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Myron Kreidler Photographs

  • 2.1.10

Photographic negatives taken by Myron Kreidler. The negatives are mostly of Spanaway, Midland, and Parkland businesses and were taken by Kreidler for the Prairie Pointer newspaper in 1946. Other negatives include images of South Tacoma, as well as images of wind damage to Spanaway Park, the Pierce County Bresemann Park purchase, and outdoor activities such as fishing and skiing.

Myron Kreidler

Stephen Cysewski Photographs

  • 2.1.2

Inlcudes digital images and prints of street photography taken primarily in Tacoma and Seattle during the 1970s and 2000s. Also included are oversize photographs, photographic negatives, and photographic slides.

Stephen Cysewski

Kenneth G. Ollar Photographs

  • 2.1.3

Includes 22 8x10 photographs of the Browns Point Salmon Bake, circa 1960.

Kenneth G. Ollar

C. E. and Hattie King Photographs

  • 2.1.4
  • 1885

Includes 14 photographs of Tacoma taken c. 1886-1900 by C. E. and Hattie King of Commencement Bay, Northern Pacific railroad tracks, local schools, and members of the Puyallup and other area tribes.

C.E. and Hattie King

Christopher Petrich Photographs

  • 2.1.5
  • 1976, 1986

Includes photographs of local buildings taken by Petrich during his employment with the City of Tacoma and Image Market.

Christopher Petrich

Amzie D. Browning Papers and Photographs

  • 2.1.9

Includes print photographs and glass plate negatives taken by Browning. Also included is documentation related to Browning's Sharpe Sign Co. and correspondence.

Amzie D. Browning

James R. Merritt Architectural Records

  • 2.2.1
  • 1970-2015

Includes project studies, project images, and drawings for architectural projects created by James R. Merritt and the various architectural firms he was associated with between 1970-2015.

James R. Merritt

Sutton, Whitney, and Dugan Architectural Records

  • 2.2.2

Includes architectural plans, specifications, and other documents related to building construction, renovation, and additions designed by the Sutton, Whitney, and Dugan Architectural Firm including buildings on the campus of the University of Puget Sound and Annie Wright Seminary, First Presbyterian Church, National Bank of Tacoma, and additions to the Tacoma General Hospital. Some local residences are also included.

Sutton, Whitney, and Dugan Architectural Firm

Gerald Davis Papers

  • 2.3.1
  • 1941 - 1958

Includes correspondence, photographs, and financial records related to Davis' career with Heidelberg Brewing Company and Carling Brewing Company in Tacoma. Also included are reports and studies on the Tacoma and Seattle beer market, marketing campaign materials, and studies of European breweries.

Gerald Davis

Red Kelly Papers

  • 2.3.2

Includes audio and video recordings on various formats including cassettes, reel-to-reel and vinyl, correspondence, OWL Party items, oversized photos, band performance flyers and newspaper clippings, various subject files including writings on Red Kelly, Woody Herman book edits and Harry James book reviews, scrapbooks and sheet music.

Red Kelly

Cow Butter Store Records

  • 2.3.5
  • 1894-1940

Includes business ledgers containing financial information, store inventories, and other information about the operations of the Cow Butter Store. These ledgers also contain a wide range of enclosed material including correspondence, newspaper clippings, writings, and ephemera.

Cow Butter Store

American Smelting and Refining Company (ASARCO) Records

  • 2.4.1

Includes publications, reports, internal memos, newspaper clippings, and other documentation related to the operations, closure, and cleanup of the ASARCO site in Tacoma. Also included are extensive photographic documentation of personnel, facilities, and cleanup activities from 1948 to 2009.


Griffin Fuel Company Records

  • 2.4.2

Contains deeds, family documents, advertisements, company meeting minutes in loose and bound form, newspaper clippings, stock and partner agreements, various photos of the Griffin family, business and automobiles, a company scrapbook, two stock certificate books and a promotional toy puppet.

Griffin Fuel Company

Byron Larsen Papers

  • 2.4.3
  • 1960 - 1985

Contains yearly desk journals created by Byron I. Larsen documenting his daily work activities. His work was in geology, city planning, and civil engineering and his notes include dates and brief descriptions of what he was working on and where within the Puget Sound area. There is no journal for the year 1983. Also includes documents regarding a federal mining lawsuit.

Byron Larsen

Bertha Snell Papers

  • 2.5.1

Includes legal documents, correspondence, and other material related to legal cases handled by or involving attorney Bertha Snell. Materials related to Bertha's husband, Attorney Marshall Snell, are also included. Personal photographs, correspondence, and ephemera created or collected by Bertha and Marshall are also a part of the Bertha Snell Papers.

