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Tacoma Daily News

  • 5.2.1
  • 1883 - 1885

Early Tacoma newspaper with local and regional news, editorials, and advertisements.

C. E. and Hattie King Photographs

  • 2.1.4
  • 1885

Includes 14 photographs of Tacoma taken c. 1886-1900 by C. E. and Hattie King of Commencement Bay, Northern Pacific railroad tracks, local schools, and members of the Puyallup and other area tribes.

C.E. and Hattie King

Honor L. Wilhelm Papers

  • 5.5.2
  • c. 1897-1910

Includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, and writings by Honor L Wilhlem. Also included are business records related to "The Coast" magazine, edited by Wilhlem from 1900-1910, including subscription lists, advertising information, and financial records.

Honor L. Wilhelm

The Coast Magazine Photographs

  • 5.5.3
  • c. 1900-1910

Includes photographs taken by editor Honor L Wilhelm and others submitted for inclusion in "The Coast" magazine.

Honor L. Wilhelm

The Forum

  • 5.2.15
  • 1907-1910

Branded as "Tacoma's Only Illustrated Weekly", The Forum was published every Saturday and featured local, regional and state news, political commentary, sports (primarily the Tacoma Tigers), legal notices and photographic profiles of regional figures. Office was located on 915 1/2 Commerce Street in Tacoma and Ella E. Ryan was the publisher and manager.

Holdings: Hard Copy 10/05/1907-12/24/1910 (Vol. 8-13), Microfilm July 17, 1903-Dec. 28, 1918.

The Coast Magazine

  • 5.5.1
  • 1902 - 1911

The Coast Magazine, also known as Wilhelm's Magazine The Coast and The Coast: An Illustrated Magazine of the West, features photographs, articles, editorials, and creative writing related to the Western United States. Published by Honor Wilhelm out of Seattle, the magazine primarily covered the Pacific Northwest including topics like mining, forestry, ships and shipping, and various small towns and cities across the region. Wilhelm wrote for the publication and solicited contributions from other writers and photographers.

Honor L. Wilhelm

Tacoma Ministerial Alliance Records

  • 3.7.2
  • 1883-1912

Includes meeting minutes, correspondence, programs, governing documents, and other materials related to the operations of the Tacoma Ministerial Alliance.

Tacoma Ministerial Alliance

J. W. Roberts Papers

  • 6.1.3
  • 1868-1914

Includes correspondence, journals, financial papers, legal papers, printed materials and ephemera, photos and maps. Correspondence consists of both personal and business-related letters (1873-1911). Journal entries provide twenty-two years worth of short accounts of daily farm life, and occasionally mention other early Steilacoom pioneers (1868-1912). Financial papers include tax receipts (1866-1930), handwritten and printed receipts (1861-1931), a checkbook (1861-1862), and small account books recording work, expenses, and brief journal entries (1862-1910). Legal documents include land contracts and descriptions, and court documents relating to the estate of J.W. Roberts (1911-1915). Printed materials and ephemera include a variety of items such as business cards, pamphlets, and menus (undated), and newspaper clippings (1895, 1913-1914). A small series of photos are mostly undated and unidentified. There are also two undated handwritten maps of the Spanaway area.

J. W. Roberts

World War I Poster Collection

  • 9.8
  • 1914-1918

Includes posters created and displayed during World War I issued by various federal and non-profit organizations including the US Food Administration, the Red Cross, the American Library Association and others. Also included are British, Canadian, and French posters.

Royal Gove Papers

  • 6.1.2
  • 1888 - 1920

Includes pamphlets collected by Royal Gove during his public service career, with information about the activities of various clubs, businesses, city departments, and other organizations in Tacoma between 1890 and 1920. Also included are photos of family and friends, including a photo album showing prominent Tacoma residents William B. and Alice Blackwell, with interior views of the Blackwell House at 401 Broadway.

Royal Gove

Astoria Iron Works Records

  • 2.6.1
  • 1893-1927

Includes correspondence and financial records related to the operations of Astoria Iron Works.

Astoria Iron Works

The Masonic Journal

  • 5.2.27
  • 1922/03-1928/11

"The Masonic Journal" was a monthly publication that was first published with its March 25, 1922 issue. The publication centered on "Masonic ideas and ideals," and was published at the Provident Building in Tacoma, Washington. "The Masonic Journal" would change its title to "Washington Masonic Journal" for the April 1924 issue through the August or September issue of 1925, which it then reverted back to its original name.

Holdings: 1922/03-1925/08, 1925/10-1926/02, 1926/04-1928/11.

Pierce County Recorder

  • 5.2.24
  • 1930/10/10-1932/5/12

The "Pierce County Recorder" was a weekly newspaper that changed its name from the "Roy Recorder" on October 17, 1930. It covered the areas of Brookdale, Longbranch, McKenna, Parkland, Roy and Spanaway among others in south Pierce County. It focused primarily on local and state news, church and social events, sports including Valley League Baseball and schools including Pacific Lutheran College.

Ernest Norling Drawings

  • 3.5.7
  • 1933 - 1934

9 pencil drawings by Ernest Norling depicting work on Civilian Conservation Corps projects in 1933 and 1934. The drawings were created as part of the Public Work of Art (PWAP) Project during the Great Depression.

