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BOWEN G40.1-113

A large crowd of baseball fans gathered outside the Tribune Publishing Company building to watch the box score of the World Series game between the Philadelphia Athletics and the St. Louis Cardinals on October 5, 1930. The News Tribune had a large scoreboard mounted on the front of their building which allowed fans to follow the game play-by-play. Although Cardinals pitcher Jesse Haines outdueled Lefty Grove 3-1 to tie the Series up at 2 wins apiece, the Athletics would ultimately prevail, winning the World Series 4 games to 2. BU-12852, TPL-2115

BOWEN G53.1-031

ca. 1937. Frozen in time in the middle of a windup is Floyd "Lefty" Isekite of the Tacoma Tigers. "Lefty," a southpaw, pitched in the Western International League in the 1930's. He had a blazing fastball and pitched a no-hitter in 1937 against the Wenatchee Chiefs. "Lefty" last pitched for the Tigers in 1940. He was named to the Tacoma-Pierce County Sports Hall of Fame in 1972. Floyd Gill "Lefty" Isekite passed away in April, 1992. TPL-150. (TNT 11-14-39, p. 20, TNT 8-28-49, B-9)

BOWEN G53.1-025

ca. 1938. Members of the Tacoma Tigers baseball club pose for a 1938 team picture prior to their game with Yakima. William "Hack" Wilson was the Tigers' playing catcher and also their manager. He is believed to be in the back row, third from the right. TPL-4747.


Tacoma Twins baseball team. Tacoma's Twins were a minor league team affiliated with the Minnesota Twins. 1974 was the third year that the team was based in Tacoma. The team is pictured above in August of 1974 with executive vice-president and general manager, Stan Naccarato (third row, extreme left) and manager Cal Ermer (second row, seated, second to the right).

Baseball--Tacoma--1970-1980; Baseball players--Tacoma--1970-1980; Naccarato, Stan; Ermer, Cal;


Cheney Stadium. Tacoma Twins general manager Stan Naccarato and two guests look over Cheney Stadium's playing field in mid-February of 1976. With baseball season just around the corner, the stadium and seats would not be empty for long. A portion of Henry Foss High School is visible behind the balllpark's advertisement-filled plywood walls. Photograph ordered by Pacific Coca-Cola Bottling Co. TPL-10542

Cheney Stadium (Tacoma); Baseball--Tacoma--1970-1980; Naccarato, Stan; Henry Foss High School (Tacoma);


ca. 1927. Undated photograph circa 1927 of baseball team believed to be Stadium High School's, ordered on June 7, 1976, by Gus J. Paine Insurance. Team members are wearing a variety of striped uniforms; one wears a cap with the letter "T" above the bill while another tall player, standing next to coach L. Lynn Deal, has the letter "T" visible on his jersey. Standing at the extreme right is believed to be Gus Paine, later a prominent Tacoma sportsman and businessman. Mr. Paine played semi-professional baseball for the Cammarano Brothers for several years and also played in various baseball leagues in the late 1920s and 1930s. (TNT 4-14-83, E-12 -obituary)

Baseball players--Tacoma--1920-1930; Uniforms;


Members of baseball team associated with the A. Mirenta & Co., Inc., most of whom are wearing striped uniforms, pose outside the company's office in possibly the late 1920's or 1930's. Company president August Mirenta is believed to be the man dressed in suit and tie in back row. Many Tacoma businesses sponsored athletic teams for several decades as a means to foster camaraderie and goodwill among employees. Gus Paine, who according to his obituary was an "avid baseball fan," is believed to be seated first row, extreme right. Mr. Paine, a prominent sports figure and local businessman, played in several baseball leagues in his youth. He also spent two years as a catcher for the House of David team. He was heavily involved in civic responsibilities with membership in the K Street Businessmen's Assn., Sons of Italy, Fircrest Golf Club, Tacoma Athletic Commission, Tacoma Elks Lodge and the Tacoma-Pierce County Independent Insurance Agents Assn., among others. Photograph ordered on June 7, 1976, by Gus J. Paine Insurance. (TNT 4-14-83, E-12-obituary)

Baseball players--Tacoma; Uniforms;


Colt League team. Coach Norman Orr poses with his Colt League team in late June of 1970 at Heidelberg Field. The baseball team was sponsored by Ben Cheney and played under the Cheney Studs logo. Players were believed to be 15-16 years old. Photograph ordered by the Cheney Lumber Co.

