectators to get the last ounce of gas. The picture was taken between Warner and Birmingham Streets near 52nd. Pioneers in the district will remember the stunt was not too successful as the gas often burned up the balloon.

EASTSIDE YOUTH CENTER (Youth Center Eastside) - 3

Three Eastside Youth Center members meet with counselor Nancy Mays to set up their booth for a three-day community carnival this week in memory of “Gus the Eastside Bus.” The proceeds will go towards purchasing a replacement.

Back of photo: Eastside Youth Center
For Gus the Bus with Story
Aug 10 1969

Photographs By Richards Studio
Photographs since 1895
734 Pacific Ave. MA 7-9111
Tacoma, Wash. 98402

Crimes - Drugs - 1

Back of photo: A Tacoma police officer snapped the hand cuffs on a suspect who was arrested during a raid on a South Tacoma home by Tacoma Police and Pierce County Sheriff S.W.A.T. teams Wednesday morning. The home was found to contain a marijuana growing room. Three people were arrested. (bruce kellman 3-23)

In this photo, Robert A. Jones was handcuffed. He and two others were charged with unlawful possession and intent to sell a controlled substance. Also charged with growing a controlled substance. Bruce Kellman photo

EASTSIDE YOUTH CENTER (Youth Center Eastside) - 2

“Four of the 60 entrants in the first annual Eastside Great Pumpkin Carving Contest, get in a little practice prior to the competition Thursday. Contestants are, from the left, Yvette Woods, 10, Ricky Stokes, 7, John Manning, 10, and Diane Smith, 10. The event is one of the highlights of the Eastside Torchlight Halloween parade.”

Back of photo:
Eastside Youth Center
Oct 30 1968

"Pumpkin Carvers"

Photograph's by Richards Studio
Photographers since 1898
Pacific Ave MA 7-9111
Tacoma, WA 98402
Reorder by No. D154977-2R

Salishan Housing Development - 8

Back of Photo:
The Big Pitch
Tacoma Mayor Gordon Johnston pitches the first horseshoe as the Metropolitan Park District's new senior citizen's park in the Salishan area was dedicated Friday afternoon. City and Park officials as well as a number of senior citizens attended ceremonies.
Russ Carmack/Photographer

Salishan Housing Development - 10

Back of Photo:
--Salishan Residents Alliance--
Part of the Salishan Residents Alliance's goal is to give children a safe place to have activities such as this classroom in the East Side Neighborhood Center in the Salishan Project, where children left, Charles Ferrell Jr., 6, and Lashaunda Williams, 7 right, draw on the board before pizza.
Photo by Dean J. Koepfler

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