Ernest Norling

Byrd Family Papers

  • 6.2.2
  • 1804 - 1934

Includes diaries, legal documents, photographs, and artifacts related to the Byrd family who arrived in the Puget Sound region from Illinois in 1853.

Byrd Family

Cow Butter Store Records

  • 2.3.5
  • 1894-1940

Includes business ledgers containing financial information, store inventories, and other information about the operations of the Cow Butter Store. These ledgers also contain a wide range of enclosed material including correspondence, newspaper clippings, writings, and ephemera.

Cow Butter Store

Sixth Avenue Shopper

  • 5.2.6
  • c. 1930, 1932, 1941-1942

Weekly four-page local newspaper based out of Tacoma, Washington, with advertisements of Sixth Avenue businesses and some community news content. c. 1930 (Vol. 1, No. 1); Oct. 11, 1932; Jan. 02, 1941 - Sept. 24, 1942.

Sea-Tac Keel

  • 5.2.28
  • 1943/06/19-1944/06

“Sea-Tac Keel” was an oversized magazine published bimonthly for the employees of the Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Corp., Tacoma Yard, which was a subsidiary of the Todd Shipyards Corporation. It was published at the “foot of Alexander Avenue” in Tacoma, Washington. The publication primarily focused on the shipyards and the ongoing ship-building effort due to World War II, which was happening at the time.

Marjorie Jane Windus Autograph Collection

  • 6.3.2
  • 1945-1946

These copies of the 1945 and 1946 Esquire's Jazz Book, published by Smith & Durrell, Inc. were owned by Marjorie Jane Windus during her time she worked in the Chicago Illinois Blue Note Jazz Club, from the 1940s and early 1950s. These books include autographs and messages from many prominent and lesser-known jazz musicians and singers from that time.

Marjorie Jane Windus

West Coast Lumberman

  • 5.2.3
  • 1904-1949

Periodical published in Tacoma with news, financial information, reports from various cities, and other coverage related to the lumber industry. Also included are obituaries and news of work related accidents by individuals employed in the industry. The West Coast Lumberman and the Puget Sound Lumberman were both founded in 1889. The two publications merged in 1896.

Gerald Davis Papers

  • 2.3.1
  • 1941 - 1958

Includes correspondence, photographs, and financial records related to Davis' career with Heidelberg Brewing Company and Carling Brewing Company in Tacoma. Also included are reports and studies on the Tacoma and Seattle beer market, marketing campaign materials, and studies of European breweries.

Gerald Davis

George M. Miller Papers

  • 3.2.2
  • c. 1926-1964

Includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, legal documents, and photographs related to Miller's work as a longshoreman and union leader. Also included are bulletins, meeting minutes, constitutions, and agreements of the International Longshoreman's Association (ILA), International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast, Tacoma Labor Relations Committee, and Puget Sound District Labor Committee.

George M. Miller

Alpine News

  • 5.2.26
  • 1962/07-1966/09

"Alpine News" was a newsletter published by Tacoma Chapter of The Mountaineers. Articles included mountain rescues, events, tips, future climbs, history, stories of recent climbs and other mountain climbing news.

Elizabeth Sale Manuscript

  • 3.5.6
  • 1968

Includes the original typed manuscript of The Field by Elizabeth Sale. According to correspondence from Sale to the Tacoma Public Library dated September 20, 1973, this is the copy sent to Olivant Press for publication in 1968.

Elizabeth Sale

Boeing Magazine

  • 5.3.14
  • 1941 - 1968

Boeing Magazine was a monthly magazine that began as Boeing News, and was published for all Boeing employees by the public relations division of Boeing Aircraft Company. It started in World War II and covered stories about the latest aircraft being used in the war. It went on to cover stories about the latest models and engines being produced by the company, as well as the newest projects Boeing employees were working on.

Architecture West

  • 5.3.24
  • 1962 - 1969

Architecture West was a monthly magazine published by Pacific Builder & Engineer, Inc. It covered western architecture and had articles on building and office designs, structural designs and materials used to build the new structures along the western states.

Women's Study Clubs Records

  • 3.7.1
  • c. 1910-1970

Includes event programs and schedules from local women's study clubs. The study clubs organized guest lectures and reading groups on a wide variety of topics including art, culture, language, and politics.

Alpha Study Club

Indian Voice

  • 5.3.4
  • 1971

Indian Voice was the newspaper of the Small Tribes Organization of Western Washington (STOWW). It reported on news from local reservations of the Puget Sound region. The most notable topics include the Fishing Wars and Boldt Decision, as well as treaty news and federal funding to tribal programs from the Economic Development Administration (EDA).


  • 5.2.29
  • 1953/08-1972/07

Nallevents was a periodic publication produced by Nalley's for its employees and shareholders that contained things like quarterly profits, short articles about their employees, and occasional competitions.

Nalley's the company operated a food product plant in Tacoma, the namesake of "Nalley Valley", it underwent changes in the mid-1990s and closed entirely in the 2010s, but their products are still sold today through several larger retail stores like Walmart. At their peak, Nalley operated plants and sold products throughout the western United States, from Texas up to Washington.

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