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Lt. Commander Richard E. Byrd (later Rear Admiral), the "Conqueror of the North Pole," poses with a Franklin car on February 5, 1927 during his stay as Tacoma's guest. Commander Byrd stands beside the car with Gus Ledbetter at the far right. The man in the center is not identified. He would be speaking on February 5th at the First Baptist Church about his career as a noted aviator and explorer. He was riding a crest of fame created when he and Floyd Bennett proclaimed to the world that they had flown over the North Pole on May 9, 1926. The remainder of his life, after 1928, would be devoted to his exploration of Antarctica. He died in 1957. (TNT 2/5/1927 p.1; Ledger 2/6/1927, pg. 1)


Cars and trucks line both sides of the 1300 block of Broadway in this photograph from July of 1931. All the buildings on the west side of the street including the Goodwill Store at 1320 Broadway, the Hotel Victoria at 1316 1/2 and the Brenden Hotel at 304 South 13th Street have been demolished. This whole block is currently occupied by the Sheraton Hotel, 1320 Broadway, which opened in 1984. Photograph taken for W.H. Opie & Co. Bowen # 310-266


Wreck of Gig Harbor bus. This undated photograph by Chapin Bowen shows that a bus has apparently swerved off the road and plunged through a wooden guardrail. The Gig Harbor bus' rear wheels remain on the road. (damaged negative) G72.1-138


Undated photograph of four unidentified children seated in a jeep in a wooded area.


View of South Tacoma Way and South 90th Street area; Motel El Rancho, New and Used Trailer dealership, on left side of street, Norm's Repair, Texaco, Marta's Coffee Shop and many other businesses are located on the right side of street. Photo ordered by Metzger, Blair, Gardner and Boldt Law Firm, possibly for a traffic accident, skid mark are visible on the left side of South Tacoma Way.

Traffic accidents--Tacoma; Law & legal firms--Tacoma; Lawyers--Tacoma; Law offices--Tacoma; Streets--Tacoma; City & town life--Tacoma; Metzger, Blair, Gardner & Boldt Law Firm (Tacoma);


Parked outside the National Automotive Warehouse at South 24th & Commerce on December 7, 1973, was a red truck with attached trailer. A large sign on the trailer indicates that it was full of Borg-Warner automotive parts. Borg-Warner is a well established firm in business for over 100 years. Color photograph ordered by Borg-Warner Co.

Trucks--Tacoma--1970-1980; Signs (Notices); National Automotive Warehouse (Tacoma); Automobile equipment & supplies;


An interested crowd gathers at the Kent Auto Marshaling complex on August 17, 1970, to see the Vert-A-Pak bulk compact carrier in action. It appears to be a unique way to transport new automobiles. Present in the group is C.E. Crippen, president of the Milwaukee Road, whose organization developed the automobile unloading center. The new vehicle boxcars system is limited at the moment to compact cars only, due to size requirements. The system was devised in joint planning by the Milwaukee Road and General Motors. Color photograph ordered by the Milwaukee Road. (TNT 8-23-70, A-19)

Automobiles--Kent; Shipping--Kent;


C.E. Crippen, president of the Milwaukee Road, was present at the viewing of the Vert-A-Pak, a 30-car bulk compact carrier, on August 17, 1970 at the Kent Auto Marshaling area. He may have been one of the those examining the careful packaging of new automobiles. The old method of transporting automobiles was to move them in freight cars on 2-3 levels which were capable of holding 8-15 automobiles depending on size. The new Vert-A-Pak is limited at present to carrying only compact cars due to size requirements. The Milwaukee Road and Union Pacific had opened this multi-million dollar automobile unloading complex 10 months ago. Photograph ordered by the Milwaukee Road. (TNT 8-23-70, A-19) TPL-7937

Automobiles--Kent; Shipping--Kent;


Colorful row of new automobiles packed in the Vert-A-Pak bulk compact carrier. A unique way of transporting new vehicles was employed at the Kent Auto Marshaling complex run by the Milwaukee Road Union Pacific. The multi-million dollar facility had just opened in October of 1969. Cars would be shipped into the complex in these new vehicle boxcars and then dispersed using the conveniently placed freeway. This demonstration was put into actual practice with cars being transported from Chicago to Kent. Vert-A-Pak could carry 30 cars in a vertical position. Color photograph ordered by the Milwaukee Road. (TNT 8-23-70, A-19)

Automobiles--Kent; Shipping--Kent;


Two Turner Towing trucks are parked on the company's lot in the 2600 block of Pacific Avenue in April of 1970. Both Kenworth trucks have the company logo, a dragon ("drag-in"), painted on the driver's door. One truck is familiarly dubbed "Little Audrey." Photograph ordered by Pacific Northwest Bell, Seattle, for use in a yellow pages ad.

