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Colby Steel and Engineering Company was based out of Seattle, Washington; they were located at 810 Third Avenue. The company was engineering and manufacturing material handling equipment, cranes, Barlow marine elevators and industrial trucks. View of newly designed and manufactured crane No. 7, man is standing next to crane on the railroad tracks.

Hoisting machinery; Pulleys; Waterfronts; Machinery industry--Seattle; Engineering--Seattle; Industrial facilities--Seattle; Railroad tracks--Seattle; Colby Steel & Engineering Co. (Seattle);


Four or Five displays at plant, Nalley's, Jack Walrath. Nalley's displayed their "Lumber Jack Syrup" in two glass-bottle sizes: wide-mouth quart jars and smaller jars with smaller, pourable tops. Cartons that the syrup was shipped in are used to make the display.

Nalley's, Inc. (Tacoma)--Products; Food--Tacoma--1940-1950; Food industry--Tacoma--1940-1950; Merchandise displays--Tacoma--1940-1950;


Standard Oil Company of California had a branch office, plant and warehouse located in Tacoma's Tide Flats, at 1648 East J Street. Albert W. Taylor was Tacoma's branch manager. Exterior view of facilities and "Supreme Chevron Gasoline" truck; truck is intended to show need for repainting.

Petroleum industry--Tacoma; Gas industry--Tacoma; Fuel trade--Tacoma; Gasoline--Tacoma; Trucks--Tacoma--1940-1950; Vehicle maintenance & repair--Tacoma; Standard Oil Co. of California (Tacoma);


Trusses for new cold storage building, Port of Tacoma, Smith & Murray, Bill Smith. W.D. Smith and C.E. Murray were construction engineers and contractors located at Portatacoma Road. This view shows the lower level of the new cold storage building while under construction. Reinforced concrete columns flare outward as they rise to the ceiling from poured cement bases. The ceiling is also built of reinforced concrete.

Port of Tacoma (Tacoma)--1940-1950; Reinforced concrete construction--Tacoma--1940-1950; Columns--Tacoma--1940-1950; Progress photographs;


Chaplain Howard Rusthoi of Los Angeles, California brought his United Full Gospel City-Wide Revival to Tacoma for two weeks in August of 1948. His giant tent cathedral was set up at South 14th and Trafton. Chaplain Rusthoi had served for twenty years in the ministry including 28 months with the U.S. Army Air Corps. His services were broadcast nightly on KTBI radio. His revival had the local help and support of eleven churches and their pastors. Appearing with Chaplain Rusthoi were Joseph Waugh, a scotch tenor, and Fred Henry, who with billed as the "Blind Pianist". (T. Times, 8/7/48, p. 3).

Revivals--Tacoma--1940-1950; Evangelists; Religious groups--Tacoma; Christianity--Tacoma; Temporary buildings--Tacoma; Show tents--Tacoma; United Full Gospel City-Wide Revival (Tacoma);


Progress photographs at St. Regis, St. Regis Paper Company, Kraft Pulp Division. An elevated view of the new construction going on at St. Regis that expanded the existing paper plant and added a multiwall bag plant. According to the company's 1949 Annual Report, Tacoma was the focal point of the company's expanding pulp, paper and multiwall bag operations in the west.

St. Regis Paper Co. (Tacoma)--1940-1950; Paper industry--Tacoma--1940-1950; Factories--Tacoma--1940-1950;


On July 28, 1948, this unidentified man, possibly the Bart's Drive-In airplane pilot, had landed his small plane on an ocean beach. It appears that he had made a quick stop for razor clams as his shovels and metal cans seem to indicate. Publicity photo ordered by O'Connell-Ragan advertising agency. (Additional information provided by a reader)

Airplanes--Tacoma; Air pilots--Tacoma; Bart's Drive-In (Tacoma); Advertising--Tacoma; Advertising agencies--Tacoma; O'Connell-Ragan Co. (Tacoma); Publicity photographs;


Miscellaneous aerials, Port Piers, Schaeffer Terminal, Tacoma Lumber Fabricating Company. An aerial view of an industrial building site in Tacoma. The area has been leveled and forms are in place to begin pouring concrete. This is believed to be the location of the new facilities for Tacoma Drug Company. Another building in the background is nearly finished with the covering being added to the barrel roof.

Aerial photographs; Building construction--Tacoma--1940-1950; Reinforced concrete construction--Tacoma--1940-1950;


Aerial photographs. This is a view, taken in October of 1948, of the downtown business district of Tacoma, the 11th Street Bridge to the Tacoma tideflats, Commencement Bay and Brown's Point as the bay joins Puget Sound. Vashon Island is in the distance.