Bertha Snell

Ralph W. Thompson Papers

  • 2.5.2

Includes legal documents and correspondence related to Thompson's work as an attorney mainly operating in the lumber industry.

Ralph William Thompson

Astoria Iron Works Records

  • 2.6.1
  • 1893-1927

Includes correspondence and financial records related to the operations of Astoria Iron Works.

Astoria Iron Works

Willits Brothers Canoe Company Records

  • 2.6.2

Business records of the Willits Brothers Canoe Company, including designs for and information on manufacturing and maintaining canoes, photos of the Willits' family and friends, photos of the Puget Sound area from 1920 to the late-1960s, and files, maps, and architectural drawings relating to Day Island, and to the Day Island Improvement Club.

Willits Brothers Canoe Company

Matthew Dick Boat Building Photographs

  • 2.6.3

Includes images taken from 1977-1979 by Matthew Dick, a student of the Bates Vocational Technical Institute's two-year Boat Building Program.

Matthew Dick

Tacoma Land and Improvement Company Records

  • 2.7.1

Includes articles of incorporation, correspondence, minutes of the Board of Trustees, Board of Directors, stockholders, and other committees, financial records including ledgers and stock registers, legal documents including deeds and resolutions, and reports to stockholders.

Tacoma Land and Improvement Company

Tom Terrien Tacoma Transit Collection

  • 2.7.2

Includes a collection of photographs, staff lists, and other materials related to Tacoma Transit compiled by Tom Terrien, who worked for the transit system from 1939-1981.

Tom Terrien

Day's Tailor-D Clothing, Inc. Records

  • 2.9.1
  • c. 1902-1972

Includes photographs, newspaper clippings, event programs, correspondence, financial information, advertisements, and other materials related to the operations of Day’s Tailor-D Clothing, Inc.

Day's Tailor-D Clothing, Inc.

Local Clubs and Organizations Files

  • 3.1

Includes files from Tacoma area clubs and organizations; fliers, membership handbooks, correspondence, directories, and other content related to group operations.

Society of Professional Graphic Artists Records

  • 3.2.1

Includes newsletters, meeting minutes, and operational documents related to the Society of Professional Graphic Artists. Most information is focused on the Seattle chapter but documentation on the history of the organization nationally is also included.

Society of Professional Graphic Artists

George M. Miller Papers

  • 3.2.2
  • c. 1926-1964

Includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, legal documents, and photographs related to Miller's work as a longshoreman and union leader. Also included are bulletins, meeting minutes, constitutions, and agreements of the International Longshoreman's Association (ILA), International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast, Tacoma Labor Relations Committee, and Puget Sound District Labor Committee.

George M. Miller

Arthur J. Miller Papers

  • 3.2.3

Includes documentation related to Miller's work advocating for the clemency and release of Leonard Peltier, an American Indian Movement activist of Lakota descent who was imprisoned in 1976 following the 1975 shootout at Pine Ridge Reservation, which left two F.B.I. agents dead. Along with issues of Miller's "Bayou La Rose" newspaper, the Arthur J Miller Papers features published documents from the Northwest Leonard Peltier Support Network, issues of Native Resistance News and the Survival Network Newsletter, photos from rallies in support of clemency for Peltier, rally and march flyers, VHS video of rallies, and writing by Miller.

Arthur J. Miller

Puyallup Valley Japanese American Citizens League Records

  • 3.3.1
  • 1960-1975

Contains four scrapbooks and one file of photographs. Scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings, JACL local and national newsletters, meeting minutes, event programs, and photographs.

Puyallup Valley Japanese American Citizens League

Joseph Seto Papers

  • 3.3.2

Contains research files on Japanese American history compiled by Seto. These include notes, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and other information related to Japanese communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Joseph Seto

Ancient Order of Vikings Ship No. 1 Records

  • 3.3.3

Includes meeting minutes, membership records, correspondence, and other material related to the operations of the Tacoma chapter (Ship No. 1) of the Ancient Order of Vikings.

Ancient Order of Vikings, Ship Tacoma No. 1

Sallie Shawl Papers

  • 3.4.1

Includes records related to various local social justice efforts and organizations including the Shalom Center of Associated Ministries, United for Peace and Justice of Pierce County, TAJO (Tacoma Arabs, Jews, and Others for Peace), Occupy Tacoma, and Stay in Your Homes. Topics covered in the papers include the South African Apartheid, the War in Iraq, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, the Occupy Wall Street movement, the death penalty, foreclosures following the 2008 financial crisis, and others. Also included are correspondence, audiovisual material, and handbook and instructions related to activism.

Sallie Shawl

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