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Democratic congressional candidate Eugene Wiegman (L), 46, checks out blueprints on the PLU campus with two unidentified workers in May of 1976. He was a candidate for the 6th District post held by Floyd Hicks; Representative Hicks had decided not to run for re-election. Dr. Wiegman was a former president of Pacific Lutheran University, later became pastor of Luther Memorial Church, and served on several community boards. Photograph ordered by Eugene Wiegman for use in a brochure "Wiegman for Congress."

Wiegman, Eugene; Political campaigns;


Singer Wayne Newton with an unidentified man and woman while in Tacoma for a performance in the round at Olson Auditorium, Pacific Lutheran University. The show was part of the "First Bank Spotlight Series" sponsored by Seattle-First National Bank held on September 27, 1970. Also appearing with Mr. Newton were his brother Jerry, conductor Tommy Amato, comedian Jackie Kahane, and a 20-piece orchestra. Tickets were on sale for $2.75 - 3.75. ALBUM 8. (TNT 9-27-70, B-11)

Newton, Wayne; Singers; Celebrities;


Singer Wayne Newton gives a hearty handshake to an unidentified man on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University on September 27, 1970. Mr. Newton was in town to perform at the "First Bank Spotlight Series" sponsored by the Seattle-First National Bank. A youthful-looking 28 at the time of this photograph and possessing a 3-octave range, he played 13 instruments, many of which were worked into his shows. Nearly thirty years after his visit to Pacific Lutheran, Mr. Newton is still a major performer in Las Vegas. He has recorded over 150 albums, been knighted, and received an honorary doctorate from William Woods University. He is Nevada's Ambassador of Goodwill and in addition, McCarran International Airport's main thoroughfare has been renamed "Wayne Newton Boulevard." ALBUM 8.

Newton, Wayne; Singers; Celebrities; Shaking hands--Parkland;


Group portrait of the 200-voice men's choir participating in the Pacific Coast Norwegian Singers Association's 62nd annual Sangerfest held at Olsen Auditorium on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University. The musical performance was held on August 6, 1971 and was well received . Director in chief was Professor August Werner of Seattle. Well known conductor Gunnar J. Malmin was assistant director; he is standing at extreme left in black tux. Dr. Malmin's son, Professor Olaf G. Malmin (extreme right in black tux) was the guest soloist. Olaf Malmin, a baritone, was the choral director at Augustana College, Sioux Falls, S.D. The host chorus for the Norwegian Sangerfest was the Normanna Male Chorus. Color photograph ordered by Normanna Male Chorus. (TNT 8-1-71, B-8 - article; TNT 8-7-71, p. 2- article)

Singers; Choirs (Music);


Distinguished faculty at Pacific Lutheran University. President Robert Mortvedt (extreme right) presided over graduation ceremonies on June 2, 1968, on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University. (L-R) Retiring professor of English Dr. Herbert R. Ranson, retiring professor and former dean Dr. Philip E. Hauge, and visiting dean of University of Utah's graduate school Dr. Sterling M. McMurrin joined President Mortvedt and the 347 graduates at the Sunday morning baccalaureate service. Dr. Ranson had 28 years of service on PLU's faculty; Dr. Hauge, 48 years. Dr. McMurrin gave the commencement address. Photograph ordered by Pacific Lutheran University. (TNT 6-3-68, p. 4, p. 5)

Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Graduation ceremonies--Parkland; Mortvedt, Robert; Ranson, Herbert R.; Hauge, Philip E.; McMurrin, Sterling M.;


1969 Richards stock footage. Parkland neighborhood featuring Pacific Lutheran University, Garfield St. and Pacific Avenue as viewed by air in September of 1969. Fall has come to the Pacific Northwest as yards have browned and the trees other than the numerous firs will soon lose their leaves. Looking west from Pacific Ave near the bottom of the photograph is the neighborhood around Pacific Lutheran University. Piggly Wiggly has a supermarket which is at the intersection of Garfield and Pacific; its large letters are clearly visible from the air. To the grocery store's right is believed to be Parkland Lutheran Church & School with its playground behind it. Pacific Lutheran University's upper campus buildings, surrounded by tall firs, are clustered in the center of the picture. Portions of McChord AFB can hazily been seen at the top of the photograph.