Aerial photographs; Cityscapes; Commencement Bay (Wash.); Business districts--Tacoma--1940-1950;


This aerial view of Tacoma looking west was taken in October of 1948. Several ships are docked at the Shaffer Terminals in the immediate foreground. The railroad tracks run along the lower shore with the railroad bridge clearly visible. The commercial district of Tacoma is seen to the left on higher ground. The tall building with a tower near the middle left is the Pierce County Courthouse at 1014 South G Street. Other discernable structures include the Tacoma Elks Temple at left foreground and in the distance to the right, the Tacoma General Hospital complex. The residential areas of the city spread out in the background.

Aerial photographs; Cityscapes; Tacoma General Hospital (Tacoma); Pierce County Courthouse (Tacoma); Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Tacoma Lodge No. 174 (Tacoma); Piers & wharves--Tacoma--1940-1950; Bridges--Tacoma;


Miscellaneous aerials, Port Piers, Schaeffer Terminal, Tacoma Lumber Fabricating Company. A 1948 aerial view of the Port of Tacoma including the Port piers and the grain elevators. Time Oil storage tanks are seen in front of the grain elevators. Baby flattops (smaller aircraft carriers) were mothballed in Tacoma after the end of World War II in the Port Industrial Waterway. TPL-8305

Aerial photographs; Port of Tacoma (Tacoma)--1940-1950; Aircraft carriers--Tacoma--1940-1950; Harbors--Tacoma; Marine terminals--Tacoma--1940-1950; Shipping--Tacoma--1940-1950;


Aerial photographs. This view shows ships tied along the Shaffer Terminal facilities at Milwaukee Waterway.The Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Terminal is across the waterway on the east. East 11th Street crosses the bottom of the photograph. Log booms have been tied up along the left side (part of the Puyallup Waterway). The Port of Tacoma elevators are on the right. Freighters are seen in Commencement Bay awaiting space to tie up. Browns Point is across the bay before it enters Puget Sound.

Aerial photographs; Shaffer Terminals, Inc. (Tacoma); Marine terminals--Tacoma;


Post #138, auxiliary and men in joint installation, American Legion Post #138. 14 women from the auxiliary pose in front of the stage at the American Legion Hall. Bessie Potter, in the center of the front row wearing a dark dress, was the new auxiliary president and Ann Dale, third from the right, was the first vice president. Each of them wears a corsage. They wear pretty dresses of the longer street length with necklaces, a brooch or earrings.

American Legion (Tacoma); Fraternal organizations--Tacoma--1940-1950; Jewelry; Necklaces; Earrings; Women--Tacoma--1940-1950; Flowers--Tacoma; American Legion Auxiliary (Tacoma); Potter, Bessie; Dale, Ann;


Three students lean from one of the windows of the ivy covered buildings at Annie Wright Seminary. The girls wear dark sweaters that are part of their school uniforms. The school had several high school boarding students.

Annie Wright Seminary (Tacoma)--1940-1950; Students--Tacoma--1940-1950; Private schools--Tacoma--1940-1950; Uniforms; Dormitories--Tacoma;


Annie Wright Seminary. 6 1/2 x 7 1/2 format. A view of the exterior of the buildings at Annie Wright. The school first opened in Tacoma in 1884. The facility moved to this location in 1924. The buildings were designed by Sutton, Whitney & Dugan, architects. The Tudor Gothic brick buildings are covered by ivy. The roofs are studded by dormers. Expansive grounds surround the buildings.

Annie Wright Seminary (Tacoma)--Buildings; Private schools--Tacoma; Educational facilities--Tacoma--1940-1950;


California Governor Earl Warren, running mate of Thomas E. Dewey in the 1948 presidential elections, arrived in Tacoma on October 14, 1948, along with his wife and four children. He gave a well-received speech at the State Armory which was heard by a massive crowd. View of young teenager with male autograph seekers; this is believed to be one of Governor Warren's daughters, perhaps Virginia. Sepia photograph was taken on October 14, 1948. ALBUM 2.

Autographing--Tacoma; Teenagers; Political elections--Tacoma--1940-1950;


Alexander Baillie was born in Breckin, Forfashire, Scotland on September 9, 1859. He arrived in Tacoma in 1888 and was employed by Balfour Guthrie Shipping Company. Alexander Baillie was one of the founders of the Tacoma Country & Golf Club and was its first president in 1894. He was recognized as the "father of golf" in the west. He was the driving force in the construction of the first golf couse in Washington state. The nine-hole course that he had built on 280 acres in what is now South Tacoma was the first course built west of the Mississippi and only the fourth in the United State at that time. A dinner honoring the venerable Scotsman was held on October 22, 1948, at the Tacoma Country & Golf Club. He died on September 7, 1949 just two days short of his 90th birthday. (The Tacoma Country & Golf Club, 1894-1994, Shirlee H. Smith; TNT, 10/22/1948, p.1) TPL-8638

