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NWRPC-0087 Back

  • Message: Just a reminder, Edna. Oct. 21st.
  • Addressee: Miss Elizabeth Wade, 95 Lata Ave, Columbus, Ohio.

NWRPC-0088 Front

  • Crevasse on Mount Rainier. circa 1908.
  • Printed on front: Crevasse in Cowlitz Glacier, Mt. Tacoma, Wash.

NWRPC-0143 Front

  • Mount Rainier rising above a farm. Animal pens in the foreground, outbuildings in the distance. circa 1911.
  • Printed on front: Mount Tacoma, Washington.

NWRPC-0148 Back

  • Message: Dear B.-We thought to see you before this or should have written to thank you for our pretty gifts you brought. My pretty veil set is vert acceptable, and Mamma enjoys, so much, her pretty kimono-We start home tomorrow morning. I went down to the 'city' yesterday and spent the day. I hope we can all see each other this fall, and I suppose we can. I shall come back about Sept. I think, but they are not sure when school will open.-My pupils rented the hall and gave me a surprise party Tuesday eve.-When you write to the girls in the east give them our love, and tell Aunt S. we want to see her very much.-Much love, F.F. B.B.
  • Addressee: Miss Bessie Wade, 23 St. Helens Ave., Tacoma, Wash.

NWRPC-0049 Front

  • A group of early visitors traveling by horse and buggy to Rainier National Park. circa 1907.
  • Printed on front: On the Paradise Valley Road, Mt. Tacoma, Rainier National Park, Wn.

NWRPC-0051 Back

Printed on back: America's Greatest Ski Terrain is to be found in Paradise Valley. This mountain glacier wonderland offers a wealth of ski trails over an immense area of hills and valleys, to points of outstanding scenic beauty.

NWRPC-0110 Back

  • Message: Aug. 6, '08. Dear Aunt Hattie: - We are stranded at Ashford. Our things did not come on the same train with us. We are staying at Hotel until tomorrow. It is beautiful here you should come up some time. Yours Lovingly -
  • Addressee: Mrs. H. Baker, 3315 So. 11th, Tacoma.

NWRPC-0015 Back

  • Message: A bit of Washington scenery. Frank H.G.
  • Addressee: Mrs. Izetta M. Greene, Erie, Kansas. Rural Route #5

NWRPC-0096 Back

  • Message: Dear Jessie & all: - How are you all? We are all pretty well. Baby is growing and has five teeth he got his last three when he was six months old. I got a letter from Beryl the other day. They are all well. She wanted Clare's address so I am sending it to her. Write & let me know how you are. It's a long time since I heard from you. Leigha B.
  • Addressee: Mrs. J. E. Darling, Yelm, Wash.

NWRPC-0196 Back

  • Message: Dear Sis.-Received your card all O.K. Evaline is here and will be up their the first of the week. Claires babie is sick and she is going down their to take care of it. she brought all the children her babie is awful cute. ?
  • Addressee: Mrs. Julia Goodpaster Rayville Wash.

NWRPC-0248 Front

  • Vibrantly colored card depicting logging crew resting atop a large length of Douglas fir. Presumably it was felled using the ax in the picture if the cut marks on the end closest to the foreground are to be believed. circa 1911.
  • Printed on front: Washington Log and Loggers

NWRPC-0233 Front

  • Vashon College was in operation in the Burton area from 1892 until the main building was destroyed by fire in 1912 and the school closed. circa 1908.
  • Printed on front: Vashon College. Kneeland Foto.

NWRPC-0172 Front

  • The largest frying pan in the world, according to the back caption. circa 1962.
  • Printed on front: From Long Beach, Wash.

NWRPC-0235 Back

  • Message: Just a line to let you know that I am at Quinault Lake and in Good health. My address is Quinault Lake Care Forest Service. Bill
  • Addressee: Julia Goodpaster McCleary Wash Box 259

NWRPC-0203 Front

  • Hoquiam, in Grays Harbor County, boomed early with both the logging and fishing industries. The name Hoquiam comes from the Hoquiam River which takes its name from a local Indian band, the Ho-qui-umpts, meaning hungry for wood. It is believed that the name relates to the Indian custom of using driftwood from the river for fuel. circa 1908.
  • Printed on front: Birdseye View of Hoquiam, Washington

NWRPC-0191 Front

  • View of the northeast corner of the University of Washington campus, taken several years after the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition of 1909. Buildings visible here remaining from the fair are the California Building (in the foreground), the Arctic Brotherhood Building (which became a university museum and dormitory), the New York Building (which served as the U.W.'s School of Music, then as the official Dean's residence), and the Forestry Building (which became the Forestry Department). Lake Washington is in the background. None of these buildings exist today. circa 1915.
  • Printed on front: General View, University of Washington, Seattle.

NWRPC-0193 Front

  • Painted aerial view of the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition fairgrounds of 1909 (located at the current site of the University of Washington). The view is looking south towards Lake Washington and Mt. Rainier. The buildings are not very detailed and the roads and grounds look unfinished, so this view is probably a pre-fair architectural conception of the fair. The official AYPE emblem is located in the top right corner of the front of the card. circa 1909.
  • Printed on front: Bird's-eye View of the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition. Authorized Birds Eye view of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Seattle, U.S.A., 1909

NWRPC-0193 Back

  • Message: Dear Auntie: Rec'd your letter and am glad to say we are all better. All have colds but that's the weather's fault. Lois talks of you every day, has named her doll "Aunt Hattie". Loring (?) has been doing carpentry work. Hens are laying fine 28 eggs two days. Look fine. Prize at Poultry Show, C. E. C.
  • Addressee: Mrs. Hattie Baker 3315 So. 11th Tacoma, Wash.

NWRPC-0194 Front

  • Photos of two buildings on the University of Washington Campus. The Engineering Hall was originally built as the Machinery Building for the 1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition (AYPE) held on the university campus. Unlike most AYPE buildings, the Machinery Building was sturdily constructed to be retained for university use after the fair. It was eventually replaced by the Electrical Engineering Building in 1948. The Home Economics Building was built in 1916, and was renamed Raitt Hall in 1946 after Effie Raitt, an innovative Director of Home Economics. It still houses university classrooms today. circa 1920.
  • Printed on front: Engineering Hall. Home Economics Hall. University of Washington, Seattle, U.S.A.

NWRPC-0211 Front

  • The AYPE was held in 1909 in Seattle on the University of Washington campus. It celebrated the commerce and cultures of the Pacific Northwest, Alaska/Yukon, and the Pacific Rim regions. This photo shows one of the larger exhibit "palaces", the Manufactures Building, illuminated at night. This building featured Pacific Northwest products and manufacturing processes. circa 1908.
  • Printed on front: Manufactures Building, Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Seattle, Wash. 1909.
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