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Unveiling Inequities: Exploring Barriers Faced by Black Business Owners in Tacoma-Pierce County

2023 report created by Momentum Professional Strategy Partners. This report was part of the Black Collective Economic Development Committee 2023 initiatives and was funded by a grant with the Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County. It explores and documents dominant reasons why local Black owned businesses fail and compiles recommendations to inform city and county entities.

The Cannabis Corner, Episode 44

In this episode of The Cannabis Corner, Lukas and Dig get the show started talking about the show being found in the Tacoma Public Library Special Collections as well as an announcement about two other Radio Tacoma shows and a thank you to Suzanne Skaar for the new show logo. The news section start with an FDA warning to parents to watch out for brand name candy; THC look alikes, followed by a chat about Miami's first dispensary, a New York Senator's proposal for community cannabis gardens, Zimbabwe's announcement on building a $27 million medical cannabis facility and, lastly, Thailand passing out 1 million cannabis plants. Next, Michael Sassano of Somai Pharmaceuticals is interviewed and shares his thoughts on Germany's health minister embracing adult use cannabis, countries like Zimbabwe becoming large scale cannabis producers and gives some insights on the question "How can cannabis pharmaceuticals and traditional/legacy cannabis coexist." And finally, It's a Bust travels back down to Alabama where a CBD store was raided despite the police knowing if the material seized was over the 0.3% THC threshold. Dig helps out and provides the number to a tip line set up by police given in the article.

IPCC Report

A recent IPCC report sets out the current facts about climate change and what we must do to avoid the worst.

Robyn Denson

Running for Pierce County Council, Robyn Denson gives her views on the role of Pierce County in addressing climate change and fostering healthy and vibrant communities.


Throwing our garbage over the fence- and what a sinking boat can tell us about our response to climate change.

Ford, Melissa and Mandeville, Dan

Dan Mandeville holds a sign reading, "Women's Rights Human Rights," with Melissa Ford standing beside him.

"I just feel like we’re in scary times right now where a lot of white men are controlling the narrative and, um, I’m happy to be here today to kind of speak up" - Melissa Ford
"And a lot of people, even, even with current restrictions being passed people don’t even know that they’ve happened in their state and they’re not finding out until they go to go for treatment and find out “Oh, you’re not eligible because of this law that’s been passed.” And people just, people just don’t know what’s been going on and I don’t know, I think the more – we just need to speak up and make sure that people know what’s happening." - Dan Mandeville

Howerton, Kels

Kels Howerton holds a sign reading, "Safe, accessible abortions for all genders."

"I think it’s also important to remember that all genders can have abortions and while it does primarily affect women, um, to include trans people and non-binary people in that. I personally use they/them pronouns and I think it’s really important to remember how many people are affected. I love so many people who have gotten abortions, and it would have drastically changed their life if they were forced into pregnancy. So I think I’m here just because I want us to be a community that takes care of one another and um, fights for one another, so that we can all be freed."

Hennigh, Melody

Melody Hennigh holds a sign reading "Protect safe, legal abortions."

"As I explained to my five-year-old, we are sticking up to bullies."

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