Baillie, Alexander, 1859-1949; Golfers--Tacoma--1940-1950; Tacoma Country & Golf Club (Tacoma); Sporting goods; Aged persons--Tacoma--1940-1950;


A 150-guest dinner party in honor of 89-year-old Alexander Baillie was held at the Tacoma Country & Golf Club in October of 1948. Mr. Baillie, on the left, is escorted at the banquet by Puget Sound National Bank president Reno Odlin, in the center, and businessman Audsley M. Fraser, right. Alexander Baillie was one of the founders in 1894 of the Tacoma Country & Golf Club and served as its first president. Recognized as the "father of golf in the west," he was responsible for the construction of the first golf course in Washington state. Mr. Fraser, also of Scottish descent, established Fraser's store in Lakewood in 1934. Fraser's carried gifts, glassware, linens, hosiery, gloves, dinnerware, silver, jewelry, leather goods, luggage, stationery and greeting cards. Both Mr. Baillie and Mr. Fraser are wearing Scottish clothing; kilts, knee socks, jackets and vests and sporrans (the pouches hanging from their waists.) Mr. Baillie has a traditional ruff at his neck while Mr. Fraser wears a collar and bow tie. (TNT 10-22-48, p. 1-article only)

Baillie, Alexander, 1859-1949; Tacoma Country & Golf Club (Tacoma); Country clubs--Tacoma--1940-1950; Banquets--Tacoma--1940-1950; Odlin, Reno, 1897-1979; Costumes--Scottish; Kilts; Scotland--Clothing & dress; Fraser, Audsley M.;


Light poles prior to turning in machine, Cascade Pole at Port of Tacoma Road, Vic Monahan. A view of several poles that have been creosoted on one end as a preservative for the portion of the wooden pole that would be buried under ground. Creosote is obtained by the distillation of wood tar. The yard is shown with railroad sidings running straight ahead and curving to the right. Piles of poles are seen on the left.

Cascade Pole Co. (Tacoma); Utility poles--Tacoma--1940-1950; Lumber industry--Tacoma--1940-1950; Railroad sidings--Tacoma--1940-1950; Factories--Tacoma--1940-1950;


Cheney Lumber Company. A catcher seems proud to point at a sign announcing "Soft Ball Prohibited". He is wearing his mitt on his belt and his uniform has a horse insignia over his heart. The red horse was an emblem for the Cheney Studs, the 8 foot 2 x 4 introduced by Ben Cheney into the construction industry that credited him with standardizing architecture in America.

Cheney Lumber Co. (Tacoma); Lumber industry--Tacoma--1940-1950; Baseball--Tacoma--1940-1950; Baseball players--Tacoma--1940-1950; Softball--Tacoma;


Milwaukee sleeper #5741 (Mt. Washington), interior showing car and compartment #12, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, L.E. Newman. Railroads had many kinds of special cars to make long-distance traveling more enjoyable: coaches, dining cars, lounge cars, sleeping cars, observation cars and business cars. A trip between Tacoma and Chicago took 58 hours and 45 minutes, crossed 26 mountain ranges and provided over 1,400 miles of river valleys for the traveler to see. (The Pacific Northwest Railroads of McGee and Nixon, Richard Green)

Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Co. (Tacoma); Railroad companies--Tacoma--1940-1950; Railroad sleeping cars--Tacoma--1940-1950; Railroad passenger cars--Tacoma--1940-1950; Seating furniture--Tacoma--1940-1950;


Milwaukee sleeper #5741 (Mt. Washington), interior showing car and compartment #12, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, L.E. Newman. Over the years many different styles of sleeping compartments were designed. In this type, the sloping ceiling of the compartment folded down and the upper berth was already made up. The seat cushions were arranged to form the bed of the lower berth and the mattress was then put in place. The bed was made up with sheets, blanket and pillows and next the curtains were hung. An experienced porter could do the entire job in just three minutes. (The American Railroad Passenger Car, John H. White, Jr.)

Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Co. (Tacoma); Railroad companies--Tacoma--1940-1950; Railroad sleeping cars--Tacoma--1940-1950; Railroad passenger cars--Tacoma--1940-1950; Seating furniture--Tacoma--1940-1950;


Fair booth, Clinton's Music House, Frank Clinton. Their Tacoma location was 507 South 11th Street. Franklin M. Clinton and Katherine C. Clinton (widow of Myron B. Clinton) were joint owners of the enterprise. Several pianos are on display including baby grands and short uprights. Three men stand reviewing some of the materials available to consumers.