Aerial views; Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Neighborhoods--Parkland; Piggly Wiggly (Parkland);


Dignitaries attending Pacific Lutheran University graduation ceremonies on June 1, 1969. Dr. Lloyd Averill, second from left, was the commencement speaker. He was the sociology professor at Ottawa & Baker universities and Park College in Kansas. Dr. Averill addressed the 3,500 present on romanticism and the radicals. Standing at the extreme left is the Rev. John Larsgaard, who was the campus chaplain for 11 years. He was leaving the school to pursue graduate studies. The other two men were not positively identified. Photograph ordered by Pacific Lutheran University. (TNT 6-2-69, p. 10)

Graduation ceremonies--Parkland; Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Averill, Lloyd; Larsgaard, John; Clergy--Parkland;


Art Building. On January 24, 1970, a series of photographs were taken of an accident scene occuring on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland. This color view is of the school's Art Building. It is not clear whether the accident occurred at this location or outside one of the nearby buildings. Photograph ordered by Seattle attorneys Reed, McClure, Moceri.

Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1970-1980; Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--Buildings; Accidents--Parkland;


The Lake Chelan Garden Club was one of a dozen garden clubs statewide honored by the Atlantic Richfield Co. for conservation of civic beauty on June 21, 1967. The awards were presented at the Eastvold Chapel on the premises of Pacific Lutheran University. The Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs held their annual meeting from June 19 to June 22nd in 1967. The man in the above picture is believed to be either B.J. Shoffer, regional manager of Atlantic Richfield or Rodney W. Rood, public relations manager. Both were scheduled to be present at the conference. Photograph ordered by Atlantic Richfield, Los Angeles.

Awards; Lake Chelan Garden Club (Lake Chelan);


Photographed on the stage of Pacific Lutheran University's Eastvold Chapel are members of the Tacoma Youth Symphony on February 27, 1966. Dr. Paul B. Oncley of Seattle was the group's conductor; he was also the associate conductor of the Thalia Symphony. The young musicians performed during the 1965-66 season. Photograph ordered by Tacoma Youth Symphony. (TNT 11-14-65, D-19) TPL-10474

Tacoma Youth Symphony (Tacoma); Youth orchestras--Tacoma--1960-1970; Musicians--Tacoma--1960-1970; Oncley, Paul B.;


In 1963 Pacific Lutheran University celebrated the 30th anniversary of May Festival. In this May 3, 1963, photograph, a dashing young dancer is the object of several admiring gazes. Ronald Miller appears to have his pick of four young ladies for a Lithuanian folk dance; from left to right are : Dani Saxton, Rhoda Pappajohn, Jean Andrews and Dallas Schuler. Students practiced an entire year to bring the two-night folk dance festival to fruition. (TNT 5-5-63, D-14)

Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Festivals--Parkland--1960-1970; Folk dancing--Parkland--1960-1970; Students--Parkland--1960-1970; Miller, Ronald; Saxton, Dani; Pappajohn, Rhoda; Andrews, Jean; Schuler, Dallas;


Dennise Tetz and Phil Langston, foreground, delight spectators with their quick footwork in "La Furlana" during the 30th anniversary of May Festival at Pacific Lutheran University. The duo are dressed in folk dancing attire on May 3, 1963. Miss Tetz and the unidentified female dancer behind her have on laced vests, full skirts and wear large kerchiefs over their heads. (1963 Saga yearbook, p. 99)

Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Festivals--Parkland--1960-1970; Students--Parkland--1960-1970; Folk dancing--Parkland--1960-1970; Tetz, Dennise; Langston, Phil;


This smiling group of Pacific Lutheran University students show the happiness of the annual May Festival. Under the direction of Mrs. Rhoda Young, a whole year of dedicated practice would culminate in the May, 1963, two-night performance of the folk dance festival. Not only were dances from the Scandinavian countries represented, but also those thousands of miles away, from the Philippines. (1963 Saga yearbook, p. 98-99)

Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Festivals--Parkland--1960-1970; Students--Parkland--1960-1970; Folk dancing--Parkland--1960-1970;


Circulation clerical assistant Mrs. Olga S. Fisher assists a young man at the Pacific Lutheran University library on January 16, 1963. There are shelves of reference books beside her; use of these books was limited to one-hour. (1963 Saga Annual, p. 36)

Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Libraries--Parkland; Books; Fisher, Olga S.; Students--Parkland--1960-1970;


In the early '60's, Pacific Lutheran University apparently provided instruction in the secretarial arts as well as in the sciences, nursing, business and education. Several young women are pictured on January 16, 1963, in the process of typing and the case of the student in the foreground, perhaps learning to transcribe dictation.

Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Students--Parkland--1960-1970; Studying--Parkland; Typewriting--Parkland; Typewriters--1960-1970; Dictating machines;


Paying little heed to the lovely campus beyond the large view windows, these Pacific Lutheran University students are hard at work on January 16, 1963, studying at the school library. Long tables provided plenty of room for students to spread out their books and other materials.

Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Libraries--Parkland; Students--Parkland--1960-1970; Studying--Parkland;


An unidentified Pacific Lutheran University student receives one-to-one instruction from a chemistry professor believed to be Dr. Laurence D. Huestis on January 16, 1963. Dr. Huestis had joined the faculty at PLU in 1961 after receiving his Ph.D from the University of California. (1963 Saga Annual, p. 21)

Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Teachers--Parkland--1960-1970; Students--Parkland--1960-1970;


A complex mathematical formula is being figured out on the blackboard by a Pacific Lutheran University instructor believed to be E. Robert Newell on January 16, 1963. Mr. Newell graduated with a B.A. from the Western Washington College of Education in 1956 and was involved in graduate study at the University of Washington. (1963 Saga Annual, p. 22)

Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Teachers--Parkland; Blackboards;


Aerial view of newly completed Pacific Lutheran University administration building taken in early October, 1960. Designed by architects Lea, Pearson & Richards, the two-story U-shaped modern structure was dedicated on October 14, 1960. It had 55,000 square feet of floor space. Initially called the Tacoma-Pierce Administration Building, it was later re-named after Philip E. Hauge, Dean of the University who had spent 45 years with the school. (TNT 10-12-60, C-10)

Aerial photographs; Universities & colleges--Parkland--1960-1970; Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland) --1960-1970;


A variety of photographs were taken of the Pacific Lutheran University campus in early October, 1960, by the Richards Studio, showing new facilities and improvements. The photograph above shows the Jacob Samuelson Chapel in the new Administration Building, a multipurpose room used for devotional meetings, closed circuit TV lectures, and recitals. It utilized an innovative notion--multiple television sets mounted on walls to provide students with a clearer view of professorial lectures broadcast from the school's own new studio. The chapel was a gift from Mr. Samuelson's estate. (TNT 10-13-60, C-6)

Universities & colleges--Parkland--1960-1970; Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Televisions; Pianos; Lecture halls--Parkland;


Students at Pacific Lutheran University enjoy a sunny fall day in 1960 as they chat in front of the new Administration Building. In contrast to the Gothic style buildings on campus, the Lea, Pearson & Richards-designed structure has a very modern look with flat roof, multiple windows with blinds, and overhang to protect students from the elements. Pacific Lutheran College officially became Pacific Lutheran University on September 1, 1960. The school celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding during the weekend of October 14, 1960, when the new Administration building was dedicated. (TNT 10-13-60, C-1)

Universities & colleges--Parkland--1960-1970; Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970;


Hailing from Grover, Texas, Pacific Lutheran University co-ed Kathryn Knudson was crowned Queen Kathryn II of the 28th annual May Festival in 1961. She would receive her Bachelor of Arts degree that year. (1961 Pacific Lutheran yearbook, SAGA, p. 124-5)

Knudson, Kathryn; Students--Parkland--1960-1970; Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970;


Production crew at work. In 1960 Pacific Lutheran celebrated its 70th year of existence along with a change to university status. Now known as Pacific Lutheran University, the school maintained its well-known music and theatrical departments. Students and staff are shown backstage in this April, 1960, photograph preparing for an upcoming event. Props and scenery are being put into place. This may be the Curtain Call Club which furnished the assistant directors and back-stage crews for many campus plays. Membership in the club was open to all students interested in any phase of the theater, from directing to make-up and costume design. (1961 SAGA yearbook, p. 151)

Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Universities & colleges--Parkland--1960-1970; Theatrical productions--Parkland--1960-1970; Stage props;


Pacific Lutheran University students pay close attention to their professor in this April, 1960, photograph. Gordon O. Gilbertson was an associate professor of music and director of the P.L.U. band. These musicians probably make up the woodwind and brass sections of the school band.

Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970; Universities & colleges--Parkland; Students--Parkland--1960-1970; Musicians--Parkland--1960-1970


ca. 1960. Portrait of Pacific Lutheran University president Seth C. Eastvold. University president Eastvold poses in 1960 before a painting of Jesus. Dr. Eastvold saw the expansion of the private school both in capital projects and in enrollment during his 1943-1962 administration. In 1960 Pacific Lutheran was reorganized into six schools and colleges and became Pacific Lutheran University. (1961 Saga yearbook, p. 12)

Eastvold, Seth C.; Pacific Lutheran University (Parkland)--1960-1970;


The Concert Chorus at Pacific Lutheran College posed for the camera seated in an open fan shape in the Music-Chapel on April 9, 1958. The men all sported tuxedoes while the women were primarily dressed in evening gowns. According to the student yearbook, the SAGA, the popularity of the group was increasing rapidly in the Seattle-Tacoma area. The chorus performed several times on Fort Lewis, at various churches, and at chapel exercises on campus. They were honored to be the first choral group to sing at the new Central Lutheran Church in Tacoma. The Concert Chorus, under the direction of R. Byard Fritts, concluded its year by recording music for the sound track of a technicolor movie to be released by the United Good Neighbors. (1958 SAGA yearbook, p. 94)

Choirs (Music); Universities & colleges--Parkland; Pacific Lutheran College (Parkland)--1950-1960;


Delighted Pacific Lutheran College co-eds applaud the selection of freshman Nadine Bruins of Arnegard, North Dakota, as the Lucia Bride on December 12, 1958. She has her eyes closed as the traditional red sash is wound around her waist. Tammara Oman (L) and Solveig Leraas (R) were selected as her attendants. The Festival of Santa Lucia is a very old Swedish custom, generally held the 13th of December, which features the eldest daughter of each household approaching her sleeping parents dressed in a long white gown with a red sash and wearing a crown of lingonberry leaves in which are set seven lighted candles. She supposedly represents the white-clad maiden, wearing a crown of burning candles, who brought food to starving Swedish villagers. Pacific Lutheran, like many other schools with large Scandinavian populations, celebrated this festival annually with the selection of a lovely Lucia Bride. (1959 Saga yearbook, p. 190-191, TNT 12-13-1958, p. 3)

Pacific Lutheran College (Parkland)--1950-1960; Festivals--Parkland; Bruins, Nadine; Oman, Tammara; Leraas, Solveig;


Too cool for swimming now that it is November, but Pacific Lutheran College students can still enjoy the presence of the new outdoor swimming pool. The pool was presented to P.L.C. students by President and Mrs. S.C. Eastvold on May 28, 1958. The Eastvolds were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and their 15th anniversary at P.L.C. The swimming pool is adjacent to three women's dorms. It is 20 feet wide, 40 feet long, and nine feet deep at the diving end. Its heating system is powered by propane gas and the pool has a chlorinating system with water changes every 6-8 hours. Surrounded by a chain link fence, use of the swimming pool is restricted to students and staff. Photograph ordered by McCarty Co. of Washington, an advertising agency in Seattle. (TNT 5-29-58, p. 13) TPL-9354

Swimming pools--Parkland; Universities & colleges--Parkland--1950-1960; Pacific Lutheran College (Parkland)--1950-1960;


Gordon Gilbertson directed both the 27-piece orchestra and the 48-member concert band at Pacific Lutheran College in 1958. He is standing to the extreme left of the January 14, 1958, photograph, next to the bass player. The PLC Concert Band added to the spirit at football and basketball games with cheerful, colorful tunes. They also performed at the Rainier State School, McNeil Island, and the First Presbyterian Church in Seattle. Occupants of Eastern Washington, Idaho and Oregon were privileged to hear the concert band during its nine day tour. The band concluded its year with participation in the graduation ceremonies. Names of band members are listed in the 1958 SAGA yearbook. Photograph ordered by Pacific Lutheran College. (1958 SAGA yearbook, p. 97)

Bands--Parkland--1950-1960; Pacific Lutheran College (Parkland)--1950-1960; Gilbertson, Gordon;


Spotlights illuminate the frosted Christmas tree placed in the new kiosk located on the campus of Pacific Lutheran College. The kiosk was installed earlier in 1957 and served as an informational bulletin board for students. A couple stares admiringly at the Christmas motif on the various boards. Sepia photograph ordered by Luella Kuethe.

Christmas trees; Kiosks--Parkland; Pacific Lutheran College (Parkland)--1950-1960;

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