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Grit City Magazine

  • 5.6.1
  • 2018-

A quarterly magazine focused on histories, profiles, essays, art, and photojournalistic documentation of aspects of Tacoma's society and culture. Each issue includes a supplemental art poster. This collection contains all issues of the magazine to the most current issue.

Grit City Magazine

Hilltop Action Journal

  • 5.2.8
  • 2016-

Bi-monthly community newspaper with articles and information about the Hilltop Area neighborhood of Tacoma. March/April 2017 - Present; August/September 2020 and June/July 2021 issues published in digital form only.

Hilltop Action Coalition

City Arts

  • 5.2.23
  • 2006 - 2018

"City Arts" was a monthly magazine which began in Tacoma, Washington, and would soon after have Eastside and Seattle editions, which then consolidated into one edition after September 2011. (1) The magazine was published by Encore Media Group and covered local artists and events in the Tacoma/Seattle area. It contained sections about local art news, lifestyle, and has a featured artist section as well. At the end of each magazine there is a calendar that listed local events happening throughout the month. Some types of events include movies showings, live music, dance, theater, comedy shows, visual art displays, and book talks.

Jewish Transcript

  • 5.3.9
  • 2003-2014

The Jewish Transcript is a bi-weekly newspaper serving Washington State. It began publication in 1967, changed its name to JT news in 2004 and ended publication in 2014. Jewish Transcript covered community events and news, arts and entertainment and included commercial advertisements

Real Change

  • 5.3.56
  • 2002 - 2013

Real Change describes itself as the "Puget Sound Newspaper of the Poor and Homeless." The publication's first issue was in 1994. Real Change is published by the Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project which is a nonprofit organization that "organizes, educates, and builds alliances to create solutions to homelessness and poverty. We exist to provide a voice for the poor people in our community." The Real Change newspaper is published every other Thursday and sold by the poor and homeless of Seattle. Real Change publishes on local political issues, homeless advocacy, employment information etc. It also publishes creative writing like poetry as well as book reviews.

Toby Room

  • 5.2.17
  • 2002-c. 2004

Tacoma bi-monthly then quarterly publication was a project of ArtRod and was “a group of artists and community members dedicated to promoting the arts and cultural life of Tacoma and the South Sound.” Toby Room’s editors/publishers were Jared Pappas-Kelley (Issues 1-2, 4-10), Sarah Keliher (1-2, 4-7) and Michael Lent (8-10). The magazine featured writings and interviews among established and emerging local and regional visual artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers.

Holdings: Vol. 1, Issues No. 1-2, 4-10


  • 5.3.27
  • 2000-

BING is a fan magazine published by The International Club Crosby that comes out 3 times a year, in the spring, summer and winter. It covers the life and times of Bing Crosby and is dedicated to preserving his memory and musical legacy for future generations.

Northwest Catholic

  • 5.3.36
  • 1999-

The Northwest Catholic is a monthly magazine published by Catholic Archbishop of Seattle, Paul D. Etienne. Its predecessor, The Catholic Northwest Progress, began publishing in 1911 and ended publishing in June 2013 along with it being printed as a newspaper. It started printing as a magazine in September 2013. It was published as a newspaper for almost 100 years on a weekly basis, and then changed to a biweekly newspaper and then to a monthly basis as a magazine. The library's collection of Northwest Catholic and The Catholic Northwest Progress begins in September 1999. The goal of Northwest Catholic is to inform Catholics who live in the Pacific Northwest about the religion and current events. It includes holiday editions, such as Easter and Christmas, as well as editions regarding significant changes in the leaders of the Catholic Church. The change to magazine format changed the content to be more of a lifestyle magazine, offering advice and interpretations of situations to readers.

Diversity News

  • 5.3.49
  • 1999-2006

Diversity News was a business periodical based in Seattle that aimed to serve a "diverse marketplace." Diversity News was published monthly and provided profiles of business professionals and businesses created by people from diverse backgrounds. Diversity News also published advertisements from both local businesses and large corporations.