Clinton's Music House (Tacoma); Western Washington Fair (Puyallup); Fairs--Puyallup--1940-1950; Merchandise displays--Puyallup; Pianos;


Faculty luncheon, CPS. A woman, wearing a hat, looks on while a man plays the piano. He plays with no music. Likely he is providing music for the faculty luncheon at the College of Puget Sound as they prepare for another academic year.

College of Puget Sound (Tacoma)--1940-1950; Universities & colleges--Tacoma--1940-1950; Pianos; Pianists--Tacoma--1940-1950; Women--Tacoma--1940-1950; Hats--1940-1950;


Douglas Fir Plywood Association. A view of a construction site using plywood forms for the reinforced concrete exterior walls for the new gymnasium nearing completion at the College of Puget Sound. It is being built by the Roy T. Early Company, contractors. Mock & Morrison were the architects. Several workmen are seen both on the ground and above the top of the wall securing the plywood forms. (T.Times, 1/2/1949, p.34)

Douglas Fir Plywood Association (Tacoma); Construction--Tacoma--1940-1950; Reinforced concrete construction--Tacoma--1940-1950; Progress photographs; College of Puget Sound (Tacoma)--1940-1950; Gymnasiums--Tacoma;


Mayor C. Val Fawcett received an official invitation to Hawaii's Aloha Week in October of 1948 from Lura Keller, Tacoma counter agent for United Air Lines. A lei of orchids, flown to Tacoma by the airlines, accompanied the invitation. Mayor Fawcett had traveled to Hawaii earlier that year with Tacoma's goodwill ambassadors. Aloha Week was to have been November 14 - 21, 1948. Photograph ordered by United Air Lines. (TNT 10/13/1948, p.6)

Fawcett, Clarence Valdo, 1900-1965; Mayors--Tacoma--1940-1950; Keller, Lura; United Airlines (Tacoma); Orchids--Tacoma; Leis; Invitations;


Tee Box on Hole #1, Tacoma Open Golf Tournament at Fircrest, Tacoma Athletic Commission, Bob Sanders. The Tacoma Open Golf Tournament, sponsored by the Tacoma Athletic Commission, was a four-day event, held at the Fircrest Golf Club. The tournament attracted a large gallery. Eighteen holes were played each day. A Stag and Doe gathering was held at the Tacoma Athletic Commission headquarters for cocktails, dinner and presentation of prizes at the Top of the Ocean. (TNT, 9/17/1948, p.14; 9/18/1948, p.6) TPL-9822

Golf--Tacoma--1940-1950; Fircrest Golf Club (Fircrest); Golfers--Tacoma--1940-1950; Spectators--Tacoma; Contests--Tacoma--1940-1950;


Tacoma Open Golf Tournament at Fircrest, Tacoma Athletic Commission, Bob Sanders. A group of people stand near the registration point for the Tacoma Open Golf Tournament held at the Fircrest Golf Club in September of 1948. 112 contestants entered in the tournament. A score of 150 or better was needed to keep in the running when the field was cut the second day of play which left 10 amateurs and 41 pros remaining. (T.Times, 9/18/1948, p.6)

Golf--Tacoma--1940-1950; Fircrest Golf Club (Fircrest); Golfers--Tacoma--1940-1950; Spectators--Tacoma; Contests--Tacoma--1940-1950;


Governor Mon C. Wallgren gives a standing ovation to a baton twirler during a parade in Olympia. He is riding in a 1929 Packard convertible with other dignitaries as part of a parade given in his honor during his visit to the Olympia Eagles. The majorette has her two batons in rapid motion as she gives a huge smile. The parade had momentarily stopped in front of a Texaco gas station so the majorette could perform. Series ordered, but not used, by Life Magazine. ALBUM 10.

Governors; Wallgren, Mon C., 1891-1961; Baton twirling--Olympia--1940-1950; Drum majorettes--Olympia--1940-1950; Fraternal Order of Eagles (Olympia); Parades & processions--Olympia--1940-1950; Automobiles--Olympia--1940-1950;


Governor Mon C. Wallgren with members of the drill team at the Olympia Eagles Lodge. The female drill team members from the F.O.E. #21 wear uniforms of dark jackets with three rows of brass buttons, white skirts and plumed helmets. One woman has her white gloves draped over her belt. At least two women have braids attached to one shoulder; they may be officers in the group. Photograph was taken on October 1, 1948, on behalf of Life Magazine, but apparently not run in the publication. ALBUM 10.

Governors; Wallgren, Mon C., 1891-1961; Drill teams; Uniforms; Women--Olympia--1940-1950; Fraternal organizations--Olympia--1940-1950; Fraternal Order of Eagles (Olympia);

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