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KMO radio news, Murray Morgan news broadcast c. 1960s

Full-track mono, 3.75 ips.
KMO News radio broadcast c. 1965 with subjects including Old Tacoma development, building supermarkets, 1965-1966 school year, Never Never Land

Full-track mono, 7.5 ips begins at 14:43
Murray Morgan reading the news c. 1960s including topics of judges and legislature pay raises, Japanese film “Harakiri” (1962) being shown in Proctor and violinist Michael Rabin performing with the University of Puget Sound band at Mount Tahoma High School.

"1890 Just Plain Bill - Seattle"

Morgan’s humorous spoof of the national 15-minute radio drama program “Just Plain Bill”.

“The story of a man who fought with a gavel instead of a gun. The first, fearless, fighting frontier judge.” Set in Seattle/Tacoma in the 1890s.

“The Case of Tacoma Assistant Mayor Jim Redcap vs. We Don’t Know Who”

"More on salmon recovery"

Murray Morgan interviews UW professor and fish geneticist Dr. Lauren Donaldson about his career raising and breeding Chinook salmon and trout. (2 of 2)

"News business"

Murray Morgan discusses the news business with another radio/newspaper journalist.

  • The use of recorders or not when interviewing people.
  • Discussion of the news’ coverage of local political races.
  • Talk of the building of Boat Haven for fishing boats (now possibly the Hylebos Boat Haven).

Cuts to live broadcast of hydroplane racing.

Interview with Korean War veteran/author about his series on General William F. Dean.

"Interview about rescue work & mountain camps mt. rainier - training of the military"

Interview about rescue work and mountain camps on Mount Rainier. Mountain rescue worker being interviewed mentions legendary mountaineers, the Whittaker twins (Jim and Lou), being rescued off Mount Rainier after Lou Whitaker became paralyzed in his back and hip and “had to have direct aid by rope coming down this ice wall by Dee Molenaar”.

Jim Whittaker is the co-founder of REI and the first American to scale Mount Everest. Both Whittaker twins worked in mountain rescue work in the Cascades of Washington State, were guides on Mount Rainier and were instructors for the US Army’s renowned 10th Mountain Division.

Dee Molenaar is another famed mountaineer, who was also an author and artist. Molenaar was part of the 1953 K2 expedition with Pete Schoening and has climbed Mount Rainier more than 50 times. He died at the age of 101 in 2020.

"Mayor on Hilltop Apts", "Mt. Tahoma HS"

Murray Morgan typing while listening to the radio in 1968.

KNIO Tacoma News: WA Fair Puyallup; 5 road fatalities; railroad trestle fire; City Council meeting; storm kills hikers, Drowning Gray's harbor cabin cruiser sinking, tug explosion La Push, California family missing after light plane crash, Washington State Fair underway with 109,678 attendees.

At 43:40 (digital), cuts to meeting of Tacoma City Council on Hilltop apartments, featuring Tacoma Mayor Harold Moss

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