Baseball players--Tacoma--1970-1980; Uniforms; Orr, Norman;


Baseball clinic. This is believed to be Tacoma Twins catcher Glenn Borgmann who certainly has the attention of his "class," as he demonstrates proper catching techniques. One youngster to the left has his hand out apparently imitating the pro player. This was just a small section of more than 1200 young athletes who visited Cheney Stadium for a two-hour baseball clinic on May 20, 1972, sponsored by the Tacoma Twins and Carling Brewery. The club urged that those attending bring gloves, spikes, and even wear their Little League uniforms if they chose to do so. This was the Tacoma Twins' first year in Tacoma. Photograph ordered by Tacoma Twins. (TNT 5-17-72, C-16 -article; TNT 5-212-72, D-1) TPL-10073

Baseball--Tacoma--1970-1980; Baseball players--Tacoma--1970-1980; Cheney Stadium (Tacoma);


Tacoma Twins' catcher Glenn Borgmann was one of 16 players involved in providing personalized instruction to young Tacoma fans on May 20, 1972, as the team in conjunction with Carling Brewery offered a two-hour baseball clinic at Cheney Stadium. It appears that the 1291 youngsters in attendance were divided into smaller groups each headed by a Tacoma Twin. Photograph ordered by Tacoma Twins. (TNT 5-17-72, C-16, TNT 5-21-72, D-1)

Baseball--Tacoma--1970-1980; Baseball players--Tacoma--1970-1980; Borgmann, Glenn; Cheney Stadium (Tacoma);


Baseball clinic. Cheney Stadium was packed with youngsters on Saturday, May 20, 1972, as the budding baseball stars participated in a two-hour clinic jointly sponsored by the Tacoma Twins and Carling Brewery. The News Tribune reported that 1291 kids were in attendance. Personalized instruction in fielding, batting, and other skills was provided by 16 Twins players with pitcher Hal Haydel as chief instructor. Free tickets were handed out to the young athletes to that night's Twins game with Salt Lake City; provided, of course, that they were accompanied by adults. Photograph ordered by the Tacoma Twins. (TNT 5-17-72, C-16- article; TNT 5-21-72, D-1)

Baseball--Tacoma--1970-1980; Baseball players--Tacoma--1970-1980; Cheney Stadium (Tacoma);


Copy of customer's print. Ben Cheney, baseball aficionado, with San Francisco Giants catcher, Tom Haller, during 1963 spring training in Tucson, Arizona. Cheney is wearing a San Francisco Giants uniform while Haller sports his catcher's protective gear. Ben Cheney at that time was the owner of the Tacoma Giants, minor league club affiliate of the S.F. Giants. He enjoyed going to the Big League's spring training in Arizona. Tom Haller would play in the Big Leagues for 12 years, be an All-Star, and later return to the San Francisco Giants as a coach and executive. Photograph ordered by Cheney Lumber Co.

Baseball players--Arizona--1960-1970; Haller, Tom, 1937-2004; Cheney, Ben B., 1905-1971; San Francisco Giants (San Francisco);


Ben Cheney's philanthropic endeavers in amateur sport extended beyond Tacoma as he also sponsored teams outside the local community. This baseball team of Cheney Studs was labeled the "Connie Mack" team and believed to be based in King County. Players 16-18 would be able to participate in league play. Cloy Sykes of Kent was listed as the coach. The team was photographed in July of 1969 at Moshier Field near Sea-Tac. Color photograph ordered by Cheney Lumber Co.

Baseball players--Washington; Baseball--Washington;


Richards Studio notes indictate that these young ballplayers were the Seattle Cheney Studs who posed at Heidelberg Field on June 19, 1966. Ben Cheney, lumberman philanthropist, sponsored many teams over the years in a variety of sports. They were all called "Cheney Studs" regardless of the sport. Thanks to Mr. Cheney's generosity, thousands were able to participate in amateur sports with Mr. Cheney picking up the tab for uniforms and fees. One of these young men would have a long career in the major leagues: Ron Cey, Mt. Tahoma graduate, who is seated second to the right. Manager George Grant is standing at far left. The 1966 Seattle-Tacoma Cheney Studs marched steadily toward their goal of American Amateur Baseball Congress titleholders by sweeping the Northwest League, State Stan Musial Tournament and Pacific Northwest AABC. They fell just short of the national title with a loss to Dallas on September 19, 1966. (TNT 9-20-1966, p. 22-article on title game)

Baseball players--Tacoma--1960-1970; Baseball--Tacoma--1960-1970; Uniforms; Cey, Ron; Grant, George;


Mascot, coaches and baseball players are photographed behind an array of bats in this June of 1966 scene. It may have been taken at Heidelberg Field in Tacoma. The players are all wearing uniforms bearing the logo of the Ben Cheney teams: the Cheney Studs.