All Our Children

  • 5.3.18
  • 1997 - 1999

All Our Children: The Child Welfare Practice Digest is a quarterly digest published in collaboration by the Northwest Institute for Children and Families and the Children's Administration of the Department of Health and Social Services. It published articles and essays related to child welfare, raising children and chosen themes for each edition, such as foster care, substance abuse and education.

Pacific Yachting

  • 5.3.41
  • 1997-2014

Pacific Yachting was a monthly magazine published by OP Media Group. It centered around yachting news mainly in Canada in British Columbia. There are self-submitted essays by readers, events occurring around the Pacific Northwest, and tips for where is best to sail in the area. Also included are reviews and recommendations for what boats and materials to purchase.

Holdings: 1997/06-2014/01

Different Times

  • 5.3.51
  • 1993/12-1997/02

Different Times was based in Seattle Washington and focused on disability rights. The publication was "dedicated to the proposition that all are created different, but equal." Different Times included articles about important events in the news that pertain to those with disabilities, articles that gave advice, like how to file an ADA complaint, opinion pieces, etc. Different Times was published mostly monthly, with short stints where it was published weekly, and every two months.

Cog-nitive Courier

  • 5.2.21
  • 1992/01-2012/07

The Cog-nitive Courier was a monthly newsletter published by the Tacoma Wheelmen’s Bicycle Club. It was originally established in 1888 and was later restarted in 1974. The newsletter changed names from the Tacoma Wheelman’s Bicycle Club Newsletter to the Cog-nitive Courier in April 2002. In its issues, it contains meetup information for club members, ride calendars for biking trips, information regarding bicycling laws around Tacoma, pictures from past rides, and general news. The final printed version of the Cog-nitive Courier was published in July 2012 due to a lack of an editor.

Northwest Metalworker

  • 5.3.55
  • 1991-2000

The Northwest Metalworker describes itself as "The Magazine For Machinists and Related Tradesmen." It is published monthly. The Northwest Metalworker publishes on new technologies, new products, safety, and trade education. They also publish reader write-ins.

Northwest Guardian

  • 5.3.2
  • 1990 - 2018

Weekly newspaper based out of Fort Lewis, Washington, focusing on mostly local and some regional and national military news, life and sports, and also contains a local arts and entertainment guide. Holdings begin May 3, 1990 through end of production on June 15, 2018.

The Northwest Dispatch

  • 5.2.10
  • 1990 - 1998

Daily newspaper primarily focused on issues of relevance to Tacoma and Pierce County's Black community. Editions highlighted both local and national news and many editions included supplements titled "Happenings" and "Business Legal Journal" where local community events and business updates were published.

Tacoma Weekly

  • 5.7.2
  • Fall 1990-

The Tacoma Weekly, published by the Pierce County Community Newspaper Group, originated as the Tacoma Monthly in 1987 and became the Tacoma Weekly in 1994. Sections include local city news, sports including high schools, business and features including visual artists, bands, movies and more.

The free newspaper has been distributed in broadsheet and smaller formats as well as online over the years. A special business section ran from circa 2005-2007 and the Weekly Weedly section that focuses on marijuana news began being published in the April 28, 2019 issue.

Akwesasne Notes

  • 5.3.17
  • 1989 - 1997

Akwesasne Notes: A Journal of Native and Natural Peoples was a quarterly magazine published by the Mohawk Nation Council. It covered topics related to Native American news and published contributions from readers such as essays, poetry and illustrations.

Puget Sound Computer User

  • 5.3.37
  • 1989 - 2005

Puget Sound Computer User was a free monthly publication with its main goals to provide information regarding trends, tools, and guides to the computer world as well as offering articles on business technology, office automation, and computers. Each publication also included ads highlighting local businesses specializing in computer or tech-related services.

City Scape

  • 5.2.20
  • 1988/11-1999/12

Tacoma City Scape is a newsletter for City of Tacoma employees published by the City of Tacoma. It provides updates on different aspects of jobs in the city. The newsletter relays information about healthcare plans, advice for work-life balance, and people to call for help. It also includes survey results that were submitted by readers, advice from other employees, and self-submitted articles. Columns for city events and court hearings that could affect workers are also featured.

