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BOWEN G39.1-194

ca. 1930s. Rev. Jokatsu Yukawa, pastor of the Tacoma Hongwanji Buddhist Church, has donned protective gear and prepares to engage in kendo, a form of Japanese fencing. Rev. Yukawa is to the right in this sepia 1930's photograph; his masked opponent is not identified. The pair are practicing at the site of the Japanese Language School on Tacoma Avenue South, which had opened in 1921. Rev. Yukawa spent five years as the temple's minister, from 1928-1933. During his tenure, a $40,000 fund drive was initiated which culminated in the construction of the present church and junior members were organized in active Young Buddhist Association groups. He was promoted to serve a larger congregation in California and was replaced by Rev. Sensho Sasaki. (History of Pierce County, Vol. 1, p. 16) TPL-2008.

BOWEN G53.1-098

Cue wizard George H. Sutton visited Tacoma's Naubert & Manning billiard academy in October of 1925 where he defeated George Latshaw 250-78, running off 147 in a row. Nicknamed "Handless," Mr. Sutton toured the country and amazed spectators with his skills for almost 35 years. He had lost his arms below the elbows at age 8 in a sawmill accident. This did not prevent him from studying medicine and graduating from the University of Milwaukee. He learned to play billiards during his college years and later set a Balkline world record. Mr. Sutton would pass away in 1938, at the age of 68. (TDL 10-9-25, p. 7-article & alternate photograph;


Group of swimmers and sunbathers on an unidentified lakeside dock with a diving tower, multiple diving boards and a water polo hoop.


Panorama of Women's Equine Polo team with little girl in uniform in front of military officer.