Trucks--Tacoma--1970-1980; Towing--Tacoma; Wreckers (Vehicles)--Tacoma; Turner Towing Co. (Tacoma);


Row of Western Furnaces trucks and delivery vans parked on Fox Island in late May of 1970. Mount Rainier and Sunset Beach/University Place across the water in background. According to a reader, Western Furnace would hold its annual company picnic at this location from the mid-1960s to 1992. Western Furnaces, Inc., was a long time Tacoma firm, established in 1912. Originally named Western Furnace & Foundry, it first manufactured cast iron "gravity feed" furnaces. Color photograph ordered by Western Furnaces, Inc. (Additional information provided by a reader)

Trucks--1970-1980; Western Furnaces, Inc. (Tacoma); Rainier, Mount (Wash.); Fox Island (Wash.);


Milwaukee Road operations, Kent. The Milwaukee Road had opened their Kent Auto Marshaling area in late 1969. This is believed to be a view of a portion of the complex, including three buildings, and many parked cars and trucks. Photograph ordered by the Convoy Co., Portland.

Automobiles--Kent; Shipping--Kent;


Two employees of Environmental Erosion Control, based in Puyallup, are pictured on March 31, 1972, with a hydroseeder used in company operations. A hydroseeder was a mechanical sprayer. Environmental Erosion Control was located at 906 -4th St. N.W. and managed by John Gilbertson. Photograph ordered by Environmental Erosion Control.

Trucks; Machinery;


Accident scene. December 17, 1971, view looking toward the Tideflats from Ruston Way. This is the intersection of Ruston Way and North 49th St. There is a stop sign on North 49th as well as railroad crossing signage. Color photograph ordered by Unigard Insurance Co. for case involving insured Steve Liddone.

Traffic accidents--Tacoma--1970-1980; Traffic signs & signals--Tacoma; Railroad crossings--Tacoma;


Accident scene. Skidmarks are visible at the intersection of Ruston Way and No. 49th on December 17, 1971. Wooden railroad crossing signs warns of two tracks running alongside Ruston Way. Stop sign faces No. 49th, alerting drivers that they must yield to traffic on Ruston Way. Color photograph ordered by Unigard Insurance Co. for case involving insured Steve Liddane. TPL-6873

Traffic accidents--Tacoma--1970-1980; Railroad crossings--Tacoma; Traffic signs & signals--Tacoma;


A Widing truck and trailer is on its way with dam gates in this March 16, 1972, photograph. The Japanese vessel, Shinkai Maru, had unloaded the gates at the Port of Tacoma's Pier 7. Photograph ordered by Coit & Associates, Portland.

Trucks--Tacoma--1970-1980; Shipping--Tacoma--1970-1980;


Fleet of trucks. A fleet of Mack trucks is lined up at Lloyds of Washington on September 23, 1972. All the trucks, except one, are painted lime green with the initials LOW on the grill. Lloyds of Washington was located at 2209 Auburn - Black Diamond Rd. Color photograph ordered by Truckweld Equipment Co.

Trucks--Auburn; Lloyds of Washington (Auburn);


Five men pose by three Northwest Gas Supply trucks carrying Doxol compressed gas on April 22, 1968. The trucks measure 65 feet in length and are 10 feet high. Signs on the tanks warn that the contents are flammable. They are parked outside Redi-Gas and Northwest Gas facilities at 14012 Pacific Ave. Photograph ordered by Transportation Equipment.

Trucks--Parkland; Northwest Gas Supply (Parkland); Redi-Gas Service (Parkland); Fuel trade--Parkland;


ABC Gladieux Corp. trucks on display. Four ABC Gladieux trucks are angled in "trucks only" parking spots on July 8, 1968. Their drivers stand next to the trucks' cabs. The catering company provided in-flight food service. They were located at 5616 Pacific Ave. Photograph ordered by ABC Gladieux Corp.

ABC Gladieux Corp. (Tacoma); Trucks--Tacoma--1960-1970;


One obviously happy lady is reaching for the set of car keys from a grinning man as she and four other women enjoy a new automobile on May 30, 1968. The women have just picked up the new vehicle. Two other women stand outside the two-door sedan, one holds a small dog. Photograph ordered by Vanda Cosmetics Co., Orlando, Florida.

