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Yakima Nation Review

  • 5.3.1
  • 1971-1973, 1975-1980, 1982, 1984-1987

Newspaper published in Toppenish, Washington by the Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation.

Wyche Story League Records

  • 3.5.12

Includes programs from storytelling events in Washington, and the meeting minutes and scrapbooks created by the League.

Wyche Story League

World War II Collection

  • 9.12

Includes materials related to World War II collected by Tacoma Public Library including reports, pamphlets, propaganda, maps, bulletins, and Tacoma war ration book. A photo biography of Adolf Hitler compiled by Joseph Goebbels for the German people titled "Adolf Hitler: Pictures from the Life of the Fuhrer" is also included.

World War I Poster Collection

  • 9.8
  • 1914-1918

Includes posters created and displayed during World War I issued by various federal and non-profit organizations including the US Food Administration, the Red Cross, the American Library Association and others. Also included are British, Canadian, and French posters.

Woodbrook Junior High School Publications

  • 4.1.40

Includes yearbooks produced by Woodbrook Junior High School (Lakewood) showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding academic year.

Women's Study Clubs Records

  • 3.7.1
  • c. 1910-1970

Includes event programs and schedules from local women's study clubs. The study clubs organized guest lectures and reading groups on a wide variety of topics including art, culture, language, and politics.

Alpha Study Club

Winnifred Olsen Tacoma Schools Research Files

  • 4.3.5

Includes research materials and drafts related to Olsen's book "For the Record: A History of the Tacoma Public Schools, 1869-1984." Also included are programs, newsletters, and ephemera related to Tacoma Public Schools.

Winnifred Olsen

WILLO (Women's Intergenerational Living Legacy Organization) Records

  • CAC2005

Includes video recordings from WILLO Storytelling Festivals held between 2014 and 2019. Participants include Senator Rosa Franklin, Puyallup Tribal leader Ramona Bennett, writer Tamiko Nimura, Representative Marilyn Strickland, Superintendent Carla Santorno, and WILLO founder Seong Shin.


Willits Brothers Canoe Company Records

  • 2.6.2

Business records of the Willits Brothers Canoe Company, including designs for and information on manufacturing and maintaining canoes, photos of the Willits' family and friends, photos of the Puget Sound area from 1920 to the late-1960s, and files, maps, and architectural drawings relating to Day Island, and to the Day Island Improvement Club.

Willits Brothers Canoe Company

William Trueblood Photographs

  • 1.5.2

Includes photographs taken by City of Tacoma photographer William Trueblood of city events.

William Trueblood

William Hocking Papers

  • 2.2.4

Includes blueprints, correspondence, contracts, and financial records related to Hocking's work as an architect and members of the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

William Hocking

White River High School Publications

  • 4.1.39

Includes yearbooks produced by White River High School (Buckley) showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding academic year.

Western Boat Building Company Records

  • 2.6.4

Includes plans, correspondence, reports, photographs, and publicity materials related to the operations of the Western Boat Building Company. Boat subject files includes plans, photographs, clippings, and other information related to specific vessels.

Western Boat Building Company

West Coast Lumberman

  • 5.2.3
  • 1904-1949

Periodical published in Tacoma with news, financial information, reports from various cities, and other coverage related to the lumber industry. Also included are obituaries and news of work related accidents by individuals employed in the industry. The West Coast Lumberman and the Puget Sound Lumberman were both founded in 1889. The two publications merged in 1896.

Washington State Fair Collection

  • 9.15

A collection of photographs by professional and amateur photographers throughout the years of the Washington State Fair/Puyallup Fair from 1900-2011. Original photograph collection is held by the Washington State Fair and not at Tacoma Public Library. First and last names of the photographers are listed when known. Unknown photographers have been filed in the decade in which it was taken.

Washington Park Arboretum Foundation Newsletter

  • 5.3.30
  • 1985 - 2010

Newsletter for the Washington Park Arboretum, a public park in Seattle on the shores of Lake Washington, which is managed by the University of Washington Botanic Gardens and the City of Seattle. The monthly newsletter, which later changed to a bi-monthly in 2001 and then quarterly format in 2008, focused on Arboretum news, plant sales, fundraisers, calendars of events and gardening tips.