The Northwest Airlifter

  • 5.3.46
  • 1987/09/11-

Northwest Air Lifter is a publication for the Lewis-McChord Airforce Base. The publication features national news headlines relating to the military. It also features stories and information on people and events in the McChord Base community.

Civil Liberties

  • 5.3.40
  • 1987/03-Winter 2012

Civil Liberties is a newsletter published by the ACLU of Washington. It features current cases that the ACLU is working on as well as advice from legal experts. Along with current cases the ACLU is working on, the newsletter highlights people doing good work in the view of the ACLU. It also features advice columns and how to maintain civil liberties and rights in the United States and Washington.

Migrant Education News

  • 5.3.10
  • 1987-1990

Migrant Education News was a monthly newspaper based out of Sunnyside, Washington. It began publication in 1987 and ended publication in 1990. Migrant Education News included local and national news and each publication included both an English and Spanish volume.

Alki: The Washington Library Association Journal

  • 5.3.11
  • 1985 - 2008

Alki: The Washington Library Association Journal, published by the Washington Library Association, covers topics of interest to library organizations. It was mailed to all WLA members and published three times a year, with a theme for each issue. They published opinion pieces and articles covering topics related to intellectual freedom, collection development policies, literacy, outreach, public services, conferences, the changing role of library workers, continuing education, and an annual WLA Conference issue.

The Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission News

  • 5.3.47
  • 1985-

The Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC) News was first published in 1985. NWIFC is published quarterly and changed its name in Fall 2015 to "Northwest Treaty Tribes: Protecting Natural Resources for Everyone". NWIFC focuses on issues regarding the climate crisis, conservation of fish and other animals, habitat preservation, tribal traditions, and treaty rights.

Washington Park Arboretum Foundation Newsletter

  • 5.3.30
  • 1985 - 2010

Newsletter for the Washington Park Arboretum, a public park in Seattle on the shores of Lake Washington, which is managed by the University of Washington Botanic Gardens and the City of Seattle. The monthly newsletter, which later changed to a bi-monthly in 2001 and then quarterly format in 2008, focused on Arboretum news, plant sales, fundraisers, calendars of events and gardening tips.

Holdings begin with the Washington Park Arboretum (1985-1987), continuing with the Washington Park Arboretum Newsletter (1987-1988) and Washington Park Arboretum Foundation Newsletter (1988-1995), and concluding with Ground Work (1995-1997, 2001-2010).

Business Examiner

  • 5.3.15
  • 1985 - 2015

Business Examiner was a biweekly business newspaper published by PCBE, Inc. that began in 1985 as the Pierce County Business Examiner. A second newspaper started in 1989 called the South Sound Business Examiner, and both papers ran simultaneously until they combined in 1995 as Business Examiner. It published articles about business that included profiles, trends, techniques, theories and economic issues. Its goal was to support and inform the local business community that encompassed the Puget Sound and South Sound areas.

Also in the holdings are the Business Examiner supplement "Book of Lists: Market Data & Facts", which was published yearly and featured a "compilation of industry leaders in South Puget Sound business".
Supplement holdings: 1992, 1994-1997, 2003, 2005-2006, 2010-2016.

Northwest Environmental Journal

  • 5.3.50
  • 1984-1997

The Northwest Environmental Journal was published by the Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Washington. It aimed to publish research involving the environment in the states of Alaska, Idaho, western Montana, Oregon, Washington, and northwest Canada. The journal included research that was also multidisciplinary, including works involving the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. It was usually published bi-annually.

Kalma S. Hagan Tacoma Dome Construction Scrapbook

  • 6.3.3
  • c. 1983

The Kalma Hagan Scrapbook includes pictures and newspaper clippings involving the Hawthorne neighborhood, the construction of the Tacoma Dome, and the aftermath of the construction.

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