Automobiles--1960-1970; Dogs;

D155600-48 CA

ca. 1969. 1969 Richards stock footage. The City of Tacoma celebrated its centennial in 1969. The Rucker Bros. provided the pulling power in this unidentified parade, possibly the Daffodil Festival parade, as their truck transported the Northern Pacific Railroad's Minnetonka locomotive down Pacific Avenue past admiring spectators clustered around Bill's Cafe. A cheery Brakeman Bill from KTNT-TV emerges waving from the cab of the engine. The Minnetonka, affectionately known as "Old Betsy," was the Northern Pacific's first locomotive. Built in 1870, the woodburning, saddle tank, balloon-stack Minnetonka was used in the early days of westward construction. The Minnetonka would also be an entry in the June 28, 1969, Centennial Parade. (TNT 3-9-69, A-16)

Trucks--Tacoma--1960-1970; Railroad locomotives--Tacoma; Parades & processions--Tacoma--1960-1970; Centennial celebrations--Tacoma;


Two trucks are in the process of dumping their loads at the site of the old Kent Airport on July 22, 1969. The land has been fenced off. Railroad tracks were being built at the same time on the same location; see D156483, image 2. Photograph ordered by the Milwaukee Road, Seattle.

Trucks--Kent; Fences--Kent;


Six employees of the New Era Equipment Co. stand along side their Ford and Dodge delivery vans parked outside the firm on April 26, 1969. New Era Equipment Co., 2914 So. Cushman Ave., was a wholesale distributor of laundry and cleaning equipment, including boilers. It was owned by Cleo H. Stephenson, who also owned three locations of New Era Cleaners & Laundry Service. Photograph ordered by the New Era Equipment Co.

Trucks--Tacoma--1960-1970; New Era Equipment Co. (Tacoma); Signs (Notices);


Pacific Northwest Bell's General Motors box truck and a GMG cabover-type semi- tractor parked in front of Irwin - Jones Motor Co. on June 6, 1969. The firm, located at 309 Puyallup Avenue, was owned by W.H. and Grace Dunlap of Lakota Beach. It provided sales and service of GMC trucks. Color photograph ordered by Irwin-Jones Motor Co.

Trucks--Tacoma--1960-1970; Irwin-Jones Motor Co. (Tacoma);


New automobile unloading facility. Cars roll down the ramp at the new Milwaukee Road Union Pacific automobile unloading complex in Kent in the fall of 1969. The cars are brought in by rail and then can be easily transported using the Valley Freeway and 277th St. The multi-million dollar project was scheduled for dedication on October 1, 1969. Photograph ordered by the Milwaukee Road. (TNT 10-1-69, A-17)

Automobiles--Kent; Shipping--Kent; Railroad tracks--Kent;


Delivery. Carl Albertson (at left) and Dick Fenger are apparently exchanging paperwork regarding the delivery of Washington Iron Works' heavy duty equipment by Widing Transportation Co. in mid-November, 1969. Widing Transportation arranged for heavy hauling through several West Coast states and up to British Columbia by St. Johns Motor Express, a division of the company. Mr. Albertson was one of the top two drivers for Widing at the time. Mr. Fenger was the head of its heavy haul division. The large piece of equipment shown above has been identified by a reader as a portion of a "spar pole" used to pull logs up the hill to a landing where they would be loaded onto a logging truck. Seattle's Washington Iron Works specialized in manufacturing equipment for the logging industry. Photograph ordered by Widing Transportation Co., Portland. (Identification and information provided by a reader)

Trucks--Washington; Shipping--Washington; Widing Transportation Co. (Portland, OR); Albertson, Carl; Fenger, Dick;


An unidentified man is partially obscured by the blast of steam as he is cleaning the exterior of the Widing Transportation truck to ready it for repairs on November 1, 1969. The truck was parked at a terminal in the 24000 block of Pacific Hwy. S., in the Midway area. The building shown above was called the "wash rack" which was used to clean and purify the tanks inside. Widing Transporattion, a long distance hauler, operated from British Columbia, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Washington and California. Photograph ordered by Widing Transportation Co., Portland. (Information provided by a reader)

Trucks--Washington; Shipping--Washington; Widing Transportation Co. (Portland, OR); Cleaning;


Charter Metropolitan buses parked along the 700 block of Commerce St. on May 21, 1966. The four buses were packed with folks heading for the Judson Park retirement complex open house in Zenith. Baker U-Drive Rental agency had offices nearby at 754 Commerce. (Old) City Hall would be approximately one block away. Photograph ordered by Northwest Advertising Agency, Seattle.

Buses--Tacoma--1960-1970; Signs (Notices);


The Tacoma Elks Club was heavily involved in community service. In March, 1967, they donated a new Chevy van to the Boys Club of America local chapters. The Tacoma Boys Club retained possession of the truck but all boys clubs were permitted to use it. Standing in front of the Elks Temple were the three Elks prominently involved in the donation: (L-R) Robert Holder, Exalted Ruler Alex Wilson, and Jack Bird. Photograph ordered by Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Tacoma Lodge No. 174. (TNT 4-4-67, p. 7)

Trucks--Tacoma--1960-1970; Gifts; Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Tacoma Lodge No. 174 (Tacoma); Holder, Robert; Wilson, Alex; Bird, Jack;

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