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Events -- Protests, Strikes, and Demonstrations

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Events -- Protests, Strikes, and Demonstrations

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Events -- Protests, Strikes, and Demonstrations

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Events -- Protests, Strikes, and Demonstrations

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Homosexuals - 4

Back of Photo:
The Rev. Don Magill from the Metropolitan Community Church at 1106 S. Yakima Ave. leads protestors outside Hosanna Christian Fellowship Church as Lon Mabonm here to speak against Tacoma's new gay rights ordinance.
(Photo by Russ Carmack)

Indians, Puyallup (General) - 38

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News/ Puyallup Women Protest Spouse Fishing Ruling
Angry Puyallup Tribe women gathered at the Tribal administration building to protest a new rule disallowing spouses fishing rights. From left, Laura Rivera, Ramona Bennet, Deanna Val Peterson, and Betsy Terrones (holding kids Joaquin 1, and Richard, 2 months). After meeting with the group of women the rule was dropped and the spouse fishing right was restored.
Photo by Dean J. Koepfler

Korean-Americans - 1

Back of Photo:
Left to right -- Sin Ja Jo, Yang Sun Yon, Tok Sun Young
Kellman photo

Sin Ja Jo, Yang Sun Yon, and Tok Sun Young hold signs reading, "Unfair labor practice- strike." They participate in a walk-out turned lockout, protesting Path Enterprises on 7717 Portland Ave. The workers had voted in August to form a union, but contract negotiators for the union and the company had not yet reached an agreement.

Labor--Washington--Strikes - 2

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Tacoma Smelter Picketed
Members of Tacoma Local 25 of the United Steelworkers Union marched Monday morning in front of the main gate of the American Smelting and Refining Co. here. Nearly 1,000 workers struck at midnight and shut down the copper-smelting plant as part of a nationwide strike.
Photograph by Jerry Buck

Labor--Washington--Strikes - 4

Back of Photo:
Workers picketed Utilities Department headquarters
Photo by Warren Anderson

Striking Water Division employees picketed the Utilities building and other facilities, blaming the bargaining impasse on the Utilities Director Aldo J Benedetti. Photo by staff member Warren Anderson.

Labor--Washington--Strikes - 3

Back of Photo:
Russ Carmack/Photographer

Sally Zimmerman and Mary Ann Calkins, wives of Tacoma ironworkers Union Local 114, became stand-in pickets for their husbands and the union. The women appeared at a construction site on 19th and South State streets. Photo by staff member Russ Carmack.

Labor--Washington--Strikes - 5

Back of Photo:
Photograph by Bob Rudsit

Striking gasfitters and electrical workers stall in talks with employers. The strike had been in progress for 69 days. About 340 union members from parts of King, Pierce, Snohomish, Thurston, and Lewis counties have been affected, with an additional 260 members of other unions striking in support. Photo by staff member Bob Rudsit.

Labor--Washington--Strikes - 6

Striking foundrymen gathered at the Atlas Foundry and Machine Co. to picket as their negotiators met in Portland, trying to reach an agreement with a group of foundries located in Oregon, Washington, and California. “The strikers are members of Washington State Local 158 of the Molders and Allied Workers union.” They have been on strike for six weeks.

Striking workers hold up an effigy wearing a hardhat and holding a signs reading, "SCAB" and "Reward for the capture of any SCAB or truck inside foundry." Other signs read, "United we stand, divided we fall," and "On Strike/International Molders Allied Workers Union/Local 158 AFL CIO."

Labor--Washington--Strikes - 11

Family members of the striking Tacoma Boatbuilding Co. workers joined the picket lines with signs and singing in support. Two thousand two hundred workers are striking the plant. “Lillian Stevens, Claudia Selby, and Brian Ferguson, 9, from left, sang family support for strikers.” Photo by staff member Bruce Kellman.

A group of demonstrators hold a banner reading, "STRIKE." A sign in the background reads, "Tough times never last but tough people do."

Labor--Washington--Strikes - 12

Back of Photo:
International Woodworkers of America local 3-38 formed an informational picket line at the Simpson owned Commencement Bay Mill Company at 11th and Portland Avenue in Tacoma on Tuesday morning. They claim that so many workers honored the picket that the mill did not operate Tuesday. Local 3-38 workers are on strike against Simpson in Shelton.
Three of the people in photo are IWA 3-38 members from Shelton; the person who is second from the left is a union carpenter who stopped by to give moral support. His name is Roger Dudley...
From left: Patsy Glaser, Roger Dudley, Bill Gibson, and Doug Norton.
Bruce Kellman

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