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Nativity House Charity - 3

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J. R. Robinson of "Superhair" hair salons works his wares on one in a long line of folks who waited patiently for one of a couple of dozen free haircuts donated by Robinson and Migael Schieder of "Suno Contemporary Hair Design" (both Tacoma bizs) today at the Nativity House on Commerce in Tacoma. The gesture was the brainchild of Anna Maria Garcia with the "Outreach" program of the Pierce County Health Department. Garcia used the opportunity to provide cutee's with informational literature and condoms to help fight AIDS.
Geff Hinds/Photo

Crimes - Drugs - 2

Back of photo: Helens Williams, 22, of Seattle was one of four people booked for investigation and released pending formal charges after being arrested during a raid of a suspected crack house in King County west of Tukwila in McMicken Heights. Tukwila Police lead the raid. (bruce kellman 3-11-88)

Demonstrations 1975 thru 1980 - 3

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In a black and white photo, two protestors stand closer to the camera with one person holding an obscured sign behind them. The individual on the left is wearing a patterned wool sweater and matching hat, and holding a sign reading: "Let Our Ancestors Rest They Are Not Here To Defend Themselves."

Native American protesters confront author Ruth Beebe Hill over claims her book Hanta Yo is filled with misinformation about Indigenous history, specifically Hill’s saga about two Sioux families.

Demonstrations 1975 thru 1980 - 4

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Two protestors stand in front of the Playtime Rex Theater in Tacoma's Eastside neighborhood. The original Rex Theater opened in 1919, and closed its doors in 1958. In 1980, adult theater corporation Playtime Cinemas reopened the location as the Playtime Rex Theater for live performances and adult movie showings. In the photograph, the theater sign reads, "Playtime Rex: Annete Haven In Person Tonight." The protestors pose underneath the marquee, holding picket signs that read, "Citizens Against Porn" on the left, and "Get Filth Out of Our Neighborhood," "Unless Ye Repent So Ye Also Shall Perish," held by the person on the right.

Rex Theater Article from

Demonstrations 1975 thru 1980 - 13

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(TAC1) TACOMA, WN. Apr. 22 -- Under The Dome --
Thousands of picket-sign carrying teachers stormed the Capitol grounds at Olympia demanding special property tax levy relief for schools from the Legislature. Veteran lawmakers who have been besieged before, nevertheless got the message. The demonstration continues tomorrow.

A black and white photo of picketers holdings signs reading, "Edmonds Teachers Care! We're Together E.E.A. WEB," and "Innocent Kids Face Capitol Punishment WEA-NEA." The Washington State Capitol building can be seen in the background.

Demonstrations 1975 thru 1980 - 14

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Riot police stop a pro-Mao demonstration on University District’s main. The demonstrators shouted, “Long live Mao Tse-tung; death, death, death to Teng.” They were protesting the US government’s current friendly relationship with the Chinese government. Photo by staff member Bruce Larson.

Restaurants and Nightclubs (Taverns)(Bars)(Nightclubs) - 8

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Marlene Tenzler is just waiting for the auctioneer to auction off Bullwinkle and his friends, because she said she has five grandchildren. The public auction was held in the former Bullwinkle's Family Food N Fun theater and restaurant at 2424 S. 320th St. in Federal Way today.
She didn't buy the moose. Winning bidder spent more than $4,000 for the sculptured pieces and equipment.
Photo by Russ Carmack

Safe Streets Program (Fighting Drugs and Gangs) - 3

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About 45 members of the Safe Streets Campaign picket outside a Summit area home 08/30/1989. Safe Streeters believe the owner of the Exeter Arms Apartments lives in the Summit area house. A large group of neighbors suspect crack activity in the apartments. The owner has been contacted by Safe Street volunteers and staff in an attempt to assist the owner in resolving this problem, but his lack of cooperation made it necessary for the picketing.
Bill Hunter/Photo

Safe Streets Program (Fighting Drugs and Gangs) - 5

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Charles Carson, 19, (of Tacoma) a member of the Safe Streets Youth Initiative, laughs during his speech, as Governor Booth Gardner shares in the joke. The two were speakers at a press conference at Safe Streets Headquarters where the governor announced grants to communities fighting drugs. Carson, who used to be involved with drugs, said that now he helps young kids stay away from drugs. The laughter came when Carson said that he wants to do this work now, because in 5 or 6 years he'll be 25 and too old to relate to the young kids.
Photo by Therese Frare

Safe Streets Program (Fighting Drugs and Gangs) - 6

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Paul Rockwell, a junior at Stadium High School, gets a chuckle from a story by Tacoma Equal Employment Officer Melannie D. C. White, as she talks about the Tacoma Scene, power and self respect, during Pierce County's Safe Streets Youth Forum at the University of Puget Sound.
Bill Hunter/Photo

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