Baseball players--Tacoma--1960-1970; Baseball--Tacoma--1960-1970;


These beaming teenagers and their coaches were believed to have represented Ben Cheney's Cheney Studs team in the Tacoma Connie Mack League in 1967. The boys, all dressed identically in pinstripe uniforms and caps bearing the Cheney Studs logo, were thought to have been photographed at Heidelberg Park in Tacoma in July of 1967. They had an outstanding 10-2 record that year but failed to obtain entry into the State Connie Mack tourney due to an August loss to North Shore of Seattle, eventual Washington State champs. (TNT 8-2-1967, B-8-article on game)

Baseball players--Tacoma--1960-1970; Baseball--Tacoma--1960-1970; Uniforms;


This group of older teens played amateur baseball under the Cheney Studs name during the summer of 1967. Mr. Cheney sponsored many teams in a variety of sports and baseball was no exception. There was more than one Cheney Studs baseball team in the local area with varying ages and abilities. Future major leaguer Ron Cey is third from left, second row. He would go on to a long career with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs and finishing up with the Oakland Athletics. NW League and State champs, these players would go onto Regionals in Portland in August and advance to national playoffs by defeating Oregon champions A.B. Smith. The Studs had a sparkling 37-1 record prior to the American Amateur Baseball Congress tournament held in Battle Creek, MI in September. The 1966 Seattle Tacoma Cheney Studs had been the national runners-up in the AABC title game. Tacomans Ron Cey, Rick Austin, Earl Hyder and Skip Gillis were in their final seaon with the Studs. Starting in 1968, Tacoma-area residents would not be permitted to play for Seattle-based AABC teams. (TNT 8-15-1967, p. 24-article, TNT 8-25-1967, p. 27-names of players & photograph; TNT 8-28-1967, D-8-article; various other sports articles in TNT)

Baseball players--Tacoma--1960-1970; Baseball--Tacoma--1960-1970; Cey, Ron;


One of Ben Cheney's Cheney Studs baseball teams posed for a group shot in July of 1967. Thousands of youngsters were given the opportunity to play a variety of sports thanks to the generosity of well-known lumberman and philanthropist Ben Cheney. All of the teams used the Cheney Studs logo on their uniforms.

Baseball players--Tacoma--1960-1970; Baseball--Tacoma--1960-1970; Uniforms;


The Cheney Studs "Colts" baseball team posed proudly with their coach Bob Maguinez, a former player, at Heidelberg Field on July 15, 1963. The sixteen players, ages 15-16, are dressed in pinstripes with their uniforms and caps bearing the well-known Studs logo. The Studs were defeated by the 6th Ave. Rebels on July 23rd, 5-2, in Tacoma's Colt League championships. The Rebels, winner of a 4-team title playoff, would go on to compete in District play. (TNT 7-23-63, p. 18)

Baseball players--Tacoma--1960-1970; Uniforms; Maguinez, Bob;


Members of the Tacoma Athletic Commission demonstrate the fine art of baseball in May of 1964, as they prepare for the second annual city high school Diamond-Go-Round to be held on May 22nd at Cheney Stadium. Wilson, Mount Tahoma, Stadium, Lincoln, and Bellarmine of the City League along with Curtis of the Seamount League will participate at the Go-Round sponsored by the Athletic Commission. All proceeds from the game were to go to the athletic funds of the high schools and Tacoma junior highs. The T.A.C. directors are: Hal Brotman at bat, Bill Larson with ball, and John McCutcheon as catcher with Bill Post, athletic director for Tacoma city schools, as umpire. The outsized Stan Musial glove, made by Rawlings, would seem to guarantee that the likelihood of passed balls would be slight. Photograph ordered by the Tacoma Athletic Commission. (TNT 5-20-64, A-12)

Baseball--Tacoma--1960-1970; Sporting goods; Tacoma Athletic Commission (Tacoma); Brotman, Hal; Larson, William C.; McCutcheon, John; Post, Bill; Baseball umpires--Tacoma;


Color photograph of baseball team. The uniformed 15-member University Place Cougar baseball team poses proudly on September 19, 1964. The two men with the group are probably their coaches. Three trophies are placed in front of two kneeling players on the gym floor. Photograph ordered by William Johnson.

Baseball players--University Place--1960-1970; Awards;

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