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Neighborhoods -- Hilltop With digital objects
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Hilltop Area - 2

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Hilltop Area

SCAM (Sheridan, Cushman, Ainsworth, and M Street) neighborhood group members are shown picking up litter in the alleyway between South Sheridan and South M Street. It was the second annual clean up hosted by SCAM. “In addition to cleaning the alleys, the group has put pressure on neighborhood landlords to clear vacant lots of trash and high weeds and to demolish the remnants of partially raised structures.” Photo by staff member Jerry Buck.

Hilltop Area - 5

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Thirteen-year-old Jeffrey Colvin flashes the hand sign of the Crips. (See Story: Colvin is one of two teenagers interviewed who seem to watch and respect the gang members.)
K Street Story -- Amy Kunhardt

Hilltop Area - 7

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Five-year-old Aisha Bell (left) eats her lunch on the front steps of a neighbor's house, watched by her older sister Lashanda, 10 and her niece, Tenika Posey, 3. (Tenika is sister of Cool Papa.)
K Street Story -- Amy Kunhardt

Hilltop Area - 10

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Tooting her own horn! Carolyn "Mickey" Cunningham, Basileus of Sigma Gamma Rho (her college sorority), toots down S. K Street in part of the ethnic fair on the Hilltop.
Photo by Bill Hunter

Hilltop Area - 18

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Willie and Joyce Hellems, rows one and two, joined with others in the sanctuary of St. John The Baptist Church on 20th and J Street to pray for an end to the drug problem on Tacoma's Hilltop.
Bruce Larson Photo

Hilltop Area - 21

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Prayers before sweeping up S. L Street, from left to right: Laura Neal, Theda Cherry, Priscilla Lisicich, and Lynitra Jackson. For Sandy Nelson story.
Melissa Stevenson Photo

Ranniger, Deborah

Oral history interview with Tacoma resident Deborah Ranniger conducted by dindria barrow on September 20, 2022. In this interview, Deborah tells us how the landscape of Tacoma with its evergreen color and specifically the sight of Mount Rainier made her decide to live here at 10 years old. Deborah tells her family’s story of fleeing from Eastern and Western Europe to escape persecution. Deborah shares her journey from Seattle and Kent to Tacoma based on the burgeoning art scene. Deborah has recently published a memoir about her father and his influence on her life called, “Against the Current: A Conscientious Objector During World War II and the Daughter He Inspired.”

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