Holdings begin with the Washington Park Arboretum (1985-1987), continuing with the Washington Park Arboretum Newsletter (1987-1988) and Washington Park Arboretum Foundation Newsletter (1988-1995), and concluding with Ground Work (1995-1997, 2001-2010).

Washington Highways

  • 5.3.34
  • 1951-1972

Washington Highways, a publication of Washington State Department of Highways began in 1951 by the title News. in 1957 the title changed to Highway News, then in 1962 to Washington Highway News and finally to Washington Highways in 1964. The title ceased with the May 1972 issue. The periodical covered transportation projects, highway district news, department personnel news, and department safety news in Washington State.

Washington High School Publications

  • 4.1.38

Includes yearbooks produced by Washington High School showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding academic year.

Wanda Thompson Papers

  • CAC1006

Includes correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, photos, and other documents related to Wanda Thompson’s life. Many of the documents pertain to Thompson’s career including her time as a model, job analyst for Puget Sound Bank, employee at the Washington State Department of Corrections, and the Executive Director of the Rehabilitation Council of Washington State. The papers also point to Thompson’s involvement with the community in Tacoma like her engagement with the Afro-Pageant and Show. Also included is an oral history with Wanda Thompson recorded on June 3, 2023.

Wanda Thompson

Virna Haffer Collection

  • 3.5.5

Includes photographic works by Haffer organized into a series of titled bound volumes. Each volume includes typewritten descriptive notes. Also included are additional photographs not included in the volumes, newspaper clippings, and correspondence.

Virna Haffer

Vietnam War Collection

  • 9.14

Includes photos and documents related to the Vietnam War and the related anti-war movement. The photos are undated, documenting what appears to be the experience of soldiers, including portraits of Vietnamese people and group photos, and pictures of soldiers. The documents that are dated range from 1969-71, and consist of anti-war posters for events and rallies, many of them held by students at the University of Washington along with documents and letters from local organizations such as Tacoma Women for Peace.

University Place School Publications

  • 4.1.37

Includes yearbooks produced by University Place School showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding academic year.

University of Puget Sound Publications

  • 4.2.2

Includes yearbooks produced by University of Puget Sound showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding academic year.

Tyra Melvia Westling Papers

  • 4.3.7

Includes photographs, correspondence, writings, and documentation related to Westling's career as an educator.

Tyra Melvia Westling

Truman Junior High School Publications

  • 4.1.36

Includes yearbooks produced by Truman Junior High School showing portraits of students and staff as well as news, events, and athletics information from the preceding academic year.

Topaz Circle Records

  • 3.6.5

Includes meeting minutes, programs, and other records related to the operations of the Topaz Circle, the Tacoma branch of the Women of Woodcraft national organization.

Topaz Circle

Tom Terrien Tacoma Transit Collection

  • 2.7.2

Includes a collection of photographs, staff lists, and other materials related to Tacoma Transit compiled by Tom Terrien, who worked for the transit system from 1939-1981.

Tom Terrien

Toby Room

  • 5.2.17
  • 2002-c. 2004

Tacoma bi-monthly then quarterly publication was a project of ArtRod and was “a group of artists and community members dedicated to promoting the arts and cultural life of Tacoma and the South Sound.” Toby Room’s editors/publishers were Jared Pappas-Kelley (Issues 1-2, 4-10), Sarah Keliher (1-2, 4-7) and Michael Lent (8-10). The magazine featured writings and interviews among established and emerging local and regional visual artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers.

Holdings: Vol. 1, Issues No. 1-2, 4-10

Thor Tollefson Papers

  • 6.1.5

Includes photographs, correspondence, speeches, writings, and newspaper clippings related to Tollefson's work as the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney, a member of the United States Congress, and the Director of the Washington State Department of Fisheries. Also included are personal materials related to Tollefson's family and portraits signed by several US Presidents and other political figures.

Thor Tollefson

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