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Washington State Historical Society Publications
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"Circuit Rider"

"Circuit Rider" was a monthly newspaper published by the Washington State Historical Society. It focused on centennial and bicentennial events around Washington, including it becoming a territory, founding of towns and cities like Tacoma and Olympia, and the bicentennial anniversary of the United States. Within the newsletters, there are calendars that have the dates of anniversaries each month. There are also announcements for future events and essay contests held by the Historical Society.

Holdings: 1975/10-1976/10

"News Notes"

"News Notes" was a quarterly pamphlet published by the Washington State Historical Society. It featured new exhibits and their descriptions each publication, as well as a list of new accessions and donations from other groups. The pamphlet also featured the current members of the Historical Society and the board members as well.

Holdings: 1959/03, 1960/03, 06/1961, 1961/10, 1962/05, 1962/09, 1963/09, 1964/02, 1964/07, 1964/12, 1965/06, 1966/12, 1967/06, 1967/12, 1969/02, 1970/02, 1971/04, 1971/07, 1972/03, 1972/07, 1973/11, 1974/06, 1976/07, 1977/08