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  • Browns Point Lighthouse -mounted post light started operation 12/12/1887 -frame lighthouse and keeper's dwelling built in 1903 (operation started 10/26/1903) -frame lighthouse replaced with 38 ft. concrete tower in 1933 -station became fully automated in the summer of 1963 -added to National Register 3/29/1989 -explorer Capt. Geo. Vancouver landed on the site in 1792 SEE ALSO: TPL Catalog/Clipping File
  • TDL 3/13/1895 p.3 Will inspect Brown's Point
  • TDL 2/7/1900 (Representative Cushman introduces appropriations bill for lighthouse)
  • TDL 7/10/1901 p.3 Land comdemned for lighthouse
  • TNN 10/24/1903 p.11 Light and fog bell; Brown's Point Station to be in operation Monday
  • TDL 6/15/1913 p.39 Bell, a light and a man guard the entrance to Tacoma harbor (il)
  • TNT 12/9/1922 Now light tender doesn't have to get up every 90 minutes and wind mechanism; Oscar V. Brown has many experiences in aiding mariners (interior il)
  • TDL 12/2/1928 p.G1 (il)
  • TNT 6/6/1930 Years watching light (interior il)
  • TDL 6/4/1933 p.A1 Old Browns Point lighthouse to be only memory soon
  • TDL 6/27/1933 p.1 Brown Point relic burned; old wooden Brown Point lighthouse burned; its 30-year usefullness ended by new modern structure 34 feet high, 9 1/2 feet square
  • TDL 7/6/1933 p.1 Old bell is asked for C.P.S. (il of new lighthouse)
  • TDL 2/21/1934 p.1 Old bell in new setting (il at College of Puget Sound)
  • TDL 5/20/1934 p.A8 Historic spot wins a plaque T.Times 6/15/1939 p.1 Lighthouse keeper soon will retire (il)
  • TNT 7/31/1939 p.1 Quits job at lighthouse; Oscar Brown retires after 48 years in service
  • TNT 10/1/1946 p.1 Lighthouse keeper dies (Oscar V. Brown)
  • TNT 3/16/1956 p.4 Senator (Warren G. Magnuson) asks Browns Point site for a park
  • TNT 4/1/1956 p.A8 Browns Point "watchdog" retires (il of Cyril D. Beaulieu)
  • TNT 4/14/1956 p.1 Browns Point obtains area
  • TNT 8/30/1959 (il)
  • TNT 3/25/1962 Magazine p.1 (il)
  • TNT 3/17/1963 p.A1 ... tradition of 76 years ending in automation (il)
  • TNT 3/4/1964 p.A13 County takes over site of lighthouse
  • TNT 7/28/1968 p.D1 Browns Point Salmon Bake (il of lighthouse)
  • TNT 3/1/1970 p.D10 The Coast Guard way (il of beacon being replaced by helicopter)
  • TNT 2/16/1975 Time Machine: Sentinel for mariners (il of lighthouse built in 1903)
  • TNT 6/26/2000 p.B1 Historic beacon in brouhaha; group wants to take over care of ...
  • TNT 6/27/2000 p.B2 Metro Parks board votes to open Browns Point lighthouse to guests Federal Way Mirror 8/2/2000 p.A1 Fog bell that tolls past returns to Browns Point (il)
  • TNT 8/3/2000 p.B4 Historic bell back at Browns Point; after 67 years, 1,200 pound bell returns to Puget Sound and will be dedicated to Murray Morgan
  • TNT 10/20/2000 p.B2 Renovated lighthouse keeper's cottage takes on new life
  • TNT 10/22/2000 p.B6 Lighthouse cottage to open to public today
  • TNT 5/2/2001 p.SL1 Host of opportunity (il)
  • TNT 10/25/2003 p.E1 Shedding light on history; Browns Point Lighthouse 100 years old on Sunday (il)
  • TNT 3/19/2007 p.B1 Historic cottage gets TLC (il)
  • TNT 6/6/2007 p.B1 Don't believe the neighbors: Park belongs to public (parking lot gated)
  • TNT 7/19/2008 p.E3 Dash Point Garden Club honors original lighthouse keepers (heritage garden) Senior Scene July 2009 p.1 History beckons young and old
  • TNT 5/15/2010 p.A3 Park reopening celebration coming up (after renovation) (il) T.Weekly 7/15/2011 p.A3 Historic buildings get new roofs T.Daily Index 5/27/2014 p.1 Three design plans unveiled for improvement project (map) T.Daily Index 6/16/2014 p.1 Public meeting June 30 to discuss planned improvements T.Weekly 7/4/2014 p.A1 Browns Point park at center of changes, agency overlaps (aerial il) T.Weekly 1/6/2021 p.1 Browns Point lighthouse to be restored (il)
  • TNT 4/27/2021 p.3A Browns Point lighthouse to be restored to its former glory (ext, il) 627.9 G354L p.176 627.9 G354W p.171 627.9 N337U p.25
  • Year Built: 1933
  • Decade Built: 1930s
  • Abbreviation Key:
  • TNN - Peninsula Gateway, TDL - Tacoma Daily Ledger,
  • TNN - Tacoma Daily News, TNL - Tacoma News Ledger,
  • TNT - Tacoma News Tribune
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