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Puyallup with longboats on shore of Puget Sound

A group of Puyallup Indians with their longboats (canoes) on the Puget Sound around 1886. Behind them can be seen the Northern Pacific Railroad bridge. The Puyallups were primarily fishermen, hunters and gatherers. The local salmon provided their primary food source, but was also a symbol of reverence to the tribe. In the Medicine Creek Treaty of 1854, they ceded many of their territories but retained their fishing rights. Their village at this time was believed to be at the foot of North 15th. KING-014, TPL 2895.

Family in longboat docked near shore

In this circa 1886 photograph, a Native American family lounges in their long boat near the shore. In the background can be seen the Northern Pacific Railroad bridge. The canoe is loaded with supplies, probably returning or setting off for the family's hunting ground. The Puyallup tribe members were primarily hunters, gatherers and fishermen. During this time period, their village was believed to be located at the foot of North 15th. KING-015, TPL 2894.

Canoes moored along shoreline

This early 1880s photograph by C. E. & Hattie King is of the Tacoma waterfront. Several European Americans are standing near Indian canoes moored along the shoreline. The location is believed to be south of the James Williams salmon cannery in Old Tacoma. The Kings brief period of photographing Tacoma views documents the blending of cultures and history--the presence and traditions of local Native Americans and the presence of newer Americans establishing homes, industries and towns in the West. KING 016, TPL-3746.

Members of Puyallup Tribe playing game on shores of Puget Sound

In this photograph believed to be from the mid 1880s, a group of Puyallup Indians gathers on the shore of the Puget Sound to gamble. The game they are playing appears to be the bone game, where two teams of 10-12 sit opposite each other. One team has four bones which they pass to the distracting accompaniment of the pounding of sticks and singing of chants. The other team must guess who has the bones. In the background are longboats and a bridge. The Puyallup village during this time period was believed to be at the foot of South 15th St. KING-003, TPL 2897.


Panorama of the Sons and Daughters of Norway Convention, Trip to Mt. Tacoma (Rainier)


Native American and European Americans posing at Owens beach in informal as well as traditional dress.


The Yoshihara - Youchura (sp?) Wedding with bride, best maid and two flower girls around ceremonial figures and floral arrangements.


Aki Yotsuuye Funeral photograph with large floral arrangements located inside of a Buddhist temple.


Yasuda-Miyamotoa wedding with the groom and bride in front of the alter engaging with children.


Bride at the Yasuda-Miyamotoa wedding in front of altar decorated with candles, floral arrangements and Buddhist images.


Group of men with their fists down on a table at the Yasuda-Miyamoto wedding with a lit cigar resting on a glass of